9.16 Test Server Official Patchnotes


there are the official patchnotes for the 9.16 #1 Test Server phase:

Game Features

  • Improved mission UI:
    • Reset the entry point for missions and Personal Missions
    • Reworked the “Awards” window by adding an award selector and a window with more information about Personal Missions
    • Added a dropdown for groups of missions for a selected vehicle or type
  • Added a two-row vehicle selector in the Garage (can be disabled under the “General” tab of the Settings window)
  • Battle improvements:
    • Cross-team battle chat disabled for all game modes except in Training Rooms
    • Hover over the battle chat to freeze messages, scroll through messages and open the context menu with a right-click
    • Hover or right-click to restrict messages (chat and voice chat) from particular players for the duration of battle in all modes except Training Rooms
    • Messages received before blacklisting a player or restricting their messages in battle are hidden
    • Players can complain about the same player only once per battle
    • Inappropriate behavior in chat constitutes four complaint reasons: insults and provocation; spam; out-of-game threats; fraud
    • Can disable/enable chat with allies in Settings menu (Random battles only)
  • New player performance notifications on the battle interface:
    • Damage panel with total damage caused, total damage blocked by armor, total damage caused with player’s assistance
    • More informative and extended battle performance badges: damage caused (amount); damage type (penetration, ignition, or ramming); type of assistance damage (destroying a track; spotting); number of detected vehicles or base capture/defense points
    • More informative fire direction indicators: amount of received/blocked damage, enemy vehicle that fired the shot, marker and name of the vehicle (if spotted). Also, an option that informs players of the amount of received/blocked damage for a specific shot: the wider the fire marker background, the more damage a player’s vehicle received/blocked
    • New fire direction indicator: Critical hits are shown in brown, and if one module or Crew member is damaged/injured, the indicator displays a corresponding icon.
    • “Battle Results” window provides quick access to battle performance summaries
    • New functionality given its own tab in the Settings window
  • Improved Notification Center functionality:
    • Changed the design of the Notification Center with three groups: informational, social (invitations to Platoons or friend requests), and personal
    • Fixed the issue of too-frequent button blinking
    • Added more conspicuous notifications about important events
  • Reduced the visibility system delay — enemy vehicles appear sooner after leaving cover
  • Reduced the visibility delay when spotting and in artillery aim view
  • Displayed how the Camouflage Net changes values on Technical Characteristics
  • Added option to visit the Premium Shop from the Garage
  • Improved Clan-related functionality:
    • When selecting legionnaires for Skirmishes, both Clan and non-Clan legionnaires can be added
    • The first half of any Industrial Resources earned by legionnaires goes to the player with the highest Experience in the battle (Skirmish), and the other half is reset to zero
    • The matchmaker does not create teams that include players belonging to the same Clan
    • Restricted the ability to schedule attacks on a Clan with a Stronghold at a level that differs by more than one (i.e., a Clan that has a level 7 Stronghold can only attack Clans that have Strongholds at levels 6, 7, and 8)
  • Added the ability to compare vehicles in the Garage:
    • Separate window displaying rows of Technical Characteristics and columns representing the vehicles selected
    • Can add at least one vehicle to vehicle comparisons (if only one vehicle is chosen, players see how selected modules and Crew members affect its technical characteristics)
    • Vehicles for comparison can be added from various places, including unresearched vehicles and vehicles unavailable in the Tech Tree (e.g., Type 59). Vehicles received from events can’t be compared
  • Added ability to restore vehicles and Crew members from the game client (restoration will be available upon release of Update 9.16)



