9.15.1 Official Patchnotes


These are the official 9.15.1 patchnotes, quote:


“Introduction of ActionScript 3

We are moving to Action Script 3. This is good for the game because it will open up more ways for user interface performance optimization in the future releases, as well as make the workflow for mod creators consistent. However, in the short term, this change can have an impact on the modding community, as the creators will need to update their mods to work with Action Script 3. We have worked with the modmakers to check compatibility for the biggest and most popular mods and have been able to verify 9.15.1 compatibility with a number of them. For more information, please refer to our dedicated article

Important: If you experience any technical problems with this update while playing with any mods installed, please uninstall those mods and try playing the game clean. Please remember that Wargaming is not responsible for any compatibility issues stemming from using third party modifications. In case of problems with the mods, pleasecontact the author of the mod in question.  While we love our mod community, our Customer Service cannot provide support for third-party add-ons.

Sound Improvements

The new system for sounds, that was introduced with Update 9.14, has been supplemented with additional sounds, in order to improve the ambiance and the immersion, and in order to provide more detailed acoustic information about the battle to the player.

New Minimap Prototypes

With this version, certain maps will feature a new minimap design that is aimed at improving the player’s ability to assess and process battlefield information. Based on player feedback, these new minimap prototypes may be improved and expanded to other maps with future game updates.

Replacement of the Lorraine 40 t with the Bat.-Chatillon 25 t AP

The current Tier IX French medium tank in the autoloader line will be replaced by another vehicle, whose characteristics make it a more natural progression link in the respective tech chain.

Personal Reserves Available for Purchase In-Game

Personal Reserves can now be purchased with gold in their management menu in-game.

HD Models

Update 9.15.1 upgrades an additional 24 vehicles to HD quality and fixes the models of 4 tanks that have been visually upgraded in the past:

  • USSR: AT-1, MT-25, SU-100Y, SU-101M
  • Germany: Hetzer, GW Tiger P, Dicker Max, Grosstraktor Krupp, GW Panther, Waffentrager auf IV, E 75, GW E 100
  • France: AMX 13 57
  • USA: M22 Locust, M37, M8A1, T57 Heavy
  • UK: FV215B (183)
  • China: T-34-1, 121, 113″



How’s going this patch so for you so far?

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9.15.1 Official Patchnotes

58 thoughts on “9.15.1 Official Patchnotes

  1. QBaby’s mods been updated and works fine. When are WoTs and WoWs going to have joint gold? The premium time is joined, but not the gold / dubloons yet… Any ETA?

    1. Anonymous says:

      I would have thought that they may never join the gold between the two games as everything costs more in WOWS – a tier 8 premium cost around £5-£8 more in WOWS

  2. Roland says:

    Another worthless patch….

    – Clicker bullshit still ingame and ruining battles…
    – Map rotation still working like shit, getting the same map 4 times in a row quite often.
    – RNG and MM deciding more games than players…

    But minimaps and an ok tier 9 medium replacement are the pressing matters… GG WG…

  3. Honcho says:

    Have the range finders on the E75 been 80mm thick weakspots on the SD model aswell?
    If so, i never noticed.

    Other than that the patch is ok. Its some HD models and some barely noticable gameplay changes. Those reserves for gold is useless, iam currently sitting on a pile of 98 reserves and cant seem to use them.

    If they would offer small and medium reserves with small to medium % bonuses as mission rewards and sell the epic reserves +300% crew XP for 2h or +100% credit income for 2h ingame, i would probably buy them.

    1. Anonymous says:

      No actually. Hitting them in SD model would only cause view range reduction but no damage as they had no hitboxes

      1. in ASIA, it is still in SD and for over 3 years playing tier 8 and above, i have to say, shooting range finders on E 75 DOES DEAL DAMAGE TO THE TANK, you have to be unlucky and hit the tip/top corner of the range finder to either bounce or just crit damage



    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      You know whats funny the e25 is smaller then the fv304 and they say how can five people fit wjen they have an e25 running around. Im done with wot.. bye rita sorry for being rude but they ruind a tank for whining bitchers

      1. HmanSA says:

        You and your three buddies here are the only “whining bitchers” around here RAGNAROKBABY.

        Cry more though, your tears are delicious.

      2. RagnarokBazil says:

        Yeah like how the Su-26 is a Puny thing with no room for Ammo and Crewmen and holds five.. And no one bats an Eye at that Nope…

  6. Mr Welsh says:

    Wheres goddamn 140 HD model? Such a popular tank and its been forgotten about and yet they do crappy lower.tiers and arty for gods.sake

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      For the billionth time: WG DOES NOT make the HD models. They tried but with their native modelling crew they could only push out a couple of tanks in a patch.

      Currently, all SD-to-HD models are made by 3D-modelling companies, that are NOT a part of WG and are just contracted to do the models by WG. The companies DON’T care what models they are doing in which order, nor does WG care to interfere with the process as far as they keep pumping the models out. Rest assured, 140 WILL COME, but not before it is completed. It’s not like the 140 is the only T10 tank that is still SD.

  7. GrimmReaperBG says:

    WC is pretty consistent in this- they never released a single patch without causing more problems than it solves. They are consistent in other areas too- they do eyecandy improvements , which no1 has asked, but don’t change a single thing that the players are demanding for a half decade now- no arty fix, no MM fix, fucking RNG in everything, mega OP tenks etc.

    1. Klimax says:

      Because those game mechanics fixes need to strike balance. Your group of complainers is not the only interested group there. In general there are players who like current setup, then there are two groups with quite different ideas how to change it. If you take suggestion just of one group, others will hate it.

