9.17 Overmatch Changes

Good day everyone,

While 9.17 is set for a tenative December 13th release, one of its most discussed new features won’t be coming with it. As confirmed by Ph3lan, the new overmatch mechanic has been cancelled and all vehicles will now be subject to the old 3-caliber rule.

Based on your input from the 1st Common Test, we decided to cancel this feature.

Initially, we planned to revise the ricochet and overmatch mechanics for all vehicles. However, tests showed that it will cause increased ricochets on thinly armored tanks (the IS-3, IS-4, etc.) that used to be generally bad at angling. This disrupted gameplay overall (a lot more ricochets where chances of them used to be zero), which you reported to us during the Common Test. We analyzed your feedback and decided to stick to the old, time-proven mechanic for all vehicles including the tier VIII–X Swedish tank destroyers.

No word on whether they will continue to work on adjustment for the overmatch mechanics in the future.

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9.17 Overmatch Changes

65 thoughts on “9.17 Overmatch Changes

  1. Thank God. Was one of the stupidest changes in a long time.


    Also the swede tank destroyers are fine. They did what they should have in the first place. 60mm frontal around. No overmatch except from deathstar.

    1. Pistvakten says:

      Now 122mm + guns will always overmatching the swedish tds, is-7 can auto pen the tier 10, they broke the swedes armor and have to buff it if they decide to remove this new system.

    1. Sasque says:

      So you’d rather see ELCs, Skorpions etc. bouncing huge ass guns like Jg.Pz E100, FV215B 183 ?
      IDK about you but if that overmatch change would come I’d really question playing half of the tanks in this game.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I believe he listed the IS-3 and IS-4 as examples of having a turret roof weak spot that was overmatched by almost everything almost all the time. These old plans would have given these tanks (and more) an indirect buff.

  2. banjoman150 says:

    Instead of completely abandoning this feature they should have tweaked it until those 30mm roofs of russian vehicles can be penetrated on level ground but the swedes are still effective. Now the Strv 103s will have to be buffed in other areas wich could make them very annoying.

    1. SCARed says:

      it is not only the russian turret roofs. there are also quite a number of other nations (german HTs spring to my mind) which are overmatched by 122mm guns easily. if they buffed thos areas a little bit to 45mm, most problems would be solved. bigger guns could still hit there.

      plus the IS-3’s “weakspot” was already made smaller quite much with the HD-model. no need to take that one weakspot away completly. it’s not like the tank is UP in its current state …

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Wouldnt change shit for the Strv’s.
      With their armor anything they meet can pen them.
      So now the only way to add them is either to give them broken dpm or either to overbuff their armor so it doesnt get overmatched with old mechanics, so that means 62mm minimum, and I’m pretty sure that’s still too low.

  3. mark west says:

    When u over match the armor that means u r doing full damage for a shell that does not actually penetrate the tank, it just grazes the outside, which is just plain STUPID so instead of chging this broken mechanic that most players dont even know about WG keeps it in the game which is even more stupid.

    1. Viya says:

      That’s not what overmatching is. Overmatching is the shell has such mass and velocity (this second part is not modeled in WoT and really should be) that it crushes the armor it hits, regardless of angle, creating a deep “dimple” in the armor through which the tip of the shell can then achieve enough surface contact with to penetrate.

  4. Wonderer says:

    I’m not sure what to think anymore.. The 3x rule is stupid, yet the complete any armour can bounce aswell is stupid.. The 120mm vs 122mm against 40mm rule comes to mind aswell.. I mean, what the.. I seriously wouldnt mind if they overhauled the penetration mechanics to more in line what it should be! Yeah its hard maths but the modern cpu’s can handle it im sure! The strv 103 was built while the AP was still rather short comparing to diameter so sloping was super effective against those shells as they would tumble upon impact.. Only the modern sub caliber rounds and long rod penetrators negate angle nearly completely.
    Yes large caliber should most definitely have more normalization as they have more kinetic energy.. Thats not always true either.. Its a mix of mass and velocity..
    I dont know.. I want more mechanics than just yeah, my gun is big enough to pen even at 89 degrees, deal with it.. Even though in reality it should probably bounce since there isnt really anything for the round to dig into.. Maybe introduce something with the global rebalance as then everything will have a fresh balance instead of just changing the meta we have now?

