9.15.1 VS 9.16 HD model Comparison


FerrariHD is back with another 9.16 VS 9.15.1 HD model comparison:

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9.15.1 VS 9.16 HD model Comparison

9 thoughts on “9.15.1 VS 9.16 HD model Comparison

  1. thesherbet says:

    That 3/4 is looking sweet now, not that the sideskirts are gonna make any difference whatsoever to survivability but at least now it looks pwetty 🙂

    1. Side skirts will bounce a 76mm semi reliably and just like on the PZ IV H, that armor should be able to eat 105 HEAT shells for breakfast even if it was only intended for anti-tank rifles. Unfortunately, the side armor was nerfed so I believe 122 HEAT Shells will overmatch anyways but testing is needed for that. Overall, the PZ III/IV has just become the ultimate anti-heat tank at tier V. Thank you Wargaming

  2. My old favorite tank is finally getting an HD model!! AND it looks FABULOUS! (Pz III/IV). The reason it is my favorite is because it does well at everything, but doesn’t have any super weaknesses. Plus, i needed that tank to research a total of 5 tanks over its lifetime

  3. I think all this work on HD models is the big reason why Wargaming hasn’t been releasing more new tank lines and been throwing us all these token mod implementations. Polishing games is good, but I highly doubt the community will survive to see World of Tanks turn into a AAA looking game so it’s weird that they are focusing on stuff I can’t render reliably on my computer.

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