9.15 WG EU Q&A


the WG EU 9.15 Q&A is finally ready and like I said before, many of you seem to not have read the part in [/b] where I said to maintain the Qs 9.15 related but I still tried to put as much questions as possible that WG would probably not have a problem answering. Nevertheless, all of your questions were very good and I will try to get them answered by another party.

Big thanks to Ph3lan for receiving/sending the questions and to MrConway for spending the time to answer them during livestream and to you -readers- for providing the Qs.


  • The answers came from Minsk and WG EU specialist (thanks to them as well).
  • Some grammar between questions may vary, when I gather your questions I will simply copy paste so the staff gets things as raw and unaltered as possible.


Were we go:


-Is the more detailed tank characteristics interface in 9.15 the next step of implementing popular mods into the game? If yes, what else can we expect in this regard, what mods would you like to build into the vanilla client in the future?

-We are going to keep adding features known from useful and good mods in future updates.

-Thank you WG for implementing mods into the core game! What other mods are likely to be added to the core gameplay? What ones are being considered?

-I cant name any specific at the moment but we are planning to implement a couple more popular ones but final decisions of exactly which ones havent been made yet. the team will look at feedback and the consider which ones to add. They already got most of the gameplay-wise mods in-game so now is all about adding those who will give “quality of life”.
-Why didn’t you include terrain resistance on the stats list?

-Interesting idea, we will think about it.

-The filter is good, adding a search by vehicle name would be nice too, why didn’t you thought about that?

-Good idea, we’ll consider.

-Mods have enhanced the game for most players, but they have also been used to provide an unfair advantage for some. What is the current status of your efforts to support the modding community while cracking down on unfair mods (aim bots, reload timers, terrain damage indicators, At al)?

-WG has been working on an anti-cheat system but is far from ready. We need to wait.

-Are things like damage dealt and damage received/blocked planed or is this something you don’t want in the vanilla.

– Available in game client go to Service Record. (also: We are going to keep adding features known from useful and good mods in future updates)

-Currently, I use xvm to show a multi-row carousel and also winrate, marks of excellence percentage rating, battle tiers I may see, and mastery badges earned. What, if any, of these features will be included in 9.15? Are any further carousel improvements under consideration for future patches?

– Filters updated. Other carousel features are being looked into.

Grille 15

-Why does grille 15 has only 50/50 gun traverse while the pz4/rhm has 360

-We can give you 2 answers, one reason is because its historical however the historical information on this tank is very limited another is due to balance reasons, specifically to make it a little bit more challenging.

-Any chance the Grille 15 will get APCR instead of HEAT as its premium round? Both the WTE and the Waffle Pz IV have APCR as their premium rounds, and HEAT doesn’t make sense with the Grille’s sniper gun and role.

– We don’t have plans like that at the moment.

-What will happen with the (premium) ammo, the camo, the crew skills from the WT auf E100 when the Grille 15 is introduced?

-With every vehicle replacement we follow the same procedure (demounting equipment, retraining crew to new vehicle etc). Crew skills will remain the same.

-The Grille 15 is constantly nerfed during the supertest (maybe a little too much), will there be an aiming buff?

-Vehicle is being tested on Public Test, so some changes are still possible for the release. Even after that we are going to monitor performance of the tank in battles and make necessary adjustments.

-WG has set out to replace several tanks recently, for example the WTe100 with the Grille 15, and a lot of players are unhappy with getting a tank they spent a lot of time, effort (and sometimes money) grinding towards replaced with something the potential do not want. Many feel the switch is unfair. In these cases don’t you think providing the option to receive a full ‘cash out’ value instead of the new tank should be provided? Something like the player receives back the full silver amount (not a fraction of the purchase price), modules are returned to the garage, and the crew becomes ‘nation-free’ like the female reward crew allow the player to reassign them with their current skill level to any tank of any nation.

-No, we don’t have anything like this planned.

-Will there be a skill reset for wt-e100 to Grille 15 transfer, since the tanks are much different?

-RG: No, your crew skill percentages will be maintained.


Personal Missions

-Are there any planned personal mission for the summer? if so will we still be able to get the other old tanks in same time as the upcoming one? (like do we have to get the obj before trying to get the next upcoming tanks?)

-We cant talk about this yet.