  5. – “9.17 is set for a tenative December 13th release,”

    Please delay the HT line in the tech tree, the tier 8-10 are honestly not in a good place and need a lot more work before they go to live server.

      1. currently the KRV has: 33sec clip reload and 3 sec shot delay giving it a RoF of 5.71 RPM = 2,284 DPM

        they need to change all 3 auto-loading HTs to something like this after they give the KRV the historical armor:
        T57: 26.57 clip reload, 2.5 sec shot delay, 6.98 RPM = 2,792 DPM
        AMX: 24.97 clip reload, 2.25 sec shot delay, 7.93 RPM = 3,172 DPM
        KRV: 28.77 clip reload, 2.75 sec shot delay, 6.48 RPM = 2,592 DPM

      2. ApolloF117 says:

        you can stick that dpm up your ass when you die after you clip out 😀 poor noob don’t know how to autoloader

  6. It just seems like this whole update is going to be a huge cluster fuck… again :/
    WG really dug themselves quite a hole here; they throw together two lines of tanks that are so far-removed from their real-life counterparts that they may as well have just added a second Japanese HT line comprised entirely of Gundams, and then they try to justify it by reworking one of the game’s core mechanics. At least something blew up in their face; I can wait for the update, let’s just see one that doesn’t fuck the whole game up… again…

      1. no, this is what happens when WG decide not to bother with the research given to them and buff the KRVs turret armor by 55mm… and then nerf the gun and engine power to balance it because it was too frontally strong… because logic

  7. betterdead thanred says:

    Glad they are trying out new ways for WOT, being creative and innovative is good.
    but they failed, nice try.
    might have worked, but we would have to re-learn gameplay, and the fact that some tanks that are OP just got more so.

    Waffle-line and FV4005 line are also relatively armor-less, so stop whining that 103B line is useless now.

    glad that they decided to trash the new mechanics, but would have liked to brutalize ppl in my buffed VK45.B 🙂

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      I dont remember Strv being able to oneshot a tier X like the FV4005, and Waffles have turrets instead of that handicaping siege mode ; so in both case they can pull back behind cover between shots and go out again easily.

      Strv cant do that.

      So to compensate for making them basicaly “instant death when spotted” tanks they better give them back their 4.5k dpm and I doubt this will be enough…

      They overhyped a new tech tree and ruined it before it’s even released. Bye sweedes. Now let’s get back to the premium tank factory shall we ?

      1. that 4.5k dpm was blatantly overpowered, but it should have a small dpm increase when in siege mode from say 6.6sec (100% crew with rammer) down to 6sec, that would give it a dpm of 4k, right in the middle of where it currently sits and what it was

      2. betterdead thanred says:

        true, forgot about that it has only 400dmg shot. and no turret….
        But it can still play like an e25, camo is still insane.

        better to be UP at first, and adjust slowly to current balance/meta
        than to be OP, and nerf after release, or buff all the other tech-trees to compensate

      3. Let me get this straight, the gun only has 390 avg per shot, also with 100%, BIA, Rammer and Food it gets 6,09sec reload.
        That is not only expensive, but feels very mediocre now they nerfed accuracy as well so playing over distance is not great because, it’s limited on how many maps that allows it, the chances are you get to shoots something on that range are limited, you can’t perma-track someone if they have full repair skill so they can move for a second each time and again with worse accuracy you’re likely to miss more and they run away.
        To compensate for that or because of bad maps you have to go close, were you had to out dpm someone to have a fighting chance to do any good, now with overmatching not getting a rework, good luck against 120mm+ guns. Basicly making this tank a potato and not even as good as a E-25 tier for tier because at least a E25 can perm track anyone and tanks on it’s tier has worse viewrange which makes the E25 camo profit more than a strv on tier 10. PS: vk(b) benefiting from new overmatching mechanics. lol next to none.

  8. Dontspill McGinnis says:

    Well, they have a new mechanic to play with.
    Remember how they went on about HESH? They still haven’t made that workable.

  9. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Lmao then cancel the whole fucking update you idiots, not like the main content released in it depends on this new feature…

    If they dont add the new mechanic they better give the Strv the old insane dpm AND buff their armor to at least 62mm front.

