9.15 Test Server #2 Iteration Changes


these are the changes made in the second Test Server iteration of the 9.15 patch:

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iconType 4 Heavy

Speed Limit (forward): 25 (20)

Terrain Resistance: 1.1/1.2/1.8 (1.3/1.4/2)

Reload Time: 19.8 (20.8)
RoF: 3.03 (2.88)

iconType 5 Heavy

Top Speed (Reverse): 11 (10)
HP: 2900 (2800)
Turret Traverse Speed: 20 (18)
Turret HP: 580 (560)

Accuracy on the move (hull): 0.18 (0.24)
Accuracy on rotation (hull): 0.2 (0.24

Accuracy on rotation (turret): 0.12 (0.14)
Reload Time: 17.1 (17.7)
RoF: 3.51 (3.39)

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9.15 Test Server #2 Iteration Changes

52 thoughts on “9.15 Test Server #2 Iteration Changes

  1. Hm… I might continue my grind.

    Quick question to anyone who tried. Which tank is best (most reliable) for blocking damages between
    -VK45.02P B
    -Type 4

    Do not take arty into account, thus the best overall to do this kind of missions.

    I loved my VK B and sold it some time ago for my Maus, which doesnt seem to handle shots as good (well it sees tier X more often lol…). So I have the choice of unlocking and buying the ST1 or Type 4, or to buy back the VK. (I’ll free xp the turret on STI of course…)

    Thanks for the advices.

      1. wremisekrummels says:

        then you sidescrape your tracks will eat all the blocked dmg, and i belive he is asking for the missions. he just have to stay with the maus, its really easy to block at least 2k without any efford, and if you aim for bounces, its also possible to get ~4k

      1. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

        for a good player T10 and conq are the best t9 HTs, even could be in contention for best t9.

      2. Asghaad says:

        yeah, the legend of E-75… despite its frontal turret being easily penned by T9+ guns …

        dream on buddy, if you want to bounce tons of damage then its either hulldown ST-I (preferably alley of death on Himmelsdorf ) or Maus/E100

      3. dianner says:

        for some reason, I hated my E75 although I had decent stats in it. It’s armor is unreliable and gets penned by every tier 9, and it’s slow anyway. if you want a slow, undestructible hev, why not take VKB? It’s even slower, but at least your armor stops something.

      4. Synvy says:

        I will say E-75 is the most problematic one. p/w below 10,
        with a gun handing allows mostly CQ. turret front not is penable, with a hatch on it as well.

    1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

      the VK 45.02B laughs at nearly anything people throw at it save the BL-10.
      with only one small frontal weak spot its p good
      maus does this even better. I get 7-12k bounced, 2k-3k dealt out on average, is a beast if you know how to use her

    2. ST1 is like Jagtiger 8.8 he bounce all shit you trow on him , i get 5 tanks shooting at me when i standing in a empty middle and nothing i can stay like that whole day.

    3. Thanks for the advices 🙂
      I’ll go for ST-1 I guess. Already have the E-75 but I’m not that good with it, idk why, it is an amazing tank I just dont know how to use it correctly I guess.

      Yeah VKB laughs ay anything. Even BL10 is a joke if you angle just a little bit 🙂 probably the easiest tank to play when it comes to get HT-15 complete. ST-I may be more fun tho, because it can actualy get somewhere and hope to survive side shots (VK has 300+mm front, 100mm sides… )

    4. Domo says:

      vk45B is the best armor wise unless hull down then st-1 is best.

      im not sure why they havent nerfed the vk45b since its buff. its retarded op right now

      1. Domo says:

        …they arent going to replace it with mauschen. they already tried they had it in the test server a few patches ago and decided against it

    5. wolvenworks says:

      i’d say ST1. that’s the only tank that my tier 8s consistently struggle to pen, even the non-angled side

    6. Infernal969 says:

      Don’t go for the ST-I. Its armor is so fucking unreliable. It sometimes takes damage when you are 99.99% sure it cannot, it’s only really strong when it’s hulldown. VK has the weak turret, so probably the Type wins, although I don’t have one. VK is definitely better if damage dealing is taken into account.

  2. morganakis_gr says:

    have see funny thing some of my clanmates open a mission called jackpot but the bonus is different one hve 1 day prem and 250 gold and another have 1 000 000 in my account nothing happen,,,any clue?

  3. Now they just need to fix how often it loses its ammo rack and engine… 1 shot through the hull front? Engine damaged. 1 shot through side of turret? Ammo rack damaged.

    And because everyone instantly loads gold as soon as they see you the fact that you have thick armour instantly means bugger all

  4. S842 says:

    While I had no problem logging onto the test server when it first opened for 9.15, after the update I have not been able to log in as it just keeps saying “connecting” but never does. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  5. Anonymous says:

    yay….nerfing the japanese heavies that dont need a nerf… how about you nerf the ones that ACTUALLY need it… aka the tier V and VI heavies..

    1. Anonymous says:

      Aside from the change in terrain resistance on the Type 4, everything here reads like a slight buff.

