9.16 Test Server Garage Screenies


there are 2 interesting new option in garage at the 9.16 Test Server:

The first image with the “WG bag”, you can now access premium store by clicking on it.

On the Second, your Personal Mission progress is now shown above and is based on your selected tank.

That’s all for now.


Oh and the “1001 Log-In Bug”? It should be fixed tomorrow, they say.

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9.16 Test Server Garage Screenies

16 thoughts on “9.16 Test Server Garage Screenies

  1. Koffeato says:

    Will aiming in Snipeview stay like it is? If turn the Hull the Coss makes a horror jump :/
    Shot on the move with little direction correction, terrible.

  2. hullujushi says:

    Ty.. I was so sad when that Error 1001 camed.. i thinked that i will never acces ct again..but good to know that u guys are fixing it šŸ™‚

  3. Well great, they disabled the “Very High” option in texture quality when in standard graphics configuration, and my pc can easily manage that little extra quality…

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