9.16 Armor changes by “TheMostComfortableTanker”


TheMostComfortableTanker” , despite not playing WoT anymore, is back with one more armor change article for you:

-He deserves a big thank you. 🙂

“Through my benevolence, I have made a 9.16 armor change thing despite no longer playing the game.  Once again, tweaked the format a little.  I’ve split the changes for each tank into nerfs, buffs, and neutral changes.  Sometimes, a tank may only have buffs and a neutral change or whatever, but I’m sure you’re all smart enough to figure out what is what.  If you’re not, then that’s on you and I don’t love you.


Frontal hull roof slope is 6mm (-2mm)

Lower sloped front plate is 19mm (+7mm)
Most of the tank’s all around armor is 14mm (+2mm)

Verdict: Now the hull roof is easily x3 overmatch by 20mm spam, but the rest of the hull is no longer x3 overmatched by 37mm and 2pdr guns. I think I’d call it a buff.

Pz I Ausf C

Spaced armor strip on hull in front of turret is 5mm (-15mm)

0 armor hole behind the mantlet to the side of the gun removed
Spare tracks cover most of the upper rear hull (+5mm)
Cupola is much shorter
Nubs connecting the hull to suspension removed

Verdict: A buff, but nothing you’ll notice.


Pz III Ausf E (Was Pz III Ausf A)

Top turret cupola is 10-30mm (-15mm and -20mm respectively)

Hull roof is 16mm (+6mm)
Hull front and side are 30mm (+16mm)
Hull rear is 20mm (+6mm)
No zero armor holes behind mantlet.

Verdict: Easily a buff since you won’t have your armor getting x3 overmatched anymore. The turret front is reliable against lower pen guns now too.



60mm spaced armor strips in front of turret are finally modeled
Cupola is much shorter
Hull roof is 25mm (+5mm)

Verdict: The turret is going to be a bit more nice for certain.

Pz B2

Turret ring is 60mm now (+15mm)
Spare tracks on hull front (+10mm)
Side of hull cannon mount is 60mm (+15mm)
No zero armor hole behind turret MG

Verdict: Really only got better. Spare tracks on the front hull and the turret ring no longer being a giant weakspot are both nice.


Hull rear is 20mm (-20mm)
Upper hull side is 30mm (-30mm)
Hull and turret roof is 10mm (-10mm)
Angled corners at turret front are 30mm (-15mm)

Spaced armor over most of hull side, turret side, and turret rear (+5mm)
Cupola is 95mm, with small 30mm sections (+45mm)
UFP is 80mm (+20mm)
Much smaller 0 armor hole behind mantlet
Hull machine gun no longer in hitbox
Very small turret ring added (80mm)

Verdict: Healthy buff. The hull side nerf at first looks like a bad deal, but I don’t think this will matter much. 60mm at tier 5 doesn’t bunch much either outside of ricochets, so the only new real weakness is 105mm HE derps. However, most of the hull side and turret is covered with spaced armor, so it ends up actually being harder to derp. Hull rear now is sadly x3 overmatched by guns bigger than a 57mm too.

80mm UFP means the armor went from being penned 100% of the time head-on by its own gun to only a little over a 50% chance to do so. Most tier 5 mediums won’t get through reliably.


Lower strip of cupola is 30mm (-65mm)

Turret spaced armor doors are now closed.
Spare tracks at the rear of the hull side (+15mm)
0 armor hole behind mantlet is much smaller

Verdict: A little better, but nothing you’ll notice. The thing is OP as heck now anyways.

VK 30.02 M

Edges of mantlet are 100mm as well (+75mm)
Turret armor behind mantlet is 100mm (+50mm)

Verdict: Turret will get a few more troll bounces.

T2 light

Small cylinder at hull rear removed
0 armor holes behind mantlet removed

Verdict: Basically nothing.


Hull MG no longer thinner than UFP
Spare tracks on front and side hull (+10mm)
Hatch roofs on front hull are 25.4 (+0.4mm)
64mm part on turret front removed
50mm part on turret front is smaller
0 armor hole behind mantlet is much smaller

Verdict: Tank will be a little bit tougher, but probably won’t be noticed much. I point out the 0.4mm buff because that stops a 76mm gun from getting a x3 overmatch while 25mm does not.


Turret slope above gun is 10mm (-5mm)
Engine deck is 6m (-1mm)

Front hull roof slope is 10mm (+3mm)

Verdict: Still no armor, but now the turret is more likely to get x3 overmatched by 37mm guns.

Matilda IV

Turret is so ugly I may want to stop playing it for good
Flat parts on turret front appear to be larger
Cupola looks a little taller

Armor behind mantlet is 75mm (+28mm)
Smaller 0 armor hole behind mantlet

Hull shape changed to match Matilda II

Verdict: I want to puke. Hull change is good or bad, depending on how you look at it. I don’t know how well it works on the Matilda II. Turret was nerfed

KV-220-2 Beta

Look at a normal KV-220-2


Some hull side is now extends over the tracks
Turret part on mantlet is 60mm (-15mm)
LFP is now a 37° and 57° plate (was 54°)

Flat area between UFP and LFP removed
Armor behind mantlet is 75mm (+15mm)
0 armor hole behind mantlet is smaller

Verdict: A mix of small buffs and nerfs. I consider the LFP changes a nerf since the 37° part is the upper half of that area now, including where that old flat area was.


0 armor zone added in gap of gun shield

Hull roof is 40mm (+10mm)
Hull UFP and middle slope are 75mm (+25mm)
Support bars on front hull under gun are 60mm (+30mm)

Verdict: Over are the days of not killing an S-51 from having your shell go between the gun shield and gun

FCM 36 PaK 40

Front hull slope is 25mm (-15mm)
UFP/LFP are 21°/19° (-8°/-15°)
Lower rear hull is 20mm (-20mm, +8mm)

Driver hatch is 40mm (+5mm)
Side skirts on suspension are spaced armor and not hull armor (+8mm, +20mm)
Added a very sloped area connecting LFP to floor
Rear of superstructure is 20mm (+10mm)
Spare tracks on superstructure side add 5mm

Verdict:  Still barely any armor, but that chunk of spaced armor not being hull armor anymore is nice for certain.

AMX 50 Foch

See AMX 50 155. Still adding a screencap though

Crusader 5.5″

Hull rear is 28mm (+14mm, in front of gun)
6mm spade at hull front (behind gun)

Verdict: What armor?


Gun and mantlet hitbox changed
Hull cannon mount removed from hitbox

Verdict: Basically nothing


130mm covers less of turret side (-30mm)
Side hull slope to hull floor is 49° (-6°)

Armor behind mantlet is 240mm (+90mm)
Flat parts are turret front are thicker (+60mm, +35mm)
Mantlet is 250mm (+10mm)
Flat bits above and below mantlet removed
Turret roof is 55mm (+30mm)
Upper section of turret rear is 100mm (+40mm)
LFP is 140mm (+60mm)
Upper hull side is 120mm (+40mm)
Hull side behind spaced armor and tracks is 100mm (+20mm)
Shape of hull behind spaced side armor matches 113 (Not IS-3 BS)
Front hull shoulder behind spaced armor is 230mm
Side hull slope to hull floor is 60mm (+10mm)
Cupola slope increased by 5°-10°

Verdict: Why can’t I hold all these buffs? WZ-111 is feeling very sad now.


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