      Type 4: increase of top speed while moving forwards (not sure how the terrain resistance will negate that), faster rate of fire.

      Type 5: Faster rate of fire, reduced dispersion from moving the tank, increased overall Health, faster turret traverse and increased turret health…..

      What nerf?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Meant to say if, not how. I fail at proof reading sometimes. Terrain resistance is one of those things I really didn’t focus on when I was playing so I never looked up it’s mechanics.

    2. 1. This is a buff.
      2. They already nerfed the tier 5 and 6 in the first iteration of the test.
      3. The tier 5 and 6 barely needed nerfing. The brains of the utter fucktards that try to fight them needs buffing. They had weaknesses that are very easy to export but everyone is too fucking stupid to use them. Same as WT E100, let it reload clip and sit sideways on then cry about op tank. Fucking morons.
      4. Learn to read.

      1. Shame that ‘fucktards’ exist in the world and are only too common. Unlike ‘common sense’ and basic intelligence.

    3. Teknokraatti says:

      Lolwut? Both O-Is got nerfed pretty hard, the T3 and T4 Japanese heavies got fairly big buffs and these buffs to the T9 and 10 are getting a not insignificant buff.

      L2Read pls

  6. Ares says:

    And no buff to Mause, fake tanks can get buff, what a joke. Fake tanks with fake speed limit, Mause cant have bigger speed, same goes to T95…fuck wg.

    1. Maus could have only ever hit 13km/h, 20km/h was the estimated speed. T95 could only hit 13km/h and, either under certain circumstances or once again estimated, 18km/h. But T95 also has the unhistorical 120mm and 155mm guns on it…

  7. Ares says:

    IS 3 has 520 engine in real life, and DT 25 T….Mause armor is weakers then is in reality, why behind front plate, side plate dont cunt as armor….no collision model. Why DPM of Mause is so weak? Two loader, and cant load faster then IS 7 …cuz reasons…

    Mause is real tank, Type 5 is pure WG fake, and they still buff it. And Mause is uber ok, on random so popular, I dont think so…

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      How many Type 5s do you see on the battlefield?

      Yeah, not many more than you see Maus. Besides, Maus got a gun stability and aiming time buff a while ago. It currently has the best turret traverse dispersion of any tank in the game (0,06). However, the problem is that Maus is chronically unpleasant tank to drive. It is extremely slow and it’s armour, while quite easy to angle, relies on thickness. It won’t be very popular unless it is extremely OP and even then unicum players wouldn’t like it because it would still have problems moving around.

      The problem is, Maus is already partially buffed over it’s real limitations. For example it has engine that is stronger than the real world counterpart by 500HP and as already mentioned, can exceed 13km/h. Furthermore, Maus has extremely high ground pressure, so it should have very poor terrain resistance stats. It doesn’t.

      DPM is nothing but a balance parameter. The game would be completely broken if tanks had their historical rate of fire.

      1. Ares says:

        How many obj 268 do you see in the battlefield ?

        Mause has very good gun stats cuz he need to angle turret, vs most tank he see. Mause strong point, armor on turret, is badly moddeled. All Mause need, is second zone of 450 mm armor on turret, near cheeks, where behind frontal plate, is massive 21 cm side plate.

        To Mause be good, WG NEED to add exp and credtis for bouncing shoots. Right now, its no point, cuz gun on Mause, has good soft stats, but is in acc, and shoot way to slow, to use it. U make credtis from making dmg.

        Mause have non historical engine, look at AMX 120, he had in real life 850, in game he has for no good reasons 1000 HP engine, same IS 3. IS 4 is over gunned, Ferdi is, ISU is, etc

        Type is very heavy tank, 150 tons, second to Mause, and he is way more mobile, with only 1200 engine >? how stupid it this, what kind of pressure he is doing. He should have as poor terrain resistance stats as Mause, and Type 4 same.

        DPM is broken on some tiers, look on obj 430, over 3k. Tier to tier IS 3 for his big alpa dmg, has very good dpm, and FV 215, with his stats, have over 500 more dpm then Mause. Right now Mause cant do much, cuz gun is meh, and he dont get anything, for taking dmg. Same goes for all heavily armored tanks.

  8. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

    Now all the Type 5 needs is spaced armor (on the front hull and shoulders), stronger turret cheeks and cupola.

      1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        Jesus Christ, I can barely understand your English. Luckily context allows me to decipher it. To answer your question why, it’s because of gold. HEAT rounds cut through the front, which ruins the tank. The turret is weaker. Turret cheeks are only 210mm thick and the cupola gets penned easily. The whole purpose of the tank is to push the frontlines.

  9. Stinky Swiss cheese says:

    Oh yes, My beloved type 4 ( 550 games, 58% winrate) got a big Buff…. Now only those shoulders…..

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      I only have my Type 5 but now the devs decide to buff them… I remember when I struggled to get to places because of the damned Type 4’s 20kmh speed limit. Well, at least now I have a faster reload. Wish I had the public test RoF (3.96) but any improvement is more welcome than none.

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