9.15 Patch Date: SEA


“only” a week after 9.15 been released in EU/NA/RU, the SEA -neglected- players are finally worthy of some good news: 9.15 Patch is going to hit the servers tomorrow, 31st May from 03:00 UTC+8 (30th May, 19:00 UTC).


Have fun!

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9.15 Patch Date: SEA

10 thoughts on “9.15 Patch Date: SEA

  1. SEA Survivor says:

    Sadly, this is par for the course here, where the server management do not care about the players.

    We’ve had the VN server (where anything was allowed) migrated into the SEA one, and Tanitha’s response when people complained about the amount of “warpack” usage was that his opinion was that all mods should be allowed, and gave poeple chat bans for complaining about the problem.

    We’ve had blatant rigging of missions and CW, and Tanitha’s reaction is to stick his head in the sand and ignore it, hoping it would go away.

    We’ve had a player who bragged in forums about having bought their account (ex Vietnam server player) promoted to a moderator.

    We’ve also been told by Tanitha that it would take too much work to supply a client for SEA that allows saved password for login, and that we should use mods if we want this functionality.

    So, a 1 week late patch with about 9 hours notice prior to deployment is actually the sort of thing we have to endure down here…And WG won’t allow migrations away, having promised everyone that the SEA server would be better than NA/EU in order to get us to move our accounts here.

    (We’re also told that our specials here are equal to those on other servers, then when this is questioned in forum, told that we shouldn’t compare specials\events between servers…guess why.)

    1. Synvy (Tea) says:

      Since I have followed FTR and now RSR for quite a bit of time, the thing your have said are at least in my standard, usual. Sometimes we have things earlier than NA/EU and sometimes we didn’t even have them. We have a smaller playerbase (but probably also being the most problematic one), so, can’t really blame -too- much. Not to mention in-game reports are not sending to the staffs, let alone they are helpful or not. Because we are half an Earth away from the stars and light, and I question are there people would like to take these jobs with passion.

    2. You’re clearly not here when in this month Tanitha is banning/removing a ton of Viets for Rigging T-22 and farmed a crapton of upvotes, for three batches.

      I was also hoping for Rita to cover it but it’s too late I guess?

      1. SEA_survivor says:

        Oh, I was there…

        I do find it interesting that you seem to believe that all the offenses occurred in recent times (past week or two).

        Based on experience on the server, it’s more likely Tanitha has been forced to take action by head-office after having his head buried in the sand, hoping it would all blow over.

        After all, it beggers belief that so many “players” could have suddenly started cheating in such a short space of time for this number of bans/penalties to suddenly appear. Much more credible to believe Tanitha and WG SEA had been well aware of the problem but did nothing to deter\prevent it.

    1. Jurrunio says:

      The glitch where you can get a ton of credits by getting rid of rental tanks are the kind of bug I want to experience.

  2. SEA_SURVIVOR is spot on. We get shit down here, the last patches, the last to get tanks, and worst specials, and hands down the shittiest customer service. Don’t you dare to ask a critical question, the censorship here rivals that of any dictatorship in history. Tan, is a boob, how he has his job I don’t not know, There are NO illegal mods down here, so CW is a joke the “top” clans mostly run Warpack, and the smaller or “honest” clans don’t have a chance to get on the map or even have a decent tier 6 stronghold game. The only good thing about getting the patch a week late is that all the “proper” mod packs are out and debugged. (I guess we have that to be thankful for.)

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