9.17 Public Test Update

Good day everyone,

A few changes coming to the 9.17 Public Test server based on player feedback:

Premium and French Tank Changes

The Lowe was further improved: a stronger engine and thicker armor. In addition, thanks to your feedback, we have improved the combat performance of four other premium vehicles: the American T34, T26E4 SuperPershing and M46 Patton KR, the Chinese 112, and the two French heavy tanks АМХ 50 В and АМХ 50 120:


  • Engine power Maybach HL 230 is increased from 800 to 1000hp.
  • Reservation VFD increased from 130 to 150 mm.

T26E4 Super Pershing:

  • Penetration for AP M77 armor-piercing projectile for 90 mm Gun T15E1 increased from 170 to 192 mm.


  • Shell spread for 120 mm Gun T53A1 during hull rotation reduced from 0.32 to 0.28 m at 100 m.
  • Shell spread for 120 mm Gun T53A1 during movement decreased from 0.32 to 0.28 m at 100 m.
  • Shell spread for 120 mm Gun T53A1 during turret rotstion reduced from 0.24 to 0.22 m at 100 m.
  • Aim time for 120 mm Gun T53A1 reduced from 3.4 to 3.2 seconds.
  • View range increased from 360 to 380 m.

M46 Patton KR:

  • Reinforced turret armor.


  • Portions of the armor increased from 60 to 80 mm.

AMX-50 120:

  • The elevation/depression of all the guns changed from -6 °/+ 6 ° to -9 °/+ 11 °.

AMX-50 B:

  • The elevation/depression of the 120 mm SA46 gun changed from -8 °/+ 11 ° to -10 °/+ 11 °

Swedish Tank Destroyers

On the basis of your feedback in the first public test, we decided to postpone the revision of the mechanics for overmatching and richochets originally planned for 9.17. The shift necessitated some changes to the Swedish tank destroyers of Tiers IX-X.

With the current mechanics for overmatching, they were extremely vulnerable to shells whose caliber exceeded the nominal thickness of the armor by three or more. That is why we have adapted their performance data and thereby strengthened their overall survivability and mitigated the consequences of an error in the fight. These changes are designed to arm them for short and medium range combat,  while avoiding making them too strong.

Parameter Strv 103-0 Strv 103B
Change from driving to siege mode Reduced from 2.5 to 2 sec
Change from siege mode to driving mode Reduced from 2 to 1.25 sec
Gun scattering after firing Increased from 3 to 18
Vertical gun speed From 5 ° / sec. To 7.5 ° / sec)
Speed forward / backward in fire mode Increased from 3 to 10 km / h Increased from 5 to 10 km / h
Reload time in driving and siege mode 9 sec (was 10.3 in driving and 7.5 in fire mode) 7.7 sec (was 9.33 in the driving and 6.4 in the fire mode)
Gun scatter at 100 m in siege mode Increased from 0.2 to 0.3 m Increased from 0.15 to 0.25 m

Swedish medium and heavy tanks


  • Acceleration of the best engine reduced by 22%
  • Magazine reload time increased from 28 to 33 seconds and the reload time per shot in the magazine increased from 2.75 to 3 seconds
  • The upper front plate is now thinner


  • Acceleration of the best engine reduced by 20%
  • Acceleration of the standard motor reduced by 17%
  • Reload time per shot increased from 3 to 3.51 seconds for the guns 10.5 cm TK 105-9 and 12 cm akan L / 40
  • The upper front plate is now thinner


  • Acceleration of the best engine reduced by 15%
  • Acceleration of the standard motor reduced by 17%
  • Reload time per shot increased from 3 to 3.51 seconds for the guns 10.5 cm TK 105-9 and 10.5 cm lvkan m / 42 increased


  • Acceleration of the best engine reduced by 28%
  • Acceleration of the second-best engine reduced by 27%
  • Acceleration of the standard motor reduced by 7%

Strv 74

  • Acceleration of the best engine reduced by 16%

Changes to Overmatching Mechanics – Postponed

In the first public test, we presented you the revised mechanics, which should ensure pleasant gameplay for the Swedish tank destroyers of the Tiers VIII-X. You have created an impressive amount of feedback, given us more than enough game data, and presented a variety of reasonable suggestions for the new configuration. This feedback enabled us to make a quick analysis, which made it clear that the revised rules would have a huge effect on the entire game. They could lead to profound changes to the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicles: much more rebounds, the chances of which were previously zero.

