9.15 Test Server Active


just to warn you that 9.15 Test server is already active.


Note: Is strongly suggested that you have your GPU drivers upgraded before playing it.

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9.15 Test Server Active

21 thoughts on “9.15 Test Server Active

  1. Ares says:

    Buff for 88 L\56 on tier 7 wont change a bit. With no gold ammo buff for VK db he will be useless on tier 9, 171 APCR pen is way to low for tier 7 tank. JP IV and Flak bus will love it, but VK need better gold.

    And armor test is useless, way too much gold on test server, but run fine.

    1. You have to be really, really stupid tu use short 88 on Tier7 tank. Even on Tier6 it was way too underperforming (hence the buff).
      75mm gun on the other hand and 194mm prem pen is more than enough to do well with VK even against Tier9 tanks.

  2. Hope for Grille15 review videos soon. I’ll have to try this piece of crap to see if it really is as bad as its stats suggest or if it has a hidden power somewhere (but it’s not a russian tank so I expect this thing to single handedly nerf the whole WT grind because it wont be worth it anymore).

    1. Anonymous says:

      I still wonder about it’s camo. But all in all, It’s just another copy-paste of RHM, just like wtfpz4.

      IMHO that autoloader (wtf100) was fine, They should just give it 1000 hitpoints less and drop view range to 350 or something. So that it cannot solo you from 400+ meters.
      The only problem I had against this thing was that no autoloader could kill it in one drum, and it took minutes to kill it without autoloader. It should be glass cannon. Huge turret weakspot doesnt matter if you still have to fire 6 times to kill it.
      Yes, it was OP, but they replaced it with “just another boring generic copy-paste tank”

      1. Well it is worse than both RHM and WT4. It doesnt have a turret remember ?
        Also same pen as tier 9, and dpm will be worse probably. Tier for tier, everything below it is better exept maybe Sturer Emil.

  3. “Ability to use modern Graphics API (DX11), it is recommended to update the video card drivers.”

    Well I don’t see any graphic change (I run the game at max settings 1440p), so I guess they updated the engine in pro to develop the graphic further in the future.

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