    What a bunch of idiots.
    First they make a new tree that will rely entirely on a new mechanic that will affect/break all tanks in the game ; which is already stupid ; but then they remove the said new mechanic AND STILL RELEASE THE TREE THAT CANNOT SURVIVE ANYMORE.

    Oh boy. RIP sweedish tech tree, never-never.
    First the heavies got nerfed to a point where they’re just not fun to play past the “lol my turret be stronk (but I cant do anything else” ; and now they completely destroy the TD line by removing the feature that allowed them to survive.

    Get out WG. Your most interesting patch will end as the most desastrous. Be as smart as with rubicon and delay the whole patch, dont release a bag of trash and go back to making premiums for the next year. We rarely get new regular tanks, they better be playable and fun ; aka not like the sweedes now.

    1. Basically they need to return to the 0,15m accuracy and 5 sec in siege mode. And then buff the armor. (which is unhistorical, also the strv103b irl had a 4sec drumless autoloader. (bonus info: The longer version of the L7 105mm gun it has installed improved accuracy, shell speed and penetration)

  10. Well then, at least buff the armor of the TD’s to bounce shells like they did in the test server. No need to install a whole new mechanic systems, just increase armor without adding weight. Though leave the weak spots as the lower plate and places over the wheels as it was before, we don’t need to have highly mobile Mauses xD

  11. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Also : “thinly armored tanks (the IS-3, IS-4, etc.) that used to be generally bad at angling.”

    I like how they openly admit that a tank designed to being the sidescraping master , and which relies entirely on angling to survive , is “bad at angling” because of the giant weakspot making its armor useless.
    Basicaly “yeah IS-4 is underpowered but fuck it, IS-3 is too good and 140 too so instead of nerfing those we will simply ruin a whole new line of tanks and still not buff the tanks that obviously need a buff”

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Compared to other HTs of the same rier it has nothing special.
        DPM is okay, gun is okay, armor is bad (front is useless and turret weakspot ruins it, sidescraping works well until the ennemy starts spamming gold), mobility is okay… The tank is “okay” but certainly not good. It has the potential to be good, but compared to other heavies of the same tier it’s underpowered, and that is because its the only well balanced tank of its class/tier. Others all have something incredibly strong, IS-4 can just maybe sidescrape against some ennemies. It needs a buff (or all others need a nerf), and the new overmatch thing was already a huuuuge buff that would have made it the damage-absorber it should be.

  12. Infernal969 says:

    Wow, it’s like they used their brains for the first time.
    Getting rid of the overmatch made some vehicles stupidly OP. We also don’t need any more bullshit non-damaging shots hitting LTs.
    I really don’t give a shit if some new line of tanks is worse because of that if it means that you’d have to fuck up the rest of the game to make it work.

  13. Zoran says:

    Three caliber rulle is totaly distorted. You tell me that because you have 3 times bigger gun than my armor you can pen me shooting at me at 89 degrees. That is totaly wrong. Lets shoot obj140 roof i have 3 times bigger gun than thickness of his roof. Oh look i penned him. That would never happen in real life and it is confusing in game. I always have to look who is my enemy, what is his caliber and then decide am i safe to go out and shoot him or not. And then some grille from the back fires unspoted and pens my roof (in obj 140 or t34 or t29 put your tank here) under 80 degrees or more. Cmon is this normal?

  14. When WG gave the swedish TD’s more mobility in siege-mode and nerfed reload and accuracy, I were pretty mad already and wanted the changes revoked(because people who were too s***** to figure out how to work that tank and apply it well(even with only 5 km/h siege-mode), obviously have diluted ideas on what would “improve” the tank(because they can’t understand the trade-off of giving away mobility for good gun stats(reload and accuracy))), but without the new overmatching mechanics, I won’t really grind the swedish td’s, because it makes them completely useless in small maps with medium/big caliber guns.

    (120mm guns on entire lower front plate and a strip on top of the top from the front over the gun to the back – 152mm guns doesn’t care for anything besides two small patches on the very front and 183mm guns doesn’t care for any armor these tier 8-10 td’s got.)

    I already got most grinds done already and were looking forward to these new tanks(especially the td’s), and having something great to work on for christmas holidays.

    Thanks wg for ruining the much anticipated S-Tank(s)/Strv103b.

