9.15 SD VS 9.15.1 HD *SPG* Model & Armor Comparison


just finished compiling the 9.15 SD VS 9.15.1 HD Model & Armor Comparison for SPGs:

G.W. E 100

FV 304



G.W. Tiger (P)

G.W. Panther

Other classes coming steady as she goes..

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9.15 SD VS 9.15.1 HD *SPG* Model & Armor Comparison

49 thoughts on “9.15 SD VS 9.15.1 HD *SPG* Model & Armor Comparison

  1. Why do they need Arty to look good? I really don’t get it… instead of making HD models to TANKS, like E50M hey do t for arty… oh well. Still better decision making than Gaijin’s decision making

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Happy to see the devs listion to facts of the fv304 is based on he fv300 light tank series and they realized oh crap the new brit line has the fv101 so they have the same hull as bert good they made the change.

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      It feels like I am beating a skeleton of a dead horse, but here goes, again. Not like this has been repeated since FTR was still active…

      WG is currently updating ALL vehicles to HD. All. Every single one of them. All the way from T92, 121 and VK 72.01 to FT-17 and any tanks between. All classes, tiers and special tanks as well. Even the ones that have been removed from sales but are still in game, like the E-25 or Pz 38H739f. They tried and couldn’t do it by themselves in a sensible schedule, so they contracted a number of 3D-modelling firms to do it for them. The firms don’t greatly care what vehicle is preferred by what player, and the models are released when they are done. WG does NOT decide what model the firms do in which order, nor do they care to. All vehicles will come in due time.

      Not only all vehicles, though. After they are done, WG is planning to do some major updating on all the other graphics in the game as well. And it would be kind of silly to see arties as SD models when everything else is HD. I don’t care if you hate arties, but leaving them SD would be graphically extremely odd decision.

    2. well if you’d paid attention since they started making HD vehicles. You would know that WG doesnt do them, they outsource the HD modelling to other companies to free up their people. So when tanks are done, they get sent in. with no rhyme or reason as to what tanks become HD next

      1. Yes, when I make these model comparison, if there is a significant size change I will put a black lining bellow the models so its easier for you to reference the sizes.

    1. Bert went from the size of an ELC AMX to the size of a Maus hull, but yeah became smaller. Just compare the size of the hull with the size fo the gun (which didnt change) between 9.15 and 9.15.1. Its not the gun that became smaller its the tank that became twice or three times as big. Which is pretty good for an arty that needs to be within 300-500m from its target and is now bigger than many many tanks in the game.

    2. RagnarokBazil says:

      Then they got my comment on how can an su-5 hold 5 people lol and made fv304 smaller and took it seriously with the fv300 light tank series lets hope it gets even smaller

    1. unless they reverted it for the final update it is indeed much bigger. there is just a bigger zoom on the SD pics so the models are visible. To compare SD/HD looks/hitboxes you need to haver the same size, but the actual tanks have well different sizes.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Hah my ticket made them regret making him bigger and looked at the scorpion and seen they are indeed the same hull xD they also seen my finqk comment on the so called su-5 lol weres the ammo go anr the crew fit :p

      2. I’m pretty sure they’re different hulls. The FV304 is apart of the FV300 series, the Scorpion is apart of the FV100 series. The Scorpions hull is a lot closer to the Abbot SPG – which is apart of the FV430 series, which was developed from the FV420 series.

  2. Kyros says:

    So they told us that GW E100 is a totally made up WG clicker. And they told us they want to replace this made up fantasy Tank with the Grille IIRC over a year ago. What happend now ? HD for a fantasy Tank ? Will it stay in the game ? Where is my HD for FV215B and VK45.02B and T28 TD ? It’s like the T110E4, once people forget that it’s a complet fake, made up tank by WG, they make it into HD and suddenly its a Tank based on real Toilet paper. :/

      1. ^E-50M isnt only a fake, this one is 100% made up by WG (they even copyrighted the name if I remember well). other tanks can at least be mentionned in some documents of some sort,n but E-50M is pure made-in-serB

      2. In WT all the tanks and planes that never had a working prototype and sh*t called “Sekrit Dokumintz tanks”… Sekrit dokumitz is basically all the Russian secret documents that said they were a thing… “Da comrade Tiger tank in 1941 is just propaganda no make it tier 6 put it in tier 7, xaxaxaxa Russian rule”… and things like the T-54 Light armor… you know… things like that are in the sekrit dokumint

      3. Teknokraatti says:

        E-50M is a fake, but one based on a historical proposal. While the “M” designation was never used by any articles, Germans thought about eliminating the frontal transmission in the E-50 to make it lighter, simpler and cheaper. This is modelled in WOT by the fact that E-50Ms engine can’t be damaged frontally with any gun in the game. Going by the WOT AP penetration mechanics, though, Karl-Gerät would be able to destroy the engine in the back of the tank with either of its guns if it penetrated an AP shell frontally.

      4. Teknokraatti says:

        About that T-54 light… You might be in for an ugly surprise. Go read some about the T-54 model 1949, or in WOT terms, T54 Lightweight.

      5. Teknokraatti says:

        It certainly wasn’t. However, that is hardly a major historical accuracy sin in WOT. Maus, for example, is about 50% faster than it should be. Generally vehicles in WOT have better mobility than their real world counterparts had/would have had, with some exceptions.

  3. wolvenworks says:

    when i see tanks change size when converted to HD, i can’t help but think that someone actually fucked up with the original measurements…

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      Correction in rl its aa big as a minivan its as big as the fv101 scorpion as they both have he same hull

  4. Kyros says:

    Here Rita, I made the real size difference of the FV304. It’s based on the fact that it’s gun size will not change.


    change the (dot) with a .

    1. Kyros says:

      It seems like if I put a link in the comment, it’s somehow bugging and the comment don’t post- Thats why i needed to do the (dot) thing :/

  5. stormcrow99 says:

    It’s already the second most OP arty in the game as it is, only beaten by the lefefefefefefuckyou.

  6. HUN_Sector says:

    Guys. Rita put the fv304 pictures in reverse. It’s the opposite way, it become much bigger. 9.15 is the 9.15.1 and vice versa.

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