9.15 Extras


as you know 9.15 brings new stats display, the leaked and official details have shown only the full garage stats but you can also get extra information about shells on Service by mousing over it.

Also I very much enjoy that don’t have to click on Armory to see the amount of vehicles I own, it’s now displayed in the bottom left corner (and it does automatically filter out the crappy rentals amount!):

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9.15 Extras

31 thoughts on “9.15 Extras

      1. I agree, I like all these small additions too, several of these new changes/ideas look like they come from the WoWs teams…
        Is there hope for a PvE Coop mode like in WoWs?

        Thanks for sharing

  1. Patata Caliente says:

    It’s a nice nice-to-have feature. But at the end of the day, that’s all it is – a nice-to-have. Personally, I would like Wargaming to focus on the real problems of the game, like they have promised to since for as long as I can remember.

    1. apache1990 says:

      I don’t see any problem. The general info window is showing the average penetration for 500m-100m, while the detailed ammo window is showing the full penetration variance for each range.

      Or since I’m terrible at wording things:

      Gun info:
      (average pen at 500m) – (average pen at 100m)

      Ammo specific info:
      (minimum pen roll) – (max pen roll) 100m
      (minimum pen roll) – (max pen roll) 250m
      (minimum pen roll) – (max pen roll) 500m

      1. apache1990 says:

        Though the gun info panel could do a better job explaining it, since it shows damage as the -/+25% RNG values.

      2. SFC_Storm says:

        Except that info is dead wrong. Unless they severely nerfed range/DMG ratio.

        At 500m pen used to fall with large calibers at about 10% to 20%. This is now 40%. Ridiculous.

        This means what used to count as 500m is now the 200m-300m range.

        This will just force everyone to use HEAT all the time or at least at anything more than 200m.

        Also, in a game where 500m-600 is really similar to RL`s 1k to 1200m ranges. The real lifes 500m has almost 0 loss.

      3. atomicemu says:

        Uh, no.
        It takes the nominal penetration (279 mm), does +-25% (209-349 mm), then it takes the maximum value and does +-25% again, saying it’s the possible penetration at 100 meters. Similarly with the minimum penetration.
        Official information available until now, data-mined penetration values, and empirical evidence all prove it doesn’t work like that.

      4. Anonymous says:

        @SFC_Storm says
        Don’t worry, that penetration values has nothing to do with reality. Pen in WoT drops only once at 100m (if I remember correctly). Pzgr for Grille 150 gun has 270mm of penetration after drop.

  2. They’re still behind on simple garage features. By now WoWS has a ship carousel with four lines for example. How WoT has fewer handy garage that WoWS features is beyond me. They also need to get the return crew and return equipment to vehicle as standard.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The George Foreman 15 is quite a scary tank: its an awesome gun wrapped up in some fairly insubstantial (i.e. Papier Mache) armour. Why is that scary? Because you have to actually *work* to make sure that you stay alive as you will be prioritised over everything else, until that is, Wargaming release the next new shiny thing for people to break.

  4. sturmi0545 says:

    The carousel tells me, I own 241 tanks, the armory counts 244.
    Sweet programming, WG. You just don’t know numbers 😀

      1. Yeah the museum been tremendously nice to me, they’ve been opening many doors and teaching me a lot. Blessed to have them. I got VIP/Press pass to have a better view for photos for you and to be safer because things can get a bit crazy in events like these, many people know me and others and last year I sightly panicked after being cornered against a tank. I know people meant good but it was overwhelming, wasnt expecting it.

  5. BDNeon says:

    What, shell velocity isn’t displayed? That’s rather important to know, don’t you think? Considering how much impact the shell velocity has on hitting a moving target at long range.

  6. 2goxd says:

    can you ask them to change module info (when mouse on the desired module) from power to specific stats.
    Lets say you want to mount coated optics and you put your mouse on them and it shows how much that increases spotting power but what i actually want to know is the actual spotting range after i install that module.

    Another thing what i noticed (also in 9.14) is that handbrake only slows down your turning speed with some tanks ex WZ-111. You hold down D and then press D+space and it will start turning really slow while animation doesn’t change at all (like with some tanks where one track locks down).
    And the weird thing about this is it only happens in some battles.

  7. killswitch95 says:

    nice, loving the new Penetration by distance thing, good stuff…

    also loving how everyone is loving the Grille 15, going ape shit over it, when they thought it would be terrible and im just sitting here like
    “I’ve been telling you it was good for the past 2 months since she posted its stats… URGH”

    but that’s none of my business though… huehuehue

    perhaps I would download the test server, but by the time I downloaded it 9.18 would be out… rip

  8. Mach says:

    It says that T-62A’s APCR shell has 330mm of average penetration at 100 meters. Then lets say that you are shooting E-100’s turret with that APCR shell at 100 meters. You should be able to penetrate it with ease, but in reality most of the time you will see the shells ricochet. I see something is wrong here.

  9. Mach says:

    Then you should be able to penetrate E-100’s turret with T-62’s APCR round since the new information is telling me that it has 330 mm of average penetration at 100 meters. But in reality you will see them ricochet most of the time. I see something is wrong here.

  10. zeroyuki92 says:

    Small details, but I like it. It’s also showing that they are actually going in the right direction.

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