9.16 Date plans


small update, 9.16 is planned to come around August.


That’s all.

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9.16 Date plans

23 thoughts on “9.16 Date plans

    1. repofox says:

      Yeah. I honestly preferred those monthly-ish updates.
      For having new update fairly often kept me playing just because the curiousity of the new content.
      Now if the new updates comes only after 3 months, just makes me bored of the game.

      It also means that if 9.16 has only the swedish premium, the rest of the swedish tree will come only at November. That is just far too long. I will be playing Battlefield 1 instead.

      1. repofox, it’s good, that you are the only one like that. It was quite a pain in the ass to update all the mods every month and wait for WG to fix their screw-ups after rushing those patches to Live servers all the time up until now. It is far more reasonable to wait a bit longer.

      2. repofox says:

        Im pretty sure I am definitely not the one thinking this way.

        Then it would be good only if the updates would have way more content due to the longer development time, but seems like it will have same amount of content like before. So. for me it is just useless waiting between updates.

    2. Klimax says:

      A lot of players complained about outcomes of monthly patching, so WG promised to slow down. And it gives some time to do wider testing.

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