-What is the change of getting Fisherman’s Bay repaired in 9.15? Or at least disabling it so players won’t crash ?

-If you have any problems with Fisherman’s Bay please send a ticket to our Support so we can investigate and fix.

RG: We were also told that the Dev Team wasn’t aware of the Fisherman Bay’s issues which is very odd because they said they were aware of it not long ago. Just send more info to support I guess.  See also. 

-A few weeks ago I posted information that WG wanted to bring back to the company a guy who was pretty much the lead of the map department and the most important, he is actually good on what he does. In various instances/conversations I had with staff I’ve been told that WG is very well aware that their map makers are “bad to put it mildly”, some of the RU guys used far more colourful ways to describe their opinion on the matter actually which I don’t even deem acceptable to type here.  🙂

MrConway has confirmed it. The guy is back and “hopefully we are getting more maps” but not only that, Storm has also said recently that the team wants to improve the quality as well.

Note: So far the information if we will have more or less maps is very contradictory, one half says we most likely will have less, the other half that “hopefully we will get more”, I will try to speak with someone to clear this up.


– Rita, If you could, ask someone about the future of physics, will there be a way for us to right our tanks after flipping that does not require team assist? (such as pressing “7” for an ARV Assist that rights your tank if you do not get shot within 5 seconds… I say “7” because it could be a rechargeable mechanic like the repair kits in WoWS) of course the ARV doesn’t have to be modelled, but I, and others want to know if WG has something like that planned, because they already stated with VIP Escort that random teams can’t be counted on to team play, and flipping an ally counts as team play… we understand if they don’t want to make a tow cable like in WT because of basically copying a rival game, but even then the tow cable requires your team to help you, and it’s not your teams job to help you when your tank flips…

-No, we don’t have any plans at the moment.

RG: In other Q&As they said maybe/very possible it will come however.


-When rolled over, why is the crew (almost) not harmed and is there no damage on modules?

-This is due to gameplay balance. We don’t want to punish players too hard for it.


-With the 9.15 change to gravity of tanks, will we not be able anymore to access different areas of the map?

-Due to balancing issues we close some parts of maps which give clear advantage. And we will continue to do so in future updates if we find such places.



-What kind of impact will the improvements of the new sounds have on the gameplay in 9.15? What will the average player notice of them? 

-Sounds changes (compared to 9.14) are described in detail in on our portal: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/ver915/ 

-Will it in the future be possible to disable certain sounds? For instance the sound when you get spotted or the sounds of modules being damaged cause I find some of those sounds quite annoying.

-We have put the request in to make it possible.



-What will you do with the tanks that are utterly garbage /forgotten and powercreeped( I think that is the word for tanks that have been forgotten and not buffed to the current meta game)

-There is a long list of things that are being rebalanced in 9.15 and that is just the beginning (RG: Global Balance wink wink) and ideally we would enjoy to get to a place where every tank is playable and competitive. You can expect obsolete Premium tanks to be rebalanced but it will take some time.
-Will you add td mode to arties? (I mean normal zoom with scroll wheel) I think this will be very useful for reducing the shots from the sky even if arties have no depression at all.

-Giving artillery the opportunity and easier way to one-shot people at close range when they are being hunted down at the end of the game is not what we want. I very much doubt it would ever happen.

-Any news about Chieftain Mk. 6 aka why was it pulled?

-Unfortunately they (Minsk) didn’t answer that question.
Will the T110 E5 nerfed in 9.15?


RG: MrConway also said the team is currently looking at statistics and will decide later on if they will give a nerf.

-How come the 112 gets such a minor change? The IS6 was already better than the 112 before it got a significant buff. The price change does nothing for balance and the price I payed a long time ago.

-112 has a different role to play in the battlefield from IS-6, it’s better armored, but weak point of it were fuel tanks. That’s what we fixed.

-RG: Changes on 112 can be found here.

-What will happen to those who bought the 112 for its original price? Will we get a refund, or will we receive the difference between the two prices?

-No compensation is planned as this tank will be excluded from sales in 9.15.

