9.15.1 Patch Delayed


small update, the patch 9.15.1 was delayed until 25-26 of July (for RU, later for us as usual) due to technical reasons.

That’s all folks!

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9.15.1 Patch Delayed

9 thoughts on “9.15.1 Patch Delayed

  1. isso ja era de isperar enfim wargaming no seu melhor tenho pena de por enquanto nao ter acesso ao sand server enfim paciencia e sinceramente espero que eles ganhem juizo e nao alterem tanto a tipologia dos mapas cada vez mais estao piores nao melhores nem deixem sequer ficar certas caracteristicas que ajudavam em parte tanques rapidos no jogo certas zonas que so eram acedidas por les agora deixam de ser e os tanques ligeiros estao em desgraça uma vez mais eu sou apologistas de um mtch makin 1 tier acima ou 1 tier abaixo mais que isso e fica bastante desequilibrado nao basta so limitar o numero de tanques de um certo tier no jogo so isso nao chega ha que haver equilibrio, continuo a achar que mataram o helcat o tanque deixou de ser a mesma coisa agora e tudo cromwells em tier 6 , porque e que nao nerfam esse tanque tambem ja que estragaram o helcat aproveitam borram mais o resto dos tier 6 ja que tao com a mao na massa

    1. Joel Milhazes says:

      it already was isperar finally wargaming at its best I pity for now do not have access to the sand server finally patience and sincerely hope they win judgment and not to change both the typology of increasingly maps are worse not better not even let stay right characteristics that helped partially polls tanks in the game certain areas that are were accessed by les now no longer and light tanks station in disgrace once again I am apologists of a MTCH makin 1 tier above or one tier below more than that and is quite imbalanced not just so limit the number of tanks a certain tier in the only game that does not come there to be balance , I still find that killed Helkath the tank is no longer the same now and everything Cromwells in tier 6 because and that not nerfam this tank also since it spoiled the Helkath enjoy more blur the rest of the tier 6 since it so with his hand in the dough

  2. THE_Player_:) says:

    Great news! Not kidding! Moved 2.5 weeks ago and my new ISP line is going to be activated only on the 29th of June. Until then i need to play with an LTE mobile connection….pings between 50 and 400ms are just bad, if you are used to 5-10ms 🙁

  3. Soifon99 says:

    I think they went overboard with the time between updates.. now they update once per 2/2,5 month.. for me a game needs more frequent updates to keep my interest…. this 9.5.1 update is 30 HD tank updates and a few tweaks on the sound and mini map.. why the f do they need this long to implement!

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