  • Extended the caliber range: Gunfire sounds now comes in five different calibers (instead of three) in tier VIII-X battles
  • New sound for cartridge reloading. This can provide information about the number of shells in the cartridge, when the last shell in the cartridge remains, and a notification when the last shell is fired (i.e., no more ammo)
  • Clearer, more distinctive sounds for when damage is received (0-17%, 18-35%, 35%+)
  • Added sound of a damaged (not destroyed) engine — knocking, clanking, etc.
  • Added a notification sound when gun is destroyed and unable to fire
  • Added individual sounds for damage to each module
  • Improved vehicle driving feedback with sounds of switching gears, acceleration and other maneuvering
  • Increased visibility of sound settings
  • Added option to choose between two sounds for the “Sixth Sense” Perk, including selecting your own MP3 file
  • New sounds that warn that the battle has ended due to last enemy destroyed or base captured
  • Divided interface/notification sliders into interface and voice messages
  • Divided music sliders into in-battle music and in-Garage music
  • New “endless” and nonrecurrent music for the Premium Garage
  • Reworked the “low quality” sound preset. Now available to all players and sounds better than before

Technical Improvements

  • Improved the algorithm of camera movement and its interaction with objects of different sizes
  • Updated Scaleform SDK to version 4.5.31 with the following improvements:
    • GUI supports multithreaded rendering
    • Reduced memory consumption for visual effects
    • Implemented Wwise audio support
  • Improved content scaling
  • Brought back the possibility of displaying several windows with different content
  • Solved issue of shifting pages when scrolling or refreshing the content


  • The following vehicles now have HD-quality models:
    • T2 Light Tank
    • FCM 36 Pak 40AMX 50 Foch
    • 112
    • Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. E
    • Leichttraktor
    • Pz.Kpfw. III/IV
    • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV
    • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha
    • Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)
    • Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C
    • Durchbruchswagen 2
    • VK 30.02 (M)
    • Crusader 5.5-in. SP
    • Type 5 Chi-Ri
    • Т-26
    • C-51
    • Matilda IV
    • KV-220-2 Beta Test
    • A-43
    • M4A2E4 Sherman


  • Added the Paris map for Random battles mode
  • Improved the visual quality of minimaps to be more informative:
    • Better display of terrain
    • Better visibility of unpassable map areas/slopes
    • Structures and cover points are divided and displayed as destructible (white) and non-destructible (black)
    • Slanting lines are used to display water where one can drown, and otherwise unreachable/impassable areas
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9.16 Test Server Official Patchnotes

53 thoughts on “9.16 Test Server Official Patchnotes

  1. okay, so next patch, i will say goodbye to my mod pack. Damage panel and multilined garage are the last thing i need from mods

    Still think WG should add an option to have more than just 2 lines carousel, since it still not enough for who have more than 100 tanks in garage like me

  2. Alexander Luis says:

    Thank you for announcing the information because WOT EU website are so slow with their news from the developers lol 🙂 Have a great night Rita 🙂 xxx

  3. Misantyr says:

    Improved Clan-related functionality:

    The matchmaker does not create teams that include players belonging to the same Clan

    How is that an improvment in a teambased game?
    I see it gets harder to rig but people will use 2nd clans for that…
    I would prefer to fight with my clanmates instead of people i got on my ignore list

    1. pixywing says:

      All you do is go clanless and do it, because Clan Wars has been dead for months and you don’t need to be in a clan for tournies.

  4. Misantyr says:

    Improved Clan-related functionality:

    The matchmaker does not create teams that include players belonging to the same Clan

    How is that an improvment?
    I know that makes it harder to rig games, but people will use 2nd clans for that…..
    I would prefer fighting with my clanmates instead of with people i got on my ignore list, which happend way too often

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why not just have an option to disable cross team chat, show an icon by the player name. Some people like to chat in game…like EVERY OTHER FPS out there. LOL. Not sure why WG tries to reinvent the “chat wheel” ever couple patches. They have better things to work on.

    1. pixywing says:

      This gets rid of the cancer that spams your position to the enemy team once you die. If it was dead tanks can’t type into all chat sure, but this works too.

      1. wremisekrummels says:

        wow, in 200 battles i can find such a scumbag who tell the position to the enemy team, but in 100 i like to chat with enemy team… really good improvment, cause a minourty cant shut up, i and pretty much 50% of the players have to shut up!

