9.17.1 HD Armor Changes

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Here are a few images showing off the armor changes in the new HD models coming in 9.17.1 (9.17 left, 9.17.1 right):

WZ-111 1-4

VK.45.02 (P) A

Type 64




Renault FT

Pz. Kpfw. T 15

Obj. 907

Obj. 268

Obj. 263

Indien Panzer

Hotchkiss H35


E-50 M

AT 7

AT 2


AMX 38



From the lads at The Daily Bounce.

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9.17.1 HD Armor Changes

31 thoughts on “9.17.1 HD Armor Changes

  1. PeterSmith says:

    Leave the T-14 alone ffs. OK it has great armour but it only has a t4 gun ffs. It has noting v T6 heavies and td’s now, after this it will be useless.
    Classic WG – offer a decent tank to buy then, after they hype it in some sort of deal, nerf it 6 months later – so they get you to buy a newer premium. In other words piss off your customers!

    1. Celtic says:

      Was just gonna say that. R.I.P T-14. I may end up selling that tank now. No need if it’s well armored hull (which made up for the crap gun) is getting nerfed to borderline useless standard.

      1. Anonymous says:

        You guys are dumb. The armor is staying the same, except below the mantlet, which is getting a bit thicker. The hull is exactly the same. Smh

      2. Anonymous says:

        It’s not been nerfed though? It’s received a slightly thicker patch of armor on the front of the turret making the rest of it look orange, but it still has the same armor values. Unless I’m missing something here.

      3. If you guys looked at more than just the color at beta.tanks.gg, you could see that the hull armor isn’t changing at all, and the colors make it look thinner because the armor below the mantlet is getting buffed. Smh

      4. Swatdennis says:

        Yep, it is a premium tank, so it never gets nerfed, it is WG after all, Pcosa is correct, the colours changed because the turret got a buff, no part of the armour got nerfed….

      5. thebugmonster says:

        Same angle and same place of the turret the armor in 9.17 is 110ish while in 9.17.1 its closer to 130mm
        that being said the hull looks slightly weaker at the same angle and roughly the same spot on both 917 and 9171.
        overall tho, it seems like it is a nerf to the armor. looking dead on the hull is weaker as its a weaker angle. the tank as a whole lost a lot of its armor because of the hd model getting rid of its sharper angles.
        That being said its turret technically got a buff, more angular armor in at least a little bit of the turret.

      6. thebugmonster says:

        tl:dr, the armor is getting a nerf from its loss of angles, but only the hull, the turret is retaining its strengths The tank is also getting slightly taller

    2. PCosa says:

      I think you are wrong. The scale is not absolute but relative to ezpective armour layouts. I can see (on my mobile so not 100% sure) that parts of the turret got buffed from 100 to 140mm. Because of this, other parts of the tank have colours further from the maximum red.

      1. thebugmonster says:

        the armor is exactly the same in all places, its just the angle of the hull has changed, slightly weaker, its like a 3 degree change tho,

    3. Pcosa is right and I can confirm there are no armor nerfs to the T-14. All buffs as the maximum armor value cap was increased from 101.6 to 139.7mm due to a small armor buff to the turret under the mantlet. Should make the T-14 turret stronger against premium rounds like you would expect of an american heavy. Happy seal clubbing you raucous scrubs. Good eye Pcosa.

    1. Anon says:

      Ignoring the fact that the tracks don’t cover half the side of the tank anymore, The frontal and upper side plates have 5 less degrees of angling which reduces the overall armor effectiveness by 10-15mm. Just enough to make the tank vulnerable to more tier 4 guns, I’d say the T14 needs a mobility buff now.

  2. Bob says:

    Actually look at the scales on the T14, they are different between the two patches. It looks like increased armor but sloping may negate.

    1. Aye, it’s a small buff to the Tog that could mean that it could sidescrape better against tier 5 tanks I suppose.

      E50 and E50M have a slight weakness added to the gun when viewed from the side but that will only affect HE damage against the turret, presumably…

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