9.14 Additional features


Wargaming just saved me some time and posted the English versions of the screenshots I wanted to share but just didn’t had anywhere to, these are the 9.14 Additional Features that I had been posting about on the old RSR:




Green/View Range:  Shows the view range value of your vehicle, adjusted in accordance with the skills and perks of your crew and equipment mounted on your vehicle.

White/Maximum View Range: Shows the maximum view range of the vehicle in game. The maximum view range cannot exceed 445 meters.

Yellow/Draw circle:  Shows the maximum draw range for allied and enemy vehicles.

Personal Reserves


Personal Reserves will be available in all game modes, except for Battle Training, Tank Company Battles and Trainings and filtering options where added to find and organize the reserves you want.


Personal Missions

“Maneuver” missions for tier IV-V vehicles were added to the Recruit Training section.


Loading Screens


3 types of loading screen will be available:

  • Old style of loading screen
  • Loading screen with map
  • Loading screen with tips


Personal Reserves

Personal Reserves will be available in all game modes, except for Battle Training, Tank Company Battles and Trainings.

Moreover, changes were made to the Personal Reserve activation UI: filters were added that make it possible to sort the reserves by scale and type of resource.

Goal-Setting Personal Missions

On the tab “Recruit Training,” a block of missions called “Maneuvers” was added for completing while using vehicles of Tiers IV-V. The main condition for activating the “Maneuvers”  missions is completing a special mission. “Maneuvers” missions will be available to players that have registered after the 9.10 update release and have completed the “Further Research” mission of “Recruit Training”.

Simplified Vehicle Module Research  

To simplify the process of familiarising new players with the game, the research system for Tiers I and II has been changed. Tier I Vehicles will have just one module available for research – a gun. Tier II vehicles, on the other hand, will have limited number of modules for research.

Battle Loading Screens

Loading screens of maps appearing before the battle have been reworked. Players now have the opportunity to choose the display format of the loading screen. There are three options of display available in settings:

  • Old style of loading screen
  • Loading screen with map
  • Loading screen with tips

In order to choose the format you need to go to “Settings” in the client and in the “Game” tab to choose the format you’re interested in:


Which new feature are you most interested in, Commanders?

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9.14 Additional features

23 thoughts on “9.14 Additional features

    1. malkowitch says:

      Yeah, finally doing something useful. Funny thing they where talking that this feature needs investigation cause of performance. And now they introduce it so fast. Maybe finally they will add also better carousel (at least 2 rows + tier filter).

  1. on the “view range” .. what a load of crap!
    green – current spotting range
    white – the maximum spotting range
    yellow line – the maximum view range

    1. JoshuaVTrinity says:

      What are you talking about? “Yellow/Draw circle: Shows the maximum draw range for allied and enemy vehicles.”

      Is says nothing about view range. Also, the others only say view range–not spotting range (though, they’re the same thing).

    2. Grim says:

      Draw range is similar to render range. Vehicles have to be within that circle for you to see them in game (not on the map, as radio range is what determines that.) If an enemy vehicle is spotted, and they are outside that circle, you will not be able to see them until they are inside that circle. Note: you can still hit them with a bit of guess work.

      The only exception to this is arty, but only in arty sniper view mode.

      Did that clarify things?

    3. Migsaec says:

      By “draw range”, they most probably mean rendering range. The range where tanks are rendered in on your screen.

      The render range has always been bigger than the max view range.

  2. Simon says:

    It would be nice to have the map bits. Any one having problems getting online . I can open up the launcher . I click the play button and the launcher just closes down and that’s it nothing happens .

  3. Decrepitdragon says:

    Looks good. I’ll really have to stop playing this on console and start playing on PC. Console is fun, but prone to far more of the usual Internet idiots and nonsense I think.

    As for the max draw distance, I confess it confuses me. If the white is the absolute max, then how can the max draw make any difference? Unless of course it draws opponents spotted by other, closer tanks? Either way, it’s a nice little addition.

  4. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    And somehow things that couldn’t be implemented for years, or which implementation would be pointless, are implemented in an instant after competition appeared.

  5. Deathcall666 says:

    Rita can you ask when will the game suport dx12 or better vulkan , because i dont see the logic of adding even more HD models if game works like potato. Dx12 would help performance alot , even for russian players who play from bricks and stone PCs . Everyone asks for that multicore support ; i find outrageous that from my fail laptop i get same performance on AW(crytek) as on wot (bignubworld).

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