9.16 Sounds Improvements


with Ctacello‘s help just finished translating on how the 9.16 sounds will be improved:


– Tier 8 to 10 battles will sound differently than the remaining tiers.

-There’s a new sound system for autoloader guns. You will be able to hear the number of shells in the magazine when the last shell it’s been used and there’s no ammo remaining.

-The sound system of damaged received has been reworked, now players can learn more distinctively the amount of damage received by the increments of 0 to 17%, 18 to 35 % and 35% +

-Extra sound effects have been added to indicate that the engine is damage (bounces, rattles, etc)

-If a gun is broken, a sound will play to indicate that you are unable to fire.

-Sounds for each module will be added.

-The sounds of gears, acceleration and change of directions have been  improved.

-Settings sound tab has been reworked

-The ability to add a personal six sense sound has been added (you can add MP3 file type)

-Warning sounds to when the last player is killed and/or to when the battles are over from base capture have been added.

-In settings, Interface and Voice notifications will have different sections.

-In settings, Music has been separated into 2 categories, Music in battle and Music in Hangar.

-Premium garage will have special and non-repetitive music.
-Sound quality levels and been reworked and improved, in particular, Low Quality.

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9.16 Sounds Improvements

18 thoughts on “9.16 Sounds Improvements

  1. DIGGER007[GL0B] says:


    When do you think that we get women voices for the tanks where you have a women commander?

    Should have been part of the introduction of the missions.

    Best Regards

  2. Alessandro-ITA says:

    9.16 is Boring update as previous ones! WG don’t understood that we want not new national line or improvements, but someone that nobody can’t wait for like new engine, tier XI up to XIII, HD maps. PvE mode exc.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      well they understand. what most ppl dont understand is that their focus is on bugfixes this year because that’s what’s making so many ppl being toxic as fuck…

  3. Anonymous says:

    All very nice but….
    Unless lawnmower engines are reworked, I pass. Ask tortoise.

    And I hear I say : tanks do sound like that IRL…sure….than listen to the real thing on YouTube. Its more a turbine than this diesel 1ps BwwwzzzzzzRatleRarlebbzzzzzz <.<

    Can deal with all but I need some decent sound… Like driving a porsche with toycar sounds. No immersion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not keen on all WG updates, but these sounds changes seem like a good idea. They add meaningful information in game, and a few nice comfort features.

  5. Death_Bot_3001 says:

    Custom sixth? Arty view? Damage lods Xvm like range rings on mini map? And no one sees the code lock out to get rid of mods comming!?!? Lol I will be so glad hen patch 10.0 comes out with a happy f#*@ off to the wn8 wimps who think xvm shows anything useful lol

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