9.16 Test Server is starting swell…


9.16 Test Server is already starting wonderfully, I among many others can’t even pass trough log in due to the following issue:


“Reason: unsychronisation of components related to “Vehicles” (1001).”

The devs are already aware of this issue and are investigating.



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9.16 Test Server is starting swell…

13 thoughts on “9.16 Test Server is starting swell…

  1. None of your buisness says:

    @Rita ….

    i send you as told the invite for DREADNOUGHT.

    Might try a gamepad, if you cant speed up your mouse enough…
    othwerwise it works well. You get 1 prem ship and some other stuff… enjoy!

  2. Kusa says:

    It’s a test server. Complaining about bugs on a test server makes no sense, and better they happen there instead of the actual game.

  3. nyso88 says:

    We had this bug sometime before. Players who had a Jagdtiger 8.8 couldnt login. It was the patch when they removed the JTiger from tge ingamestore.

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