9.15 Patch Dates


Small update, according to Russian sources the 9.15 is suppose to arrive after the 9 of May so expect test server to come very soon (next week or so).

That’s all.


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9.15 Patch Dates

25 thoughts on “9.15 Patch Dates

  1. pixywing says:

    Reminds me of when I finnally got MT-15 done for the T-55a only to have my own arty team kill me at the end well I was against the rear of an IS-7 I was beating the snot out of. Nothing is more fun than having your team mates be the reason you didn’t get your mission with honors done.

  2. Anonymous says:

    a little rebalance in SU-122-44 ? and some maps will be great ad from 2 weeks i play only on 3 maps of all in the game is this fair?

  3. devor says:

    *is supposed jesus christ i know i’m a grammar nazi but if you are going to be the author of a blog read by thousands daily you should learn to type even if it’s not your first language.

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