9.15 Test Server #2


just to tell you that the second 9.15 Test Server iteration is live and ready to be downloaded.

Size: 45.0 MB

Made by MarM
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9.15 Test Server #2

45 thoughts on “9.15 Test Server #2

  1. Sqilquich says:

    Tonk is new tonk, tonk killed by police station and take care of the individual sender except where you want to see if I could have been working on the phone number and email address.

  2. frantinus says:

    can somebody help me? Click on “Battle” button, 10 seconds and after loading crash to windows without any error message….can’t even sign in/choose server

  3. romavitcor12 says:

    WG seriously pissing me off

    “Oh check out test server, it helps development it’s really important”
    Test server never works!

    1. Kauris says:

      Test server often works. Maybe it’s just you. This is another reason why you should try. that way your unique problem(or not, it might not be unique) is fixed.

      It’s the whole POINT.

  4. Still love that you have yet to comment on the extreme nerfing armored warfare pulled in patch 0.15. Seems like you are paid by them to not talk about it.
    Might want to follow the forums more, the backlash is being felt from hundreds of people

    1. That’s bullshit. I haven’t been writing about them at all, because I havent been happy with the game. I even told their senior producer about that. AW just now unlocked me the tier 10’s, already patched and will be taking a closer look to it, Ive been reading the forums but I also like to take my own conclusions.

      1. Well with the critically small player base on NA, and the small EU player base, they do love shooting away players instead of bringing them in, eh? They “fixed” something that wasn’t broken and did so last second so much so that moderators in the forum called it a bug. Nobody knew about it.
        Oh, and also this Andrew Rowe guy implied the player base is moronic in the post about said “fix” and pissed off even more of the paying player base. My clan of forty has stopped playing and paying, that’s forty wallets welded shut because they pissed us off. This may have been the final nail in the coffin for AW NA and possibly put AW EU on life support.

      2. ljpunksdad says:

        I could tell by AW not being on status report you must not have been too happy, I am with you on not being happy about AW, I stopped playing a little over a month ago. I will revisit it once they work more kinks out, but in its current state and with the changes WOT made I decided WOT was the game I wanted to play. I do check the AW website a bit and think they are copying WG a bit with their new changes, which I think hurts them.

      3. And you know what? Tell jingles to make a video about it, he has such a large following he would be able to get OE to roll back that part of the patch, the mighty jingleru can save the game!

    2. Patata Caliente says:

      Shame about Armored Warfare – I really wanted to like the game, being p… off with Wargaming and all – but for all the good ideas they had the game never managed to excite me the way WoT did (and sometimes still does). I could not really point a finger at what it really was that seemed to miss to make the game enjoyable, but it seemed to lack fun … and the straight series of ten defeats I had before I quite certainly did not help.

      Shame. Might give it another try at some point, but for now I guess I will stick to WoT. Such a well-balanced, bug-free, immaculately designed game, that. Not to mention the community – nothing but love and understanding all day XD

  5. If you have updated and cant log in now:
    Delete the content in your Update Folder in your instalation path.
    Select the server you want to log in when you are in the login screen. Dont log in on setting auto.

    1. Damn. Wish I had seen this yesterday. Downloaded the new patch, was all sets to play last night and . . . .spinning login graphic o’ death.

      Thank you though for this Jens!

  6. not sure whats going on… but I cannot get into game.

    After logging in my account, im going to the ‘connecting…’ process infinitely It still happening right now since around 10 hours i last tried logging in…

    anyone got a solution?

  7. tankerjjjjs_girl says:

    i cant seem to log in i made a account today it says my password or email is incorrect i made sure it wasnt i logged into the live server just fine but it wont let me play the test server

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