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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope you are well. Don’t forget forget virtually everyone in the world thinks that you should not have to feel like you do and carry that device. You are so much more human, decent and strong than the weak fools that make you feel like that.

  2. Viddernas_Man says:

    To answer the one tweet “Do men realize…” A Good many of us do, Rita. Human beings are seriously messed up. My grandmother sewed half a kilo of lead weights into her purse, and that was back in the 1960s! (Like a morning star mace) My mother and father taught us well, and my sister keeps various items about her person that are intended to make any attackers day EXTREMELY painful… We are rural people, so we have to be as self reliant as possible. “When seconds matter, the police are minutes away…”
    Preparedness is the best way to make sure what happened to poor Sarah Everard doesn’t happen to anyone else.
    All the best from middle of nowhere America,

    P.S. If they did indeed catch the bastard (a cop I hear), I hear the steps at Tyburn are unused…

  3. Anonymous says:

    My now wife was attacked about 5 years before i met her she is a very strong woman far stronger that i would be if that had happened to me, not to demish the rape whistle she had one and was attacked near a crowded street nobody helped in fact its only because a security guard coming off shift found her that she is still alive. She was beaten with an iron bar the plod never found the attackers despite having them on cctv following her for two city streets. So yeah I understand and that is why my daughter is taking Krav Maga lessons so hopefully she wont ever be a victim.

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