9.16 Sound Update

Good day everybody,

Following the switch to the Audiokinetic Wwise platform in 9.14, Wargaming has been continuing work on the sound system, including interface and new sounds.



Sound settings are made to become more visually clear, with new sliders for “Voice Notifications” and seperation between In Battle Music and Garage Music.


Caliber Range

A wider variety has been added to the caliber sound range. There are now sounds for five calibers (instead of three) used in Tier 8-10 battles. These sounds can sampled here.


Guns and Damage

New sounds have been added to provide the player with additional info. These include gun sounds for the number of shells in a cartridge, last shell in a cartridge, and when the player is out of ammo.

Additional sounds have been added for damaged engines and other modules.

Night Mode


A single button on the interface allows you to adjust the master volume. This loers the loudest sounds and general levels to loer frequencies.

Battle End

New sound notifications added for when the last enemy is destroyed or when a base is captured.

New Sounds for Sixth Sense


You can now choose between two sounds for the Sixth Sense perk. There is also a third option to use a custome MP3 file.

Garage Music

New non-recurrent music added to the Premium Garage.



A rework to the “Low Quality” preset. Now reduces the number of simultaniously played sounds and removes the quietest ones, as opposed to switching Wwise to its low quality mode as before.


These sounds can be sampled at WGs main page.



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9.16 Sound Update

15 thoughts on “9.16 Sound Update

    1. Probably a better point than you taking the time to comment to say what everyone knows and nobody cares abour because it has been said almost every single time it happens and answered aswell.

      1. eidoss843 says:

        It takes me 10 seconds to comment so it’s not llike i’m wasting my time, also you still didn’t give me an answer.

      2. wolvenworks says:

        @eidos well if you don’t like it, you can shut up i guess. we’re here because we don’t wanna check the portal. i suppose you don’t read the news too since you prefer it fresh from the disaster zone, Mr. Reporter?

    2. septfox says:

      Some of us don’t care for going to WoT’s site and getting whatever they feel like sharing, when we can instead come here and not only get stuff like this, but also other WoT-relevant things like Q&As.

      Having one stop for all my WoT-info needs appeals to my laziness.

      1. Why not just leave a link to the page and maybe a quick two sentence “New sounds for ‘this’ and ‘that’, and I like/dislike them because ‘this'”? I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but I assume that these guys have other things they’d rather be doing, so why not save some time to accomplish the same thing?

      2. septfox says:

        Well, off the top of my head I can think of one reason: data usage.

        WoT’s site is not mobile data friendly, and while it’s getting cheaper and cheaper to purchase data units, there’re still better ways to use it. Like playing Pokemon Go for instance :v

        Their site also isn’t very processor-friendly, but that’s probably not a big concern with all these chunky Snapdragons flying around.

      3. eidoss843 says:

        The only thing missing on the WoT site are Q&As and leaked tanks, which is the only thing this blog should post. I don’t see the problem with the WoT site.
        Also, data usage? I thought we were in 2016, wait are you serious?

      4. septfox says:

        I buy my service from Tracfone on the cheap, because I don’t see the need to pay for constant data access when I’m connected to wifi half the time anyway.

        So yes, data usage, not all of us have unlimited data and sites like this make it so it doesn’t need to be wasted on flashy filler when out and about.

        On a different note, I haven’t looked into it, but I imagine WordPress is RSS-enabled. There’re a couple fan-made RSS feeds, but Wargaming themselves don’t have one, do they?

      1. eidoss843 says:

        I can’t remember the last time the portal was down. I think it was a few years ago. So what do you mean by every now and again?

  1. Some calibers sound much better, some other sound exactly the same.

    For exemple the E-100 didnt change while the IS-7 sounds like it has a 14cm gun ; the lowe sounds like it just upgraded to a 120mm while the T-62A seems to have received a new sound….

    Russian bias even with sounds lol.

    I really like the new sounds. I hope super-high calibers (14-15cm) and artillery cannons (203mm+) will get even louder sounds so we can feel their power just by heaeing them.

  2. septfox says:

    I like the modified noise for damaged engines. It really sounds like the thing is going to completely cut out any second unless you burn your magical-bandaid repair kit on it.

    The autoloader sounds are pretty oK too, but I’d imagine anyone used to playing tanks with’em will already have the habit of counting shells, so the last-shell warning will be most useful to new players.

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