9.15 Patch Date for EU & NA


Na and EU have officially announced that 9.15 is coming tomorrow, SEA hasn’t said anything, I will add an *Update* to this article if there are any news for the SEA readers.



-From 04:00 to 09:00 CEST


-From 1:00AM PDT (08:00 UTC) and will last approximately five and a half hours.


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9.15 Patch Date for EU & NA

33 thoughts on “9.15 Patch Date for EU & NA

  1. Synvy (Tea) says:

    Base on the knowledge and previous experience, I can only give best kind of *hope* on our cluster… especially the office :\

      1. And the 112 did drop in price to 10,500 gold. And can no longer be bought in game, only in the web store. >:( Did Wargaming announce that in careful detail? I don’t see that in the 9.15 change notes. Very pissed at Wargaming.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So… Tier 10 platoon can’t have a tier 6 light tank anymore? That sucks since it can get into tier 10 too. But now you get a penalty for that

  3. parabullet says:

    do you guys think with the implementation of directx 11 the game will someday have the same graphics/ lightning effects as the new console generation version? like rain maps etc?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t do this. Platoons seriously unbalance the game. When I was in a clan, and platooned a lot I’d get session win rates of 70%. ~ My clan was green/blue not even a top level clan. Who wins the game will end up as a lucky draw -if you end up with the purple platoon on your side, you win. A red platoon? No so much.

  5. Anyone else in NA have trouble getting the update? My download speeds would start strong and then drop to the useless range after a few seconds. I had to constantly pause the update, restart my router and reconnect to get this downloaded at anything above 38 KB/S.

  6. Shankmeyster says:

    So what are everyone’s feedback on the update? I haven’t even gotten home yet to dl it and I want to see that Grille as I still had my WTF E-100 in garage.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Mine installed fine & does look crisper & brighter even in the garage (I still can’t get the beach to work though, still stuck in Berlin…). However, I had problems with full screen, lost the ammo indicators off the bottom of the screen, had to hit Alt-Enter a couple of times to settle it. Once done, no issues. I did not see any improvement in framerate, but my laptop struggles anyway. Will test more thoroughly tonight.

      1. That was me, I can comment from work, but not log in… In case anyone is still reading the old posts, I fixed my full screen problem by resetting the aspect ratio, and after that my FPS is far better, in fact it briefly hit 40 earlier!

        For my laptop 20 is more typical…

    2. Shankmeyster says:

      I see random jumps in ping now regardless of which NA server I play on. Didn’t pay much attention to the frames before but I have a pretty high end system so it prob wouldn’t make much difference.

    1. Klimax says:

      First, DirectX 12 is concurrent API to 11 (almost all features are present in both) and as such is not replacement for DX 11. Second, DX 12 (and Vulcan) despite hype doesn’t provide much. (Just extra work for developers, nothing more)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow SEA doesnt even have a date for an update. SEA is the worst server out of the lot of them. I wish WG would have an Oceania server so we could be rid of the pathetic and useless group that is SEA WG

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