    Merry christmas and happy new year(sarcasm/meme intended) >:(

  15. stormcrow99 says:

    Why don’t they just make the S tank elevate it’s hull with the same mechanic other tanks move their gun in the turret/hull

  16. Wahnfried III says:

    Since the tier 9 and tier 10 swedish TD are basically balanced arround the idea of being capable of bouncing quite some shells, that is the second major nerf to them.

    The lack of DPM increase in Siege mode was already annoying and now this. WG should give them enough armor to avoid overmatch on most guns, historical accuracy be dammed. Not like they really care about that anway… looking at you Waffelshit E100.

    While I do appreciate WGs attempt at not adding another overpowered line to the game, I fear that in the misguided attempts to balance them they will kill what makes the line interesting in the first place.

    Tanks should not be op. But they should for a chance nerf the real problem and not ignore it and massacre the rest of the tank instead.

    1. I rather deal with the slow, huge-turreted, autoloading td, than these pesky grille 15’s with 750 alpha, amazing aim time, accuracy, 60km/h and shell speed way faster than any other 150mm caliber out there.

      Besides that I agree with everything else. First iteration were by far the best and that’s what made the tank interesting to play with or against in the first place.

  17. StevoMS says:

    I think if WG is going to remove the new mechanics, they should adjust the stats of the TD’s to make them play similar to an e25 but because of their seige mode and the time it takes to switch in and out of this mode, it will make it less difficult to kill because it cant get away as fast

  18. Sleepless_One says:

    I was really looking forward to this change as it would have made the gameplay just a little bit more realistic and forced more tactical thinking by the masses. I really sad to hear that its going and we are going back to the > no basses in reality < "time tested" ridicules "3 caliber rule". I had no clue that the majority of the population disliked this change, as everyone I talked to was looking forward to this! Thanks WG, your making a big mistake.

  19. Anonymous says:

    IS just a Cry Cry player database about unicum that can’t pen new swedish or old russian tank with premium ammo: they can’t change gameplay, game have to change for them.

  20. betterdead thanred says:

    Mr Dmminion

    might be wrong with the VK45B, didnt try it out on TestS.

    but when it comes to 103B, it still has many good points remaining:
    -great dpm
    -good speed
    -best Pen among td’s?
    -best camo among td’s?
    -great accuracy

    (favorable circumstances considered)
    from the front by the 3caliber rule and 40-50mm armor, and decently angled, immune to all medium AP-APCR and HEAT 100-105mm guns. how many td’s can ricochet and shoot back at the same time? maybe obj.263….

    and yes it will suck in short range engagements, like MOST TD’s anyway.

    had a dream match with 103B on live oaks, with spotting assist i took the ”hill in the middle from the north side”
    without super crew and consumables, i were 300m away from the enemy and kept firing, not getting spotted, or they didnt bother to shoot me.
    almost 8k dmg, in best of conditions. frigging epic camo.

    suffers more than the other td’s in shorter engagements, but does ”better” than its peers in bigger maps.

    better to have this maybe UP tank than it was b4 when it WAS OP, easier to adjust softstats/buff/nerf slightly after release

  21. SirNopp says:

    Sad that some people forget that relatively weaker tanks like the Tiger II, T34 and others also get an indirect buff from the overmatch changes, but instead choose to hop on the band wagon of butthurt tomatoes and maybe potatoes that the Russian tanks are getting an indirect buff than take some time to consider what else is being affected by the changes. Sad indeed.

  22. Rombat says:

    I really aprove wg decision to stop the new overmatch mechanics…too much autoaimboters wine…oh my god our mods can,t handle the new overmatch rule and i,m dinging batchat instead of ammorack it.
    So wg should first clear the game of cheaters then can implement the new overmatch rule. When they do that there will be no moore cheaters to cry out for bounces on batchat. Anyway this is another nerf for sweds…whoo will grind them anymoore? Who will throw 100 euros to convert xp too free xp?

  23. Really? says:

    Wargaming is try to fix broken idea of 3-caliber overmatch which is stupid and everyone complain, but as they do, then of course new riot starts.
    Grow up people, you can’t have is both ways. I think this was a good step in the right direction, although not without flaws that would have to be ironed out but 3-caliber rule is just stupid.

  24. Trung says:

    Uh huh? Thanks WG. You know how many times I’ve quitted the game because of the old shit?
    They all think that the new one will cause more players to quit, but no. In fact, turn it upside down for the truth. TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN

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