9.16 Release Date

Quick update, if all goes well, the patch should release on October 4th.


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9.16 Release Date

21 thoughts on “9.16 Release Date

      1. SEA_survivor says:

        Normally I would have expected Christmas, but WG SEA don’t “celebrate” this (Like they completely ignored ANZAC day, with no event, nor even a reference to it on the site)…But they DO have a “mid Autumn” event at the very start of Spring, and have “Chinese New Year” events.

        It’s almost like they favour certain areas of the server coverage area and are actively working to alienate everyone else.

        Then again, the event to honour the centenary of the first tank going into action was postponed for the SEA server to allow the “Mid Autumn” event to run because “each server can run events when they like”, as though it was the same as a “x5” or “discount X% on Y item(s)”.

    1. update delay on a server usually only occurs when there is currently a competition on going server wide. there was a time when ASIA server got the update patch before NA and EU for a week, iirc, because there was an event on both those servers. – ASIA server player here

      1. The first swedish premium medium he means, if you have any gold from tournaments or tankrewards.com you should be able to buy the first premium autoloader, just how wg did it with any tech tree, first the premiums, then then the tree, then the subsequent buff to premium tanks

  1. Steve SEA says:

    I will expect we will get it at least 1 to 2 weeks late as always on SEA. Its amazing how the buffalo that runs SEA even keeps his job. the only good thing is that at least all the mod packs are updated by the time we get the patch.

  2. Looking forward to not needing mods anymore after two years of world of tanks, can’t wait to use the new broken hit marker mechanics to blindfire everyone. Possibly the best way to indirectly nerf the E25 and other camping tanks while solving the problem of being shot by invisble tanks. Good job wargaming you slow ass vodka peddlers.

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