9.16: Vehicle and Crew Recovery

A new feature set to come in update 9.16: In-game vehicle and crew recovery without the need to contact customer support or submit a ticket. All of this can now be done in the game client.


What Can Be Recovered?

-Crew Members:

With at least one skill/perk and with suffecient Barrack space. Must recover within 48 hours of dismisal.

-Permium Tanks:

Can be recovered withen 72 hours of selling. Mustchave garage space and the amount of credits you sold the tank for *plus 10% of that credit value.

-Rare Tanks:

-Can be recovered at any time. Must have the available credit value (*plus 10%) and suffecient garage space. Can recover any rare tank once every 3 days.

*Example: If you sold a premium tank for 2,000,000 credits then you will need 2,000,000 and an additional 10% (200,000) to recover the vehicle.


The following cannot be recovered:

-Non-premium vehicles

-Vehicles removed by customer support

-Premium tanks after their recovery period has expired

-Rental vehicles after their rental period has ended.


Vehicles can be recovered via the Tech Tree or the in-game store.


Right clicking a vehicle on the tech tree will give you the “Recover Vehicle” option displaying the required credits and the time left available to recover the vehicle.

From the in-game store you will select the ‘Recover with Credits’ option in the drop down menu on the Vehicles tab. From there a list of available vehicles will be displayed with buyback costs.



There will now be a ‘Dismissed’ checkbox in the barracks. Hovering the cursor over a crew member will display their recovery period and cost. This dismissal buffer can fit no more than 100 people. Further didmissals will replace whoever has been there the longest.


Further adjustments will be made in the future based on player feedback.


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9.16: Vehicle and Crew Recovery

15 thoughts on “9.16: Vehicle and Crew Recovery

  1. great news. Hope wargaming will implement a Mongolian and a Vietnamese line. Why not, they made the Chinese line just to get into their market.

  2. Tachenk0 says:

    So if I sold rare gift tanks like T1E6, Light VIC and T7, does that mean I can get them back? Are those rare or just standart premium? And what is this “rare” tank?

    1. Markx97 says:

      I honestly think that if someone sold a tank that was given as a gift, they should not be able to “recover” it. The fact that I actually saved these tanks, makes my account feel like it has some worth and add a bit of uniqueness.

  3. Xavier says:

    WG really should clarify what “rare” means. Does that mean something that has been removed from the premium shop, or gift tanks that you can’t ever buy? I have a few gift tanks that I would love to get back.

    1. S15OUL says:

      Yeah, would love too know if i could get my type 59 back.

      Sold it due frustration from the first nerfs, i mean back in the old WoT days. 😀

  4. Esurio1 says:

    Ok, but do we also have 3days after the patch come’s out to buy back these prems?? Ive sold my jagdtiger8.8 right before they anounced the buff… Could not ask it back from support cause i once restored a Tetrarch, i have tried..

    Here it seems they now see prems and rare’s as different things which they dit not before

  5. I’m not sure if I understand correctly…
    I’m pretty picky about how much credits I’d hold and somehow I regret selling a few tier 8 tanks for those credits… (definitely awhile ago)

    to ask for clarification: I sold my T34 for example and I’m pretty sure I would have to rack up a few million credits to get it back.. but you said 72 hours of selling… does that mean I cannot recover it within the 72 hours since I sold it?

    OR Am I able to recover it within the 72 hours?

    Or lastly; I cannot recover it if my 72 hours since I sold it is up?

  6. marianr87 says:

    It says that you can recover rare tanks at any time, yet those same rare tanks don’t even appear in the tech tree or in the store so how can you even try to recover them?

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