9.16 Test Server preview


as the new month is here, if you recall it had been said in recent Q&As that 9.16 patch was coming mid-September, well, the test server is very near, this is what you can expect:

Update 9.16

First Swedish vehicle ready for release.

Paris map for Random Battles has been reworked.

A number of changes to address player toxicity in the game have been made.

Several new game interface features have been implemented


The First Swedish Tank

The first revealed Swedish tank (at Gamescon) Strv m/42-57 Alt A2, a Premium tier VI medium tank.

It’s got the French AMX 13’s oscillating turret mounted on a Strv m/42 suspension, making it the game’s first tier VI autoloader medium tank.

Its three-member Crew includes a Commander (who can also serve as a Radio Operator and Loader), a Gunner (can also perform as a Loader), and a Driver.

New Paris Map

    • Urban area for heavily armored vehicles
    • Open area for fast vehicles
    • Center with clear view and good firing positions
      (but not great cover)

“Battle Chat” Modifications

“We have received quite a bit of community feedback that “Battle Chat” between the teams during a battle has been a source not only of abusive language, but also of “griefing” and cheating. The cross-team chat often becomes too emotional and provocative, or is used to reveal your team’s position to the opponents. To prevent this, we’ve decided to disable the cross-team “Battle Chat” in all battle types except Team Training.

In addition, same-team Battle Chat can also be a source of toxicity, and so that chat will also receive a new feature: when hovering over another player’s nickname or a message from that player, the player will not only have the option to complain about another player or blacklist that player, but also to block messages from that player during the battle (or “muting”).  This option will be recipient-based; the muted player can type messages, but the player who muted them won’t see them.  This allows players to ignore or not receive messages from players they find offensive in battle.  The complaint system will also allow players to register a complaint about players using offensive language, but muting them will also mean they don’t have to continue reading it.”

Restoring Vehicles and Crew

“Right now, the only way to get back a tank or Crew that you’ve accidentally sold or dismissed is to contact Customer Service. With Update 9.16, you can get tanks and Crew back right from the Garage!”



Improved Spotting

In a continuing effort to optimise our server code performance, we’ve greatly improved the time it takes to display a vehicle that’s been spotted. For more info on the difference between spotting mechanics in Updates 9.15.1 and 9.16, watch the video:

Vehicle Comparison in Garage

The long-awaited ability to compare vehicles directly in the game is coming with Update 9.16. Compare vehicles, and see the effects of different modules, Crew Skills and equipment.


Adding Popular Mods

Single/Double Vehicle Carousel

Battle Indicators

New Minimaps

  • Cliff
  • El Halluf
  • Ensk
  • Erlenberg
  • Fisherman’s Bay
  • Kharkov
  • Lakeville
  • Malinovka
  • Arctic Region
  • Murovanka
  • Prokhorovka
  • Swamp
  • Paris
  • Siegfried Line


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9.16 Test Server preview

73 thoughts on “9.16 Test Server preview

  1. I find the spotting improvement video funny. Did not check stats, but it would have made more sense, if the 2 sides would have been the same vehicles, with the same modules and consumables applied to them. Who knows, maybe the crew level is also different. I like what I see, but I am sceptical, until I see it for myself 🙂

    1. Well assuming that the view range is maxed/same between the vehicles and the vehicle driving was was the same distance away it doesnt matter what vehicle was being used to spot.

      I mean, a T95 with 400m view range is going to spot an enemy MT 200 meters away the same time a heavy tank with 250m of view range does

    2. Sir_Lanzenschrott says:

      in the end, it does not matter, because_
      in 9.15.1 video they use a M48A1 Patton (420m view range, if i am correct),
      in 9.16 video they use a E100 (viewrange 390m) but none the less,
      the E100 spots the scout (T2 light (?)) earlier than the Patton.
      and the Patton had even Coke for the crew.

  2. S-hitman says:

    It’s got the French AMX 13’s oscillating turret mounted on a Strv m/42 suspension, making it the game’s first tier VI autoloader medium tank…

    Skoda t25 says hello!
    classic WG

      1. Pangzhu says:

        I bet they are unaware of the skoda t-25 being an autoloader tier 6 medium tank, as it should not have been implemented the way it is – must be an oversight XD

        if they toned the penetration and magazine reload down a bit it would be okay, but as it is now, it should not be in the game at tier 6… 😀

      2. Anonymous says:

        Yeah, they meant so.
        In original (Russian original, i mean), it’s actually “THE FIRST PREMIUM MT WITH AN AUTOLOADER”. No mention of a tier.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I found it unnerving as well. I like to congratulate the other team sometimes… gg and what not. It’s not like we’re playing against a bunch of AI bots.
      With XVM we can see player nationalities at a glance and often see acquaintances I like to say hello to them.
      There’re no good solutions to team snitching but I feel this one is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  3. BDNeon says:

    Disabling allchat is one of the most harmful mistakes I’ve seen Wargaming try to implement. This is almost as stupid and bad as adding bonuses to emblems/inscriptions. Please tell me no one here is foolish enough to actually support such an idiotic move.

