9.17.1 Patchnotes- HD and Supertest Tanks

The following will be arriving with new HD models:

VK 45.02A
AMX 38
Hotchkiss H35
Renault FT
Type-4 Chi-To
Type 64
AT 2
AT 7
Object 140
Object 268
Object 263
Object 907

Following will be put into Supertest

Strv 81
Jagdtiger (H)
Tiger II of (H)

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9.17.1 Patchnotes- HD and Supertest Tanks

53 thoughts on “9.17.1 Patchnotes- HD and Supertest Tanks

  1. Renarde_Martel says:

    Strv 81? *Checks Wikipedia*

    Stridsvagn 81
    Swedish Army designation for both the initial 80 Mk 3 Centurions (20 pdr gun) and the 1955 purchase of 160 Mk 5 Centurions, all with Imperial instrumentation, Swedish radios, etc. Pre-NATO threading made the screws incompatible with the later strv 101.

    So, lazy tier 8 premium?

    1. Wesley Byrd says:

      The Strv 81 makes sense as a crew trainer for Swedish Mediums, though I would like to see what they are going to do for a heavy premium.

      1. Renarde_Martel says:

        Oh, it’s definitely a good option. Just… a really lazy and uninteresting one. If it’s a Mk 3 Centurion with 20-pdr, it’s exactly the same as a fully upgraded Centurion 1.

      2. Life_In_Black says:

        The Strv 81, if that is the tank added to super test and not a typo for the Strv S1, could function just fine as a premium tier 8 heavy tank for Sweden. As was mentioned, Sweden considered it a heavy tank due to their designation system at the time, which had no words for a medium tank. Also, the Centurion Mk. 5 has the same basic hull as the current Centurion 7/1, so given the recent T26E5 being technically an uparmored medium and being designated a premium heavy with normal matchmaking and a 240 alpha cannon, making an Strv 81 a premium tier 8 Swedish heavy makes quite a bit of sense. We’ll have to see though.

      3. Renarde_Martel says:

        Well, the Mk 5 has the same armour as the Mk 3 with very few differences that will matter to WoT other than aesthetics (bins and machineguns). The question is, however, if a bit more hull armour will make it suitable as a HT, considering the turret.

        Remember how the Mk 2 turret on Caernarvon isn’t really that great? Nor the Mk 3 turret on Centurion 1?

        Mk 5 still uses the same turret, so I don’t believe this will be proper HT material. Not at tier 8 anyway. In fact, even on tier 7 (FV201) the turret armour is… debatable.

    2. Treadhead1 says:

      Yeah but if you only play the Swedish tanks it and don’t feel like grinding another tree at the same time it could be nice to have at least that.

      I’m not saying that they should go overboard with copies and “copies”. But, this is an alright and quick high tier premium addition to a small tree that will give the people who main grind the Swedish tree a tank that gives a different “taste” if you will (Which can be either good or bad depending on the way you play the game).

      Plus captured, lend-leased and internationally bought tanks are tanks that some people really like because of history. Pay attention to the fact I wrote “history” and not “historical accuracy”. As I am well aware of the historical accuracy vs gameplay argument (on which i stand divided based on what the game itself wants to be to begin with but that’s besides the point).

      This also is not hurting people outside of the “international/captured vehicles” fanbase. The time in making this type of premium is not nearly as long as the time required to create an entirely new model and entirely new stats. Which means the damage taken on the creation of “non-copy” tanks is negligible. I understand that it might be tiring to see “the same tank” over and over but most of the time you are not going to face entire teams of T-34 variants or any other tank with multiple versions in the game. You will be “lucky” to even find a team with half of the team consisting of the same base tank. As well as that there has not been a single major patch since the beta that has added just copies so there is always something else to strive for for the people who refuse to play copies and even the people who refuse to play “copies”.
      Unless you’ve researched absolutely everything on the launch of every new patch. In which case you might need to find a new hobby ;).

      Hopefully I didn’t look too much like a douche in this. If I did, I genuinely am sorry. Have a nice day and happy new year 26-27 days ago xD.

    1. Xavier says:

      How will they make the TOG II* HD? I feel like besides the turret and gun (which are already in HD on the Challenger), there would be like 8 polygons.