      That’s why they use Sandbox to test various ideas and options. It seems that WOT expanded very fast which caused quite some problems in balance.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This bad habit of replacing the tanks i spent a lot of time grinding (WTE 100 – tier X, Lorraine 40t – tier IX) is a total bullshit tactic.
    I am very angry since I spent a lot of time to get them (especially WTE100) and then they give us some shit replacements.
    Why can’t they let us have the old tanks, and add those pos tanks as alternative, like they did in the german tech tree on the tier 8 TDs?
    I grinded the german TD branch to get the WTE100 and got that crap tank, I grinded the french med line for the lorraine too, and kept it in the garage because i loved the tank, now i got a piece of trash i can’t use.
    I refuse to play both these replacements

  9. party1c says:

    Whoever whines about arty didnt understand the game. Im fine if you leave wot, no need for toxic tomatos 😉

  10. Anonymous says:

    Whole game seemed to run very smoothly last night, felt like a performance improvement but no actual framerate increase.

    1. Klimax says:

      Framerate is only one metric and it won’t show full picture.
      Techreport has good article on it:

      1. Anonymous says:

        Yes, I know – just commenting that the game is smoother on my laptop, but framerate still around 30 fps at best.

  11. NDGR says:

    I got a question, yet not a one for you rita,sry ^^”
    It’s for the comment section…

    What I am yet to understand, why the actual fuck are there way more people raging about this and that than the number of people accepted to sandbox?!
    At least it seems like that…

    Still raging about:
    “Fuck wg no arty fix n00bs I quit wot!!!1!!1!11”
    “map rotation BS, same maps over and over again!!!11! Getting the same 20 maps in random order over and over again!”

    If it were for me, I’d stop fixing anything simply to feast on your tears 😀

    But yeah…that isn’t the case you luckyfuckers 🙁
    But here’s my idea how to fix your problems ^^

    1. Make your own wot, way better than the original one, without any bugs, with at least 144 different high quality non corridor maps rotating so you won’t play one map twice a day, so if someone were to play 145 battles a day, create a new one God damn!:D

    2. Keep your mouth shut if complaining is the only thing you are good at.
    There are people out there telling wg what it is that bothers the community WITHOUT behaving like absolute dipshits. Nobody needs you guys srsly just. Shut. Up. Whine somewhere else but stop bothering those who are actually useful and trying to improve stuff. And if you are just too impatient you may go with option 1. or simply move on to another game and go on the nerves of another community…at least until they start hating you…

    Oh and one last thing to those raging about the fv304 changes…
    E25 has about the size of a hetzer, same amount of crew. Why am I mentioning this? Well take a look at the warthunder hetzer, the x-ray will show you why that one works. The fv used to be even smaller with an additional crewmember, so you might want to calm your titties as wg is right, that one did not make any sense whatsoever. Except all of them were veterans of Stalingrad missing anything from 1-3 limbs and such were practically a 4 men crew.

    1. siralexice says:

      When you do realize that WG made more than half a billion dollars profit from us, you took will ask them to fix these shitty issues.

  12. God.the one and only says:

    Hetzer gonna HD?

    Doesn’t t role of the tongue, does it?
    Prefer low res version.

    BTW ….34-1 yay!

  13. l_etranger says:

    Not one to just whine about arty being a broken game mechanic, heres the thing, artillery was NEVER used for direct fire at single targets, it was used in batteries to cover a wide area to “soften up” any potential threats in that area before an allied assault. That being said, it could/should (if anything) be a perk for light tanks to call in an artillery strike on an area of the map, say A1 for example, the game can do that at the start of the game on say malinovka/stalingrad so it shouldn’t be too hard

    1. GrimmReaperBG says:

      More than that- arty can’t shoot as regular tank at close range (meaning 100 – meters). It’s gun is aiming the sky and it can never goes down as a tank gun. But in this fantasy game arty not only shoots as tenk, but it has better accuracy without aiming (because of the cal. of the shell). In short- arta is represented in this game only to be some kind of “happy tomato toy”, because it is meaningless for the average tomato that he hits 1 out of 10 shots when this single shot can kill enemy vehicle (few tiers higher than the tomato arta). And this is just sick!

      1. legoguy3632 says:

        Arty like the M12 were actually used as assault guns due to their massive AP rounds that could easily take out bunkers and tanks.

  14. Unable to play until the end of august, so by that time all my mods should be back 🙂
    Still I’ll have to look at how FV304 is doing in 9.15.1 compared to 9.15. I can already bet for a lowering of survive rate and probably win rate aswell. Overnerfed arty, they might aswell replace it, it was the only fun arty to play and now they made it so big it cant play its role, even tho it was the only one of this class able to fill it. I guess incoming battle stats will tell the truth. Waiting for sandbox more than any wot update tbh I cant wait to see what they will do again to Bert.

  15. Just as you think WoT can’t screw up worse than it is..it does.
    Mini map- Total crap, I hope the modders can fix these because WG can’t. Looks like someone is pre-school drew them, plus bugs like you can no longer right click to watch a players after death in that area of the map.
    Action Script 3- Broke almost every mod, the vanilla WoT totally sucks and if it were not for mods the game would be horrible.

  16. in ASIA, it is still in SD and for over 3 years playing tier 8 and above, i have to say, shooting range finders on E 75 DOES DEAL DAMAGE TO THE TANK, you have to be unlucky and hit the tip/top corner of the range finder to either bounce or just crit damage .

  17. in ASIA, it is still in SD and for over 3 years playing tier 8 and above, i have to say, shooting range finders on E 75 DOES DEAL DAMAGE TO THE TANK, you have to be unlucky and hit the tip/top corner of the range finder to either bounce or just crit damage in ASIA, it is still in SD and for over 3 years playing tier 8 and above, i have to say, shooting range finders on E 75 DOES DEAL DAMAGE TO THE TANK, you have to be unlucky and hit the tip/top corner of the range finder to either bounce or just crit damage .

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