9.16 Miscellaneous


just some random bits that will be changed in the next patch:


Mostly just visual changes but the “welsh” you see written on the left is the in-game menu (for reports/mute player, etc).

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9.16 Miscellaneous

18 thoughts on “9.16 Miscellaneous

    1. From the looks of it it’s a compilation of UI changes?

      something to do with friends/blocked list
      Something in regards to premium time and premium shop
      Notification system change?
      Damage log

      1. They seem to be implementing another set of long-standing functions that were in XVM, like they already have with mini-map tank info and spotting circles.

  1. Mallare says:

    Stuff on the left is about maintaining a black list and sending a complaint, stuff on the right is about premium time and something called a ‘premium magazine’

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Right, confident enough to start making fun of the welsh are we after a while in the UK?
    You have settled in haven’t you – but you young lady are off the Christmas card list.

    1. Tim Hall says:

      BTW you should organise a pub crawl up North (Manchester please) next time you are around… great idea, even if I say so myself.

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