9.17.1 Armor Changes

Small post, some screenshots for the couple of armor changes coming in 9.17.1 have been posted. Specifically the Japanese Type 5 Heavy and the American T110E5.

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9.17.1 Armor Changes

63 thoughts on “9.17.1 Armor Changes

    1. The front drive wheel to the E5 is also more vulnerable and will do damage on tracking shots more frequently. The sides of the commander’s machine gun turret has also been weakened substantially. The edges of the lower plate also are more squish. But yes, the back side of the E5’s turret is softer. The E5 is overpowered but never stupidly broken so it just needed a few tweaks, oddly makes it more similar to the M103 than the T32, at least in an ideal world.

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Well I might re-re-rebuy the Type4 and continue my grind. I ragesold this tracked trashcan 2 or 3 times already, the gun is useless and the armor (which is supposed to make up for everything) gets penned by anything that has gold loaded (aka everything at this tier sadly).
    Now it can angle, thats the very least WG would do for this dead line.

      1. Technically yes, although, you need to be a total potato at world of tanks to not penetrate a jap heavy in its turret or hull cheeks with 330+ heat or most tier X gold ammo. Feel free to take the stage all you like but you can’t angle all of your weak points when premium ammo is as broken as it is.

  2. Rombat says:

    t110e5 is nerfed bad…on commander’s hatch normal ammo will pen regular and the turret ring armor was nefed from 275 to 75 mm…so this is how wg understand to increase the role of armor in the game…that’s the bullshit that they are throwing at us to justifie the increase distribution of shell in the target and reducing the penetration of shells from 50 m not from 100m.
    Greedy wg is ruinning the game for money…they could just increase the credit cost of premium shells to make moore money not to nerf tanks.

    1. Gen6B says:

      Is it me or was the LFP and UFP also nerfed? They are different color than before. If they did this can confirm full Russian bias. Stealth nerf to shrink turret mantlet to make shot trap at turret base would just be icing on cake. RIP E5.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Isn’t just you. Looks like the ufp is roughly 20 mm or so thinner, and it looks like the E5’s new lower plate will be the only thing weaker than a wargaming promise. Tough times are coming for the E5.

    2. Dude chill down, nobody will nerf accuracy or pen, that’s just for testing purposes. The feedback is very bad, I checked the sandbox forums. The WG staff there keep on saying that these are just extreme changes for the sake of statistics. So chill, sandbox changes are unplayable, they’re not stupid to implement them. Nobody would play the game no more

      1. Anonymous says:

        Haha, funny boy, you underestimate WG’s retardedness. They will do whatever they want, and will not give a single f*ck, what the players think (well at least what the good players thing anyway).
        Also, nerf to E5 and Grille are ridicioulus, if a good player can get a good average in a tank, it’s OP it would seem. Or lets put it this way. If a tomato can’t use the tank to it’s advantages then the good players shouldn’t be able to either so they nerf them. Well played WarGaming, you guys never disappoint us.

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      Actually, LTTB has it’s historical armour already. The turret armour was indeed planned as 200mm which it is not in-game… however, the turret doesn’t exist. At all. It was never designed. The only schematic of LTTB that exists is a hull drawing.

      The turret we have in-game on the LTTB is another, completely unrelated project for a T-34-85 turret with enlarged turret ring so it could mount a longer 85mm gun. And since it fits the LTTB hull, WG used it instead of designing a fake turret.

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        The only documents about this tank are technical requirements. The thickest hull armour in them is 75mm. Turret armour is as follows:
        90mm front, sloped at 30 degrees
        60mm sides, sloped at 30 degrees.

        Everything else, like “historical” 90mm front armour, is scribbled with pencil. It could have been done at any time and by anyone. If you consider these fake numbers “historical” then give me a sheet of paper, a pencil and 15 minutes and i will procure you “historical” British design from 18th century for a tank that has 500mm of armour, can go at 300mph, fly, penetrate up to 2000mm of armour at 50 miles and fetch the frisbee.

      1. Nerf to premium shells is on its way. Ph3lan confirmed it on the sandbox forums, probably 330 will become 290-300. It wouldn’t affect profitability out of it, since when I know my 260 pen won’t go in, 300 is still better and ppl will still use gold but now they can’t just autoaim anywhere. And I see some people say that nerfing gold is a nerf to russian tanks. WTF, they’re all well armored themselves, how is that a nerf??

      2. Ares says:

        Gl hit this 250 mm effective copula with T32 on his weak APCR or VK auf A, or O-HO.

        This is not how this should work. Look on E100, how weak he’s weakspots are ? Why not Type 5 ? Well, cos it’s made up by WG, thats why.

    1. Anonymous says:

      T32 with 198mm standard and 245mm premium is worthless vs Type 4 and Type 5 as it is.

      Type 4 cupola is 200mm plus slope and Type 5 cupola is 210mm plus slope.

      T32 has about a 50% chance WITH PREMIUM to pen the cupola on those and can go cry in the corner trying to pen the rest of the front.

  3. Tbh these changes are all fine. For once WG haven’t over needed something.

    In my honest opinion the E5 isn’t OP anyway. Something you can see by playing clan wars and esl etc.

