9.17 Armor Changes

A few pics showing the changes to the Conqueror  Orbital Laser Cannon and SU85i collision models

(Adding more vehicles as they’re released)

Conqueror Gun Carriage



Sturer Emil

Pz sfl. ivc

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9.17 Armor Changes

11 thoughts on “9.17 Armor Changes

  1. Twixops says:

    I don’t understand why WG is taking all of the weakpoints on and making them the strongest pieces of armor. IS-6: let’s make the drivers hatch weakpoint stronger than the UFP. 112: let’s make the LFP stronger than the UFP.

    now, SU-76i: let’s give a commanders cupola four inches of armor, because that is totally a portion of the tank that needs to be armored.

    1. So the Gun carrier has the centurion hull now instead of its fantasy super armor and spaced armor, good change that many arty hunters will rejoice at. As for the SU-85I it’s a general frontal armor buff and nerf to the tank’s side armor probably to help teach new players to flank their opponents. The capola on the original tank was crippling as people could abuse ridgelines or corners to snipe the capola. It’s now strong enough to stop tier III’s and IV’s from penning the tank frontally and now 105 howitzers and 122 howitzers won’t pen the capola anymore or even worse, arty won’t pen the capola anymore which many M3 Lee drivers will be familiar with as a serious problem. Don’t really see the any problems here because any tank can still pen the lower plate of 55mm if they’re silly enough to not just go around it.

  2. The KV-2 probably had a slight buff to its armor as the hull armor is now a more uniform 75 mm which is helpful for not getting penned by O-I and other KV-2 derps if you’re lucky, the smaller gun mantlet is a bit of a concern but I can’t tell if there is a smaller armor hole behind it or not as the current KV-2 gun mantlet is pretty unreliable. No note worthy changes to the St. Emil and Pz. souffle IV other than you still shouldn’t fire he at the front of the St. Emil and now you won’t reliably HE pen the Pz. souffle’s hull but more reliably pen its super structure.

    Overall, neat to know what changes are coming up, glad wargaming aren’t doing anymore IS-6 or T110E5 style HD reworks where the tanks becomes absurdly troll.

    1. wremisekrummels says:

      there was a time i drove my pz3 a lot! and these weakspots on the kv hull was my only way to pen them, at that time i didnt wanted to use gold.
      i really miss the old times, there you have to search the enemy tank hull for weakspots, now everything is the same, you have a hole in the hull, the mg-port or the sights? dont care, it is a sturdy as it wouldnt have a hole.

    2. Infernal969 says:

      They release stupidly broken shit like Skorpion G, M4 Liberte and T26E5, still didin’t fix the bullshit armor on the E5 and another IS-3 buff is on its way.
      Yeah, well done WG, what a brilliant design team you have.

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