9.16 Test Server


small update, according to Russian sources the 9.16 Test Server is planned to start on 8 of September if everything goes accordingly, as for the patch hitting live, expect it at the beginning of October.


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9.16 Test Server

25 thoughts on “9.16 Test Server

    1. Tank builder says:

      Mafia 1+2 were great buuuuttt…
      BE CAREFUL! there have been many new and big titles that screwed up.
      Not that i think they are prone to do so… or have a history of that… but it could happen.
      Wait 1-2 days and check reviews 😉

  1. Players will have to choose :
    -Dicker Max & T-44-100 marathons
    -Convoy mode
    -Test server

    They should also add a CW campaign and a X5 for the same month. Just so you feel even more unable to fully do anything.

    1. zonda says:

      well bro they’re throwing all the shit at us all at once so they can make it even harder to do the marathons dickermax one is easy tho the t44-100 is the problem i feel sorry for the full time job players and students.

      1. When you think of it its not too bad.
        4 kills and 4k damages per nation per day, so even with tier 5s you can manage that in 4 battles, and maybe 1 or 2 at tier 10. So yeah, 30 battles per day, or a bit less if you accept paying 7-14€ for a tier 8 premium. And its completely doable.

        But it means you gotta do only this, and no fun mode or test server or anything else. Focus on kills and damages for over a month. It may end not being fun after a few days…

      2. Anonymous if 30 battles per day for 38 days is too much for you, then buy 1 or 2 tokens and focus on other easy nations. 14€ is cheap for a tier 8 prem, and a good one.

        If you’re gonna have it for free then 30 games per day is also rather cheap. Also you’l probably play more games during weekends thus maybe reduce the amount needed during week days.
        That’s 3.5 hours per day if you do all nations. If you manage to get the 4 kills and 4k dmg in one game each time it goes down to 8 games per day, so less than an hour on average. So between 1 and 4 hours to invest each day, and you’ll get a free moneymaker tier 8 premium tank. The better you play, the easier it gets, and you dont even need to be in high tier tanks to achieve this considering the amount of OP lowtiers in the game.

        And if you dont like it, you dont have to do it. Or you can just buy it.

      3. Anonymous says:

        T 54 first prot. = cooommpplleete waste of money (sold btw) – T44-100 – not even 5 euro worth, i dont need that tank for free.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Your face is cancer for even saying such a word. As for sand box its 100% possitive in the feedback im goimg to play it again as i have th japan heavies and i like no one useing gold ammo on me thank you to pen my frontal armor.

      2. The only cancer here is you. Whining all the time that the game has problem, complaining when WG even TRIES to fix them because “i dunt liek it”. It’s sandbox, it’s for testing you moron, how can they find a correct fix if they cant test them before ?

        People like you are like “the game sucks and needs fixing but dont fucking dare fixing it because you suck but please fix the game you incompetent devs but like do it perfect or gtfo”

  2. Val says:

    For some reason when I try to log in on the new 9.16 test server it says: (connection to the server has been interrupted. Reason: unsynchroniztion of components related to “Vehicles” (1001).
    What does this mean? Does anyone know

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