9.15 Bug Workarounds


NyxWGA, Player Experience Supervisor, has given the following statement to those who’ve been getting bugs since 9.15:

“Hey folks!

After the update, we’ve got some issues that are pretty frustrating for folks. We’re working with the dev team to get permanent fixes for you as soon as possible. In the meantime, we wanted to provide a few suggestions that may assist some players until the permanent fixes arrive.

We know that these things have helped *some* folks, but these are not guaranteed to work for everyone.

  • Clear out your preferences folder
    • To do this Press the Windows key + R, and type %appdata%\wargaming.net. Then Delete the “worldoftanks” folder.
  • Disable replays
  • Run the game in safe mode
  • For graphical issues, be sure your graphics card drivers are updated.

We are also continuing to gather information, so if you have any info that you feel would assist us, you may post it in this thread. If you can, please include reproduction steps and screenshots of any issues you encounter.

Please keep your posts as clear and constructive as possible. This thread is specifically for you to share information that may assist us. Posts that are not created to share information or to ask clarifying questions will be deleted.

Be assured that we are working diligently to get these issues addressed. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!”

Hope it helps.

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9.15 Bug Workarounds

29 thoughts on “9.15 Bug Workarounds

  1. Admiral_Mikan says:

    When I enabled AMD Dual Graphics on my ASUS notebook, my garage was blinking a lot. I have to disabled it again, and it became normal again.

    Also, it seems mods pretty buggy after patch. I used Aslain modpack, and sometimes, my client closed by itself. I have to running vanilla again :/

    1. Anonymous says:

      I had thebsame problem. I ended up waiting a day for the updated aslain pack to come out. Worked like a charm.

      1. abusemtex says:

        lel – that sounds like Bogdan trying to sell best kalium in the world comming from Kazakhstan.

  2. This solution helped me when my settings x16, x25 suddenly changed to the standard x4, x8. Very strange thing since I play vanilla. Without mods that is. I don’t even have XVM. 😉

  3. The only odd thing I’ve noticed is occasional black circles flashing onscreen over each tank Marker, bog enough to cover the Marker, for a fraction of a second, not in every battle, and not often when they do. I’ve put it down to the mods I use, but, strangely enough, I’m using the stock game Markers…

    It’s not a big enough problem to bother doing anything about it that might cause other issues.

  4. cptcav says:

    I have not been able to play since the 9.15 update. I get to the garage, but I have problems with the favorites selections. In addition, when I hit the battle button, I get the revolving gear indicating “JOINING”, but nothing happens from that point forward.

    I run the game without any mods.

    I re-installed the game several times.

    I have an Alienware Laptop that has never had a serious issue with the game.

    I submitted a ticket and applied the recommendations of running in safe mode and updating my graphics card, but no success.

    I am now waiting for their latest instructions.

    At least I feel better knowing that I am not unique with having an issue with 9.15 update. This means that they are taking my issue seriously and not just as a single problem.

  5. My WoT runs lighting fast since the update, but its unstable. I get random crashes to desktop with the note “displaydriver recovered” … i can reproduce this with and without any mods. Followed all instructions to the letter, no change …
    … till i tried to start in safe mode. Now everything is nice an good 🙂

  6. FastFission says:

    I’m getting stuck on the battle loading screen every time I try to log in. No mods, all drivers updated (Nvidia GTX-980). Based on forums, this seems to be a common problem. Funny part is that everything was fine on Friday (after the initial 9.15 update), but the problem started when I tried to play on Sunday.

    1. Brandon Chadney says:

      Had the same problem. Initially everything was fine until the next day. I had to completely clean my computer of everything WoT and do a fresh install. I had opened a ticket with WG and they were asking to get all kinds of info. Now everything seems to be working fine except for when I had to wait an hour for my ping to get back to normal levels. It was at over 800 and my ping normally runs at 20 to 30. Never had that bad of ping ever before patch 9.15.

  7. Brandon Chadney says:

    WoT was freezing at the battle loading screen at about 90%. I have seen a lot of people having the same issue with varying GPUs. After opening a ticket with WG I ended up having to uninstall and completely clean my computer of anything WoT related. I reinstalled and the only issue I have run into was my ping was over 800 at one point for over an hour with nothing running in the background. After that it leveled out to normal levels and is running fine. When the game was freezing I had to go into my Nvidia control panel to change my power management settings. It was only a temporary fix though.

  8. “We have the best Q&A department in industry”

    Looking at permanent bugs in new patches – at all WG projects I’m stuck –
    either they have worst Q&A in industry, either they have worst development process in industry – and there is way more bugs before internal tests, supertest and customer test.
    And because of poor process they didnt fix bugs, that was found on customer test before patch release – mostly after.

  9. abusemtex says:

    Funny – only yesterday WG_Rita posted some 1st world problems in AW only to show how OE sucks.
    Today we learn about stronk commie coding skillz.

  10. Since the 9.15 patch on my modern up to date gaming computer WOT is now unplayable
    as the best FPS I can now get is around 25 on average, sometimes 45 fps then it drops to 15 fps once the action in battle starts?

    even with the on-game graphics settings on ‘Recommended’ or even reduced to Medium its all just frustrating shit now?

    No Mods installed in my WOT
    – my Clan warned me 9.15 was buggy with XVM or any Mods
    PC is less than 2 years old with a 2GB gaming Nvidea GPU card and i7 quad core, 24GB ram, so?

    it all ran great WOT with 9,14 i had no problems anywhere ~ with or without mods, now its 15 fps utter shit
    and it takes twice as long to start the launcher then twice as long again to launch into WOT

    1. Klimax says:

      First, can you post full specification of your PC? (I have seen good numbers even from low-end of Intel’s IGPs…) What model is your Geforce?
      Second, do you have updated drivers for GPU? (Nvidia released 23.5. new drivers targeting among other games WoT: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/download/driverResults.aspx/103099/en-uk)

      As for long start-up, do you have WoT on HDD or SSD? If HDD defragmentation can do wonders. (Windows got regularly scheduled defrag themselves, but it could bedisabled or didn’t run yet)

  11. Guys, does anyone else have a bug, that the WOT client runs itself again after it is closed?
    Meaning – If I watch replay and close it, the same replay plays itself again. And if I quit the game from garage, the the game launches itself again to the login screen.
    I thinnk I had that problem even on vanilla, but I have to check that.

  12. linkpin says:

    Game is now unplayable for me since 9.15. Frame rate starts OK at 70+ but immediately drops to less than 20 when there is any action. Effectively freezes the action for me, but obviously not for enemy. So I am getting killed every time. Using same PC as before, so the only change is this upgrade. Ping is much worse than before also – and my normal ping rate is very good – well below 40 ms. Whatever you have done, YOU NEED TO UNDO. PLEASE.

  13. linkpin says:

    Plainly the issues here are NOTHING to do with everyone’s machines, given that we were all happily playing 9.14. The issue is the WOT upgrade. Swallow your pride Wargaming and roll back to 9.14.

  14. Gerre says:

    I have an Nvidia Geforce 840M. Since 9.15 the game dropped to 15 fps. And sound stutters all the time. Drivers all updated. Even installed an SSD and reinstalled Windows 10.

  15. gerry ong says:

    hi can i suggest that WG people allow players to choose either to use 9.14 or 9.15? it seems that after 9.15 theres a lot of problems encountered….can we try playing back to 9.14?

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