9.15.1 Patch delay explanation


First of all, thank you for the support given so far to Kristallin, she’s currently no longer burning in fever, things have been slow today so I’m taking the opportunity to scrap the remaining codes of the giveaway.

There’s a small update, Storm wrote the reason why 9.15.1 was delayed, quote:

“Technical internal changes, such as the interface transfer to the new version Action Script 3 are lacking in the patch. We would like to make it all work without problems.”

That’s all folks.

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9.15.1 Patch delay explanation

19 thoughts on “9.15.1 Patch delay explanation

    1. jesusvsainz says:

      every mod will stop working… FOREVER… and then we wake up and start crying cause we know that WG will never be able to do something like that.

  1. unable2pwn says:

    I hope this doesn’t hit at a raw wound and everything isall right with the cats; but will jingles be updating us on the cat situation? If this is terrible timing please accept my apologies

  2. wolvenworks says:

    i heard that AS3 would break practically all mods

    don’t forget to safe mode or uninstall mods guys. it would be funny if you’re the only one in the forum who used outdated mods and solowhine, and get laughed for it

  3. I only hope WG is not going to try to implement sandbox changes into the game. There was a WoT Survey and from seeing the questionnaire WG wants really bad to push sandbox on the live server. I know lots of people have not seen or know of the changes but 80 to 90% of the testers like myself hate SB the way it is now. The questions in the survey ask thing like if you would like new features ( stun is my guess) and more major changes and if you would leave the game. WG seams to listen very little to feedback from testers and look like wanting to force feed the changes. I hope not, things like tanks that we have got used to running 60kph cut to 45kph… ammo pen major changes where your cost will increase paying for ammo even firing standard ammo because of lower pen.

  4. Changes just mean modmakers will have to go to work. If there is a ResMods folder in game there will be mods. No ResMods folder with a game file scan from server before game load? Now, mods may die. I would doubt removal of all mods.

  5. gosu says:

    does anyone know what is going to happen to Lor 40T in next patch ? I’m almost done with research and I want the BC 25T. Am I going to start research from scratch once it is replaced ??
    thank you to anyone who’ll take the time to help me 🙂

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