  6. NekoIzMase says:

    If this work how they say…after this they should just lock Rez_mod so none can instal anything else…i mean this is more then enough what ppl need from mods and on that way they could restrict hackers

    1. Oh and by the way, removing the res_mods folder won’t do anything. It will just be like it was before that folder existed. People will just replace the original game files. That’s how we ‘modded’ the game before they introduced the res_mods folder. And yes, you could potentially avoid this by encrypting the game files and have the game do crc checks each time you start. But first off, this would significantly increase starting time and it would only take so much time before someone unlocked the files and make all that work pointless.

      1. berkeli says:

        Its very simple… Add a function that’ll pass the list of modes you use to the server. Accumulate data for a month or so… Ban those who used cheat mods… And make the final financial report before shutting down WG

      2. For that, you’ll first have to actively scan a users drive. An action which has already been deemed an intrusion of privacy and illegal according to the courts when Ubisoft tried something similar.

  7. None of your buisness says:

    ///The matchmaker does not create teams that include players belonging to the same Clan

    So… no more game rigging? All push start same time and you rig along?
    Rig rig rig you wot, gently down the (live) stream!! ?

  8. Wallu25 says:

    Looks like that WG is more actively adding mods to the game. I love that change. I no longer need QB’s modpack. All that I would need now is artillery mod.
    (Maybe I don’t need it because I’m lazy and don’t play arty “that much”) 😉
    Thank you Rita for your hard work

  9. wolvenworks says:

    i’m excited about this update, but something i see worries me:
    “Cross-team battle chat disabled for all game modes except in Training Rooms”
    like, does that mean no more yelling “LEEROY JENKINS” at your enemy? no more goading that enemy noob that shot gold at me?

  10. Alen says:

    How does damage log work? To be more precise – if I blind shoot into a spotter bush, does it tell me I made some dmg? Now I don’t know if someone’s there until the battle is over, but if dmg is shown it’s a game-breaker for hidden vehicles.

  11. How does dmg log work in wot? I’ve never had mods so I wondered the following case … when you blind shoot spotter’s bush you don’t know if scout is there until match is over (and you see it on post-battle stats) or if you shoot him long enough to kill.
    Now, with dmg log, does it show every time you hit invisible enemy or does it stay as “hidden” damage until the end of the match?

    1. septfox says:

      The client doesn’t even receive information for unspotted tanks, to prevent cheating (mods creating tank markers to point out unspotted targets and such). So it’s pretty much unchanged from the current live servers in that regard.

      You might get unspotted tank bounces recorded as damage blocked, though, so that could indirectly give you a hint as to what’s in the area trying to kill you. I didn’t pay enough attention in my few games to see if that was the case.

  12. Thomas Siewert says:

    outstanding leaving cross channel battle chat silenced. Nothing causes more toxic nonsense than cross battle chat. Silence is golden, same team chat is required for coordination other than that it could go too. Next up WG restrict the stat information to the system for mm, clan usage and the individuals eyes only, Talk about how to quiet toxic nonsense, those false idols who dwell upon stats for the measurement of community participation will be out of work.

  13. I dont think that
    “Cross-team battle chat disabled for all game modes except in Training Rooms”
    is an improvement. It rather feels like censorship.

    I did like the mild mockery with enemy team or the heartful greetings if someone remembers me from forums or somewhere else.

  14. UnderbedMonster says:

    “Added option to choose between two sounds for the “Sixth Sense” Perk, including selecting your own MP3 file”

    Soon as I read that I started looking for the Metal Gear Soild detected sound.

  15. ruokanen says:

    hope this is the way to ban players adding mods this game(only wg can but mods this game)who knows how much cheaters this game have all ready.was one page where most watch mods was cheats so not even funny anymore.

  16. Rick says:

    Oh no..they fixed the button blinking problem which I dont have.It can only mean I will have this problem now just as when they had moving dead tanks which I never saw till they fixed it ..lol

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