    1. I found it unnerving as well. I like to congratulate the other team sometimes… gg and what not. It’s not like we’re playing against a bunch of AI bots.
      With XVM we can see player nationalities at a glance and often see acquaintances I like to say hello to them.
      There’re no good solutions to team snitching but I feel this one is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

      About player toxicity I feel it should be optional to activate like it’ll be for own team chat.

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “A number of changes to address player toxicity in the game have been made”.

    I wonder if the effort to address chat toxicity will be as half hearted as on RU server. Some time ago there was a overhyped implementation of chat monitoring system and very public wave of bans. Time went by and now battle chat on RU servers is back to “normal” if not more toxic than before.

    1. BDNeon says:

      So this stupid boneheaded allchat disabling is due to the RU playerbase. Not surprising. Wargaming has a habit by now of making changes to the NA and EU server that aren’t needed just because they WERE needed on the RU server. What do we matter, RU playerbase is the massive one.

      1. Bertram K says:

        You can still whine at your “idiot team” after you get killed in less than a minute, you just can’t tell the red team where your teammates are located. The only chat disabled in 9.16 is the chat with opposing players.

    2. OrigamiChik3n says:

      There is no need for this forced misinterpretation. I’m not implying the changes are being made “because of RU playerbase”. There are players on EU and NA that can be as vicious as the biggest RU arsehat. I was just wondering if after much ado about these new “changes” things will be brought back to square one like it was done on RU cluster.

      Honestly, sometimes chatting to enemy team can be pure comedy gold. But i won’t lose any sleep over it being disabled.

  5. Only smart person alive :p says:

    1 chat is gone… lol nice one !
    IMPROVED SPOTTING = higher server tickrate… overwatch is about to do the same…
    it just goes up a bit and asks more often “ey… watcha doing”

    1. I’d also want to know. I sold a T34 long ago, and just a few month ago I had to rebuy it for its full price of 12500 gold… If they now add the option to recover them at the only condition of having the correct amount of credits… I’ll be kind of not happy at all…

      1. Sir_Lanzenschrott says:

        according to the pictures its possible to recover crew members 1 day for free and for 30 more days for 20(?) gold. the same should apply for tanks.
        Otherwise …. ” oh, WG, i sold a tank in the beta, can i recover it?” … will not be possible, too much datastorage neccessary.

      2. Not really.
        There is no current way if seing which crew member you ever used and there can be so many crew members with so many different data that it would vost too much to store them all forever. But for tanks, each player has the list of all the tank he ever played in his data page. If a tank appears here it means the player bought it at some point. And if he doesnt have it in his garage it means he sold it. All simple, no additional storage needed, just a tiny part of code saying “if tankPlayed == 1 then canRecover = 1”…

      3. ^they dont always want to past 2 months. Some support guys wil allow you anytime, some are very strict. A friend could recover his premium from years ago, I couldnt and had to pay again.

  6. Muting individual players, is good – a nobrainer. Disabeling allchat is very bad. The spotting mechanic changes are good, however they make certain active spotting techniques a bit more difficult by reducing the ability to exploit the spotting system, while that is in principle a good thing, it’s an nerf for light tanks witch is bad.

  7. Oh good. Banter and gg and nice shot are all useless now. All because WG can’t design a game that actually isn’t broken.

    Why don’t you fix the source of toxicity and fix rng and the rest of the utterly broken mechanics. Maybe then players won’t be so pissed off all the time.

    Over the last 20 years of gaming I’ve not seen the level of rage and gate that this game causes.

    Yeah sure there are always those idiots but don’t ruin the fun for all because 5% of players like to do nothing but whine about pointless shit.
    The problem with WoT is that is plenty of worthless shit worth whining about. Fix the game and see how the community reacts. But Noooo…..that logic is too complicated for WG.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Lol, what did you expect? WG’s mentality is still in the dark ages of communism. If you don’t shut up about things that are wrong, then the state will make you shut up. Preferably by cutting off your tongue.
      Comrade Stalin, guide us!

      1. The source of the problem is broken game design…not the people playing it. Sure as always in life there are some arse holes but they make up like 2%. You gonna basically chat ban and ruin everyone else’s fun because of 2%?.

        Not to mention that this doesn’t fix the issue of toxicity at all anyway. I honestly very very rarely see toxicity between opposing teams except at arty. I see toxicity between the same team nearly every single game.

