9.16 Patch Downtime


9.16 is coming slightly later than expected, these are the times:



-Wednesday October 5th, 2016 for the release of Update 9.16

-Maintenance will begin 1:00AM PDT (08:00 UTC) and will last approximately five (5) hours.


-The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on the 05/10/2016 from 03:00 to 08:00 CEST.


-God knows.

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9.16 Patch Downtime

15 thoughts on “9.16 Patch Downtime

    1. SEA_survivor says:

      Yep, the server where time stands still.

      We’re not even trusted to have a “save password” option on our client and it would “be too difficult to add this to the client” according to Tanitha some months ago…And they can’t even provide a separate file, either…we’re reliant on someone creating a mod to allow functionality that is default on every other server.

      At least SEA WoWS has semi-competent management…AFAIK, the patches are released fairly close to other servers and the management trust the user to be allowed a “save password” option.

      Actually, thinking about it, maybe the reason it takes so long for SEA to get the patches is dev time for the removal of a feature many actually want left in the client.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        according to the WG guy i asked, theyremoved the PWbox (it was there during OBT and early launch days) because SEA has a lot of netcafes, and imagine if someone forgot to untick them….basically, there was a lotta complaints regarding that kinda stuff, so they remove PW box. at least there’s a mod for it now.

        he also said that once WOWS gets around as much ppl as WOT, they might have to consider removing the pw box in there too

        IMHO the reason why there’s no ETA recently is because of the localization team. now that JP is included in ASIA cluster, the small SEA team has one more lang to localize, and japanese isn’t easy…i think WG should expand the SEA office, if the population keeps growing

  1. Muhamad Adhi says:

    So, what the story of the those T-54s?

    And about SEA, yeah.
    I can understand a bit with no password thing, internet cafe and all. But other services do kind of lacking.

    1. SEA_survivor says:

      Internet cafe version doesn’t explain the outright refusal to even offer a way to download the required file at the time the patch is released…Instead forcing those who do NOT use an internet cafe to have to wait for a mod/modify files to bypass this “feature”.

      And really, who would be stupid enough to tick the “save password” box when playing in an internet cafe anyway…oops, forgot what the “average” SEA player is like.

  2. redthehunter says:

    I really want to make it my life goal to infiltrate into the SEA office and become a inside contact… but they are not recruiting, sad.

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