9.15 VS 9.15.1 Minimap comparison


in this video you can see the minimap comparison between 9.15 and 9.15.1:

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9.15 VS 9.15.1 Minimap comparison

16 thoughts on “9.15 VS 9.15.1 Minimap comparison

  1. hmm…i suppose this is an improvement but maybe when i can hear it in English translation i’ll it will make more sense. For me, kind of irrelevant since i use the HD map mod included in Aslain’s modpac that also lets me expand the map to a rather large side.

    Ok but, really the game needs other work than this.

  2. S842 says:

    The new mini-maps will be more helpful. By reducing shadows and greenery, you can more easily see how to negotiate the map because you can see city streets better. Plus, on open maps, the topography in clearer so, for example, you can see non-negotiable cliffs better. In short, the clutter has been removed so that you can more clearly and easily plan your way through the map.

    1. EndlessWaves says:

      The trees and greenery are still there, they’ve just removed all the shadows. Presumably in an effort to make it easier to know the exact position of enemies at a glance. It certainly doesn’t help with learning a new map as the lack of shadows means you can’t tell the height of different areas of ground or buildings.

  3. sturmi0545 says:

    Awesome! From now on, every new update will have vehicle AND minimaps graphics improved! who needs actual content? 😛

    1. S842 says:

      I think that the mini-map is much more than a minor, cosmetic, part of the game. I am watching the mini-map constantly and making decisions based on it throughout the battle. Not using the mini-map is like fighting with your eyes closed. So, changes to make it more understandable are very important IMO.

  4. still_guns says:

    I thought this was a comparison between the current maps and the really old ones from 2011. But no, WG is ruining the minimaps. GG WG. GG

  5. The Bricktop says:

    Hey guys, kinda off top.
    Am I the only one getting terrible framerate in 9.15.1 CT garage?
    Once I get into battle it’s all ok.
    I know they rewritten interface, bit of afraid the performance will stay like that when update goes live.

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