MrConway also confirmed that the 112 will be removed from sale. Those who have it will keep it and those who don’t, tough luck. (RG: The removal is being made due to special MM and the fact that the vehicle isn’t very popular among the masses.)
-Why consistently nerf British turrets to render tank irrelevant:

  • Black prince, once sidescrape master, now just a big hp pool to farm
  • Caernavon, used to do well in hull down if kept somewhat mobile, now pure punching bag as it has a medium gun without the armor
  • And now Centurion, removing its only upside

-The nerfs weren’t intentional, is just happened when vehicles were passed into HD because WG tried to make them more accurate/historical. However, the team is still going to see the statistics and see if the tanks need to become rebalanced. (Stream answer)

-Was the centurion 1 turret nerf intentional? and if so, why didn’t they buff any other parameter of the tank in compensation?

-Just like with previous HD remakes (IS-6, T34) we will see how changes affect tank performance and made necessary changes. We didn’t intend to neft tank, it’s only more detailed model. (Written answer)

-What happened to the T54 light changes? were they pulled or not?

-No, we’re not going to change it. Leaving it as it is.

-What are you(WG) going to do to balance the Japanese heavies? The T3 and T4 need buffs. The T5-T8 need nerfs. And the T9 and T10 are the worst in class. What will change?

-Some Japanese Heavies are already rebalanced in 9.15. Not decided yet for Japanese top-tiers.

-Do they think to re-classify T22 sr. as a heavy tank? since it is more suitable for that after “rebalancing”.




-When we can expect first Polish tank: B.B.T.Br.Panc.?

-Its a Premium Tank, is sort of modellish/readish but when its coming, no idea.

-Any other info you can give?

-Unfortunately no.



-What plans do WG have to encourage more lower clans to participate in clan events that would not be dominated by the usual suspects.

-I didn’t really got any answer to that but people need to understand that if you have any clan oriented events, the best clans will always be present and always be on top. We do try to diversify but CW is the pinnacle of competitive gameplay in WoT.

-In the next patch fail platoon will be receiving -50% XP from the battles. Why allow it at all? People playing these fail platoons don’t care and don’t care if they screw the team they land on. Why not prevent it outright with hard-coded tier enforcement?

-Soon we will publish an article where we explain penalties and bonuses for playing in platoon in detail. In the future we might restrict going into the battle with incompatible vehicles. These are the first steps.

MrConway also said that option is not out of the table but first the team wants to gather feedback and see if this XP penalty is enough to fix the problem.



-Can you share some details about the improvements of the game’s engine in 9.15? Namely dual-core support, stability, HDD-usage and such.

-Improved performance on mid- and high-end machines; new engine can utilize power of modern PCs better (for example, graphics card that support DX11).

-Will the penetration value for the APCR ammo of the 88/L56 guns be buffed in 9.15, too? Right now, only the regular ammo penetration has been buffed to 145mm. But APCR ammo with only 171mm is still to weak for tier 8 battles in a tier 6 tank.

-It’s enough for tier 6 tank, especially heavy.

-What is your plan in terms of keeping players interested in logging in to the game every day? like NA last year had the month-long event where if you played the game and logged in enough during that time period you had the chance to get a free premium by beating the missions. will this ever be a thing on EU?

-One of our main goals when we give missions is to get people to log in everyday and play. We are already have events that are giving personal reserves (before it was gold but we changed for personal reserves and players been happy) but if you have a good idea please let us know.

-Are you happy with the current state of the Game? If not, what would you change?

-“I would rebalance artillery or remove it. My personal answer, absolutely, I hate arty with an absolute passion (…) I hate when I have a great game, do everything well and then RNG kills me.”

-Do you have any details you can share about the upcoming global balance changes?

-No details, I’m sorry.

-It’s possible, during the 30 second queue before the battle, to add a routine that analyze both teams and switch some players from one team to the other on the same tier, balancing the overall skills and giving us a long life battle?

-Its technically possible but I don’t see us doing that.

RG: This is something that if ever got applied in-game you only would see it by 2017-2018ish because the company is already focused in many other matters.

-Can we switch between the DX9 and DX11 renderer in the ingame settings or is it straight DX11 in HD Client?

-Short answer: No.
-Long answer: The improved DX11 renderer will automatically turn on for the video cards that support it. If your video card does not support DX11, the DX9 renderer will be used instead. The difference in renderers does not affect the game settings.


-WG NA is planning to emulate WG EU community contributor system.


I hope you enjoyed it, WGEU and I have planned to do this every patch if you do.

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