    However it was powerful and a bit too noob friendly and this will balance it out well. It obviously depends on the exact values as you cannot tell everything from the model but as long as WG don’t start nerfing it so much as tweaking it then it should be fine.

    1. whitebaron777 says:

      You can’t really judge a tank by it’s performance in competitive matches. Clans and teams choose tanks based on specific characteristics, unlike random battles where good allrounders (like the e5) perform the best

      1. Not necessarily. Tier 10 clan wars is filled from top to bottom with Russian meds for that exact reason. But I do agree with you on part of that.

        Knowing what map you are on and what tactics you will use allows you certain liberties with tanks picks that aren’t reliable for randoms. That said in nearly all cases a tank still has to be a good tank to be picked.

    1. Two tier spread is bad for everyone. As the tier 10 its boring just shooting tanks that can’t pen you, I rarely even play my 10s outside of daily doubles as I feel like I get worse at the game when I just sit their in my IS-7 holding off 3 stock tier 8s that can’t pen me and then drive like an idiot. When I’m the one in the stock or near stock tier 8, I just want to uninstall.

  4. SaltyPope says:

    That HE gun with prem ammo will just shoot the face off of any tier 8 tank. I wonder what kind of module dmg tank like is-3 will recieve by getting blasted trough turret roof by that gun (if it wont get one shoted by high roll) :3 Age of derp

    1. HE is standard and premium on the new derp cannon and HE cannot overmatch its targets. You’d have to be exceptionally lucky to penetrate an IS-3’s turret but you’d practically have to be on top of him to do it. Even then it is iffy because HE doesn’t get shell normalization. But you’re not wrong that the derp will do a lot of module damage, a lot of players that run derp guns all along the Japanese heavy line will be at home with the combat potential.

      1. Renarde_Martel says:

        I once penetrated the turret roof of an IS-3 with my O-Ho while he was sidehugging me. Good times.

      2. That would be considered practically on top of an IS-3 haha it will be a little tougher in the tier IX and X since they are taller tanks but I have seen interesting moves where a jap heavy pushes a tank up onto rubble and onto the tank’s side to shoot into the tank’s engine deck. Go for it if you think you can get away with it of course haha, just don’t miss. 😛

  5. betterdead thanred says:

    good that type 4 and 5 gets buffed, dont have them, but no tank should be cannonfodder/meatshield.

    e5 was a beast in a lot of situations, not that CW/SH compatible tho’. still hard to hit the cuppola when wiggling, but wish they had nerfed the e5 in a different manner, would have preferred perhaps a DPM nerf or nerf to gun handling. cuz i feel it shines best at medium ranges

  6. AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

    you guys talk about the HE module dmg…im interested to see how many type 4-5 heavys will dmg or destroy there own gun shooting on a face hugging tank or when pekabooing behind a rock…i guess at the start alot haha

      1. leggasiini says:

        The derp is going to be much better gun on Type 5 than 14cm aswell. 14cm is shiiiittt not to mention Type 5 has like 4 sec faster base reload on derp than Type 4

  7. I might be quite alone here, but I feel the type 5heavy just got nerfed massively, why?
    Before I would shoot standard ammo at the turret cheeks or the hull sidehtingies, now there is no point to doing that, so I will just load premium, i.e. the armour became from me having to expose myself and aim, just fire a shot in the general direction and pen…

    I really don’t like the changes of lets just make tanks impenetrable from the front, without weakspots, cuz that is only gonna make the armour worse instead of better.

      1. leggasiini says:

        Ehh, lol no. Its already borderline immune to non-TD standard ammo from front. Penning turret cheek is just a gamble. And now that cheeks and side gets buffed it can actually angle now meaning that you cant autopen it with gold as easily anymore.

        Not to mention it still gets that derp gun which is still the most notable buff as the biggest problem of the tank is actually not the armor (dont get me wrong its problematic aswell but…) but the terrible gun which struggles to penetrate anything. Its like Type 5 is gimped with Sandbox mechanics against tanks from regular game. The fact i need to shoot HE with Type 5 more often than i would want to (such as when im forced to fight hulldown E5 or sidescraping E100 from any range higher than 200 metres) makes me just want the derp gun more.

      2. The 268 pen on my cent AX is good enough to pen them quite reliably right now, its not a guarantee, but enough to not waste credits on firing premium, I assume there are more players like me preferring not to fire premium (I never fire premium at a maus for example…), that means with the current armour I can use my skill and knowledge to beat him, even though like quite often in WOT you cant really flank and have to frontal fight, after this buff that isnt an option anymore unless I’m above him and I can see his cupola well…
        Meaning I too press my 2 key, and in the situation of me vs the type 5 that would mean the type 5 got nerfed, cause before I would take my chances and now I just slam premium in what were before the normal ammo weakspots if you are angling, or your front plate when you are not, so to me its a nerf, but luckily I don’t own the vehicle, I just strongly disagree with WG pretty much forcing the HEAT…

        Also I don’t understand your argument, You mean to say the armour buff isn’t needed if I understand it right which is the same I’m saying,,,

        And the current gun aint that terrible, the IS7 gun is pretty much universally worse for example.

  8. Antiless says:

    Umm. How does increasing armor thickness help type 5? How are T10 HTs supposed to pen that thing frontally if they are too slow to sidehug it? Skill ammo here I come.

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