        I use the chat to the enemy team for : 1. Gl hf 2. GG 3. Nice shot 4. Stop camping (after I hit them with arty).
        My chat toward my team is usually not so polite. I’m not proud but it’s true.

  8. Well this is a good patch 😮
    Finaly their own blocked dmg indicator. Tired of trying to complete HT-15 and having my mod display 10k clocked while the game only counted 6k…
    The damage panel is great too, but the dmg indicator seems a little bit too big, I’ll probably still use a mod for that.
    And FINALY a double carrousel 😀

    The cross-team chat being disabled isnt that good of a change honestly. People will still rage and call their team morons, now you’ll just not be able to rage at ennemies firing gold at you or oneshotting you out of nowhere.
    Also this means clans wont be able to recruit in both teams, or if player has a general question (“which tank is better / is this tank you’re driving good / looking for a clan / any player of my language wanna platoon after the battle ?”) well they cannot anymore.
    I’m against this change. This will not remove toxicity and cause more problems for nice players than for toxic ones who can still insult others. This is probably the worst feature of this patch and I hope it wont make it to live server. But as on test server you do not face the situations where you actualy need cross-team chat, they wont notice that.
    Rita can you try to make them know about that concern please ?

  9. wait a minute! I think I found a problem with the damage indicator. lets say you are in Malinovka, with a fast firing gun and a lot of ammo, you can just blindfire bushes until the damage indicator show that you done damage! That’s basically allowing you to cheat!

  10. DoctorBest says:

    This is a good patch, apart from disabling Cross-team chat.
    Those features from mods are some great improvements, I really like the new minimaps as well.

  11. cross team chat isn’t needed, apart from “gg” at the end – and even that isn’t happening quite often in a honest way. there is no cross team chat in many games, HotS i.e. – if you don’t like the change, don’t blame WG, blame the “gg ez”, “get cancer arty” and “kill noob faggot on A6” folks.

    i’m really looking formward to the UI changes, the damage/hitlog and improved indicators look very promising. tank comparrison is also very welcome. seems like i can play with PMOD/mod_dispersion alone in the future.

    1. “cross-team chat isnt needed”
      -clan recruiters use it
      -players looking for clan use it
      -people looking for platoon mates of same language use it
      -people who have basic questions use it

      Disabling cross-team chat will make good people unable to use it correctly, while bad people can still insult their teammates and wish them cancer and mass-report ennemies.
      So yeah. Punishing good users, bad users wont care. But dont blame WG, after all they’re clearly not the ones supposed to figure that this wouldnt work as intended by themselves, not like they’re paid to do so… Clearly blame it on the players who just use what they’re given.

      “they could choose not to use it that way”
      I dont see people saying the same about gold ammo, basic gold spam defender will justify himself by “I can do it so why not do it ?”. Well with chat its the same.

      1. – clan recruiting is mostly done via the forums and or via the ingame clan search – to be onest, i’d never join a clan looking for players in public matches, it’s like going to the club and holding up a f#ck?-sign .

        – can’t remember when somone asked a “basic” question and didn’t get trolled.

        after all, all you lose is the enemy team. you can still ask your own team for platoon, basic info or if it wants to join your clan. “all” chat is used 99% of the time for spam or insults, so i totally don’t see a problem here. optionally they could simply block dead players, something i’m doing currently.

        and yes, i blame the idiots abusing the chat system, it’s not WG’s fault that they act immature scum.

  12. Keller says:

    So instead of them fixes the problems in the game and making the players less salty, they are just making sure they can’t say anything? Or am I missing something?

  13. MM says:

    This is not test server notes.. these are SUPERTEST notes.. so no 9.16 in September.
    Obviously it will come after T-44-100 marathon in the middle of October.

  14. what about this statement in WG official page about new swedish premium.

    “”The First Swedish Vehicle
    In the middle of August, at gamescom 2016, we revealed the Swedish nation that is going to be introduced in the upcoming update. We are implementing the first Swedish vehicle in Update 9.16, and you will be able to train your first Swedish crew and earn additional credits driving the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 Premium medium tank, the first Tier VI Swedish vehicle introduced into the game.

    The vehicle has the AMX 13 oscillating turret mounted on the Strv m/42 Swedish medium tank suspension. Mounting the French turret allowed for the implementation of an autoloader to the vehicle, making it the first Tier VI medium tank with an autoloader in the game. “”

    completely ignoring the Skoda T-25 which has beed added by themselves?

    is this funny or what?

  15. Daxter says:

    Great, I foresee a lot of incoming chats by salty players after battles instead. And now it will only be for my benefit and not for the teams. 🙁

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