9.15 Q&A: Update


just to tell you that all the questions have been selected for the 9.15 Q&A.

As usual (and I understand) most of you made question about things that are not even planned to come this year while I noted that this was 9.15 related. I took that as a feedback gathering for my person on what you are the mostly interested lately.

Still, added some of those questions that I wouldn’t see WG EU having a problem answering, however -because you made really good points- I will try to get the non selected Qs answered in a future occasion, if not by WG EU then by another office or one of my birdies.

Thank you.

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9.15 Q&A: Update

12 thoughts on “9.15 Q&A: Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually I overlooked the part about 9.15. Did you think I’d notice the “This is 9.15 related” text written with thickened black letters and well separated from the previous and the following lines, didn’t you? You thought wrong 😀 Beg pardons.

  2. Yes, but will they give the answers we want? and all have been waiting long time for? or more PR dodge the question by not actually commit to anything by a given time period

    Remember # Storm is back
    And just try getting anything useful or even interesting from him we all see it all before
    he is like the Wind blows a lot of either Hot or Cold air depending on his mood, which normally is always frosty

    remember Storm always backtracks on anything he says now a few months down the line
    so please lets hope its not that lying unpleasant man that is Storm
    (if it is? well what a waste of time this all will be shown to be

    who keeps saying ” Less Maps but better Maps” hmm? go on guess?

    iv stopped playing now for the moment – I see the exact same few Maps every day, its so bored to play WOT now,
    the same meta each game Heavies go there (always) Meds and TDs go there (always) we ALL know these dumbed down corridor maps like the back of our hand (blindfolded even

  3. So you remembered to ask: If a T95 heads north from its spawn doing 13 km / h, and a Tortoise heads south from its spawn doing 10 km / h . . . do I have time to make a sandwich?

    1. I actually proved on livestream 3 times that with T95 you can paint your nails nicely and only by the time they dry is when you meet an enemy or anything interesting in the battle.

      1. What color did you go with? You seem like a warmer,brighter person ,so my guess is yellow or purple.
        Also rita, if you ever get a chance. Ask about the waifu 121b please!

      2. I tend to embrace my Morticia type of look and go for dark purples or bright reds. Cant remember, let the viewers chose the colours. 😛 Will see what I can do.

      3. I miss your streams. Still subscribed, but my hours have changed and hard to see you, the occasional Jingles, and the cats doing cat things.

        Any chance of archiving the streams somewhere?

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