    1. Life_In_Black says:

      As a premium tier 8 heavy though like what Wargaming did recently for the T26E5, I could see it working fine, especially if given the uparmored Mk. 5 hull.

      1. Swatdennis says:

        You mean releasing a premuimtank that powercreeps any and all tanks at its tier and maybe even above?

    1. World of camping needs more sneaky tanks to balance overpowered tier 8 lights and mediums that can’t penetrate or spot them. It’s really important to always have tanks that can be played with one hand… and to take money from children who want to pay $50 to skip the lower tiers just to find out siege mode isn’t for them.

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      You… you want a fully capable tier 8 medium as a tier 7 premium? Because it’s just the Mk 3 Centurion with 20-pdr, so basically what we have in the British tree.

      1. Life_In_Black says:

        It would also completely invalidate the A45 FV201, which is a tier 7 heavy using what amounts to a Centurion hull, turret, and a 17-pdr. However, making the Strv 81 a premium tier 8 heavy, would work just fine given the recent T26E5, especially if Wargaming uses the Mk. 5 hull. It would ven be sort of historical for Sweden given Sweden had no designation for a medium tank.

      2. Renarde_Martel says:

        @Life_in_Black: That depends on what version of the Mk5 the Swedish had, as the version with improved glacis armour was the 5/1, the standard Mk5 only had some extra machine guns and a stowage bin.

      3. Renarde_Martel says:

        …whups. Overlooked the fact that the Mk 2 already improved hull armour a bit. Well, it’s not my fault that there’s so many damned variants.

  2. Wesley Byrd says:

    I want to know more about what the (H) designation is on the Tiger II and Jagdtiger. Surely, it doesn’t mean Herschel, since that would seem redundant. Historical, maybe?

    Also, I’d like to know how the T-44-100M differs from the T-44-100 that is already in the game and the regular T-44. Also, how is the T-44-85M different from the T-44-85, aside from being balanced for tier 8, rather than 7? Or is it just a straight replacement?

    Always interesting getting these snippets, but it always leaves me wanting just a bit more info.

    1. The H variants will be one tier lower than their counterparts mainly for differentiating them from their current regular counterparts. Hopefully not as premium vehicles but part of a larger plan to reorganize german tanks to more historically accurate tiering. This would be one of the largest teir reworkings in wargaming history so don’t get your hopes up. The Tiger might come out with the addition of the new mini Maus tanks.

      T-44-85M is one tier higher than the T-44-85 yes, think of it as a fat LTTB with 75mm of side armor and more than twice the gun depression. They will probably release both of them as respective premiums for tier 7 and 8. Not enough is known otherwise but seeing as it has only just been added to the supertest, don’t expect them anytime soon or in the same form.

      Nothing leaked about the T-44-100M yet so the supertest is working as intended.

      Ikr about snippets haha, really grateful to get a sneak peak from this site.

      1. @DEADARASHI – the only problem I have is/are the two VKs at tier 5 alongside the Pz IVH – having to grind for them at the same tier is not going to make them, or the tigers following, very popular! Interesting to have the Panther a tier higher than the Tiger as well. Possibly accurate, but sounds wrong…

      2. @Wulf Corbett
        Except grinding for a tank at the same tier happens so often already

        Pz III E -> Pz IV A
        Pz 38 nA -> Hetzer
        Tiger P -> Tiger 1

        T34 -> SU-85
        KV-1 -> KV-1S
        KV-2 -> T-150
        KV-13 -> T-43

        Chaffee -> M41 HMC
        M4A3E8 -> Jackson
        T28 Proto -> T28

        AMX 12 t -> AMX 13 F3

        Seeing this there should be no reason that my proposal for that tier 5 and 6 section should not be possible

  3. So VK3002M finally has 85mm armor. Now this tank is really the Panther Ausf. D, the first version of panthers.
    WG Please rename this tank into Panther Ausf. D! We would have 1 more historical serial producted tank instead of another prototype name in the prototype/blueprint chaos of wot.

  4. VladCelTroll says:

    Strv 81? Isn’t that a Centurion?
    As someone has already stated, it seems to be a lazy option for a premium. Probably a reskinned Centurion I with some boxes and camo nets added to it.

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