Like you, we do not want that. That is why we will spend more time working on the mechanics thoroughly and fine tuning. We will not publish them until we are certain that we have an intelligently and efficiently constructed mechanism that satisfies our high quality requirements without tarnishing the playing pleasure.

Until then, we are sticking to the tried and tested system for all vehicles, including the Swedish TDs of the Tiers VIII-X.


As part of the update 9.17 we have created new elements for the crosshairs of the Swedish tank destroyers. This work has caused an error that affects the size of the crosshairs of all vehicles. Maybe you noticed it in the first public test. This bug has been fixed for the second public test. The crosshairs are again at the level of 9.16.

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9.17 Public Test Update

72 thoughts on “9.17 Public Test Update

  1. Thomas A. says:

    HOLLY F@:$:/ Super P with 192 pen!!!!!!!

    (Inner brain explosion/implosion and black hole forms after the detonations)

  2. A Dude says:

    They did a good job with the swedish tanks, and I like the fact they actually react quickly to feedback from the players. That was not always the case so far. But concerning these kinda things I think WG definitely took a turn for the better during the past year.

    1. they did not do a good job of the tier 8-10 Swedish HTs, not even close. given more armor then historical and then balanced by giving them bad guns and nerfed historical engine power (less mobile)? not good at all

  3. minedoge says:

    I’d prefer if they’d neft the turret armor of the Swedish HT to be history-accurate tho.Their gun was already ok. xD

  4. Lol overnerf the new sweedes which now only had strong turret and above average depression, and now they buff the french depression/elevation…

    Yeah basicaly fuck the sweedish tanks, fuck them all, fuck you KRV you’re useless compared to other TX Autoloaders, and also fuck Strv because you get autopenned at all angles by anything !

    Yeah fuck 9.17… They ruined the update. The little content has been either cancelled or destroyed to a point where its not even worth it anymore.

  5. Keke says:

    Overall those changes to top tds were nerfs. They may react
    bit quicker to situations but same time they lost much potential
    firepower. Accuraty nerf is reasonable but when they lost
    armor that dpm nerf was really hars. stvr 103b had 4800 dpm with
    all installed. Now with same setup it have 3840. Many will say
    that is enought but in reality in many maps it just cant use
    even that when armor is gone.

    Lets say least 4000 dmp with current form and we are closer
    to reasonable tank to actual use in battles,

  6. please give the tier 8-10 Swedish tanks their historical armor and buff the guns. And then adjust the reload and shot delay of the Krv, T57 and AMX to something like this:

    T57: 26.57 clip reload, 2.5 sec shot delay, 6.98 RPM = 2,792 DPM
    AMX: 24.97 clip reload, 2.25 sec shot delay, 7.93 RPM = 3,172 DPM
    KRV: 28.77 clip reload, 2.75 sec shot delay, 6.48 RPM = 2,592 DPM

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thats like “lets make T57 useless” as there is no reason for 50b to have better dpm than t57. Heres why: 50B is waaay faster than T57 and 50B has waay better gun handling than T57. Only thing T57 currently has over 50B is raw dpm and some very random armor (turret stronger, but still very random). Your suggested values are retarded tbh as if those were real values, there would be no good reason to play T57 as 50B would pretty much outperform it any day of the week with better mobility and gun handling and also your suggested better dpm.

      1. And there’s reason to play the 50b now? And i didnt say gun handling wouldnt change either. T57 has nearly 25% more health as well as slightly more armor. My suggestion brings more balance to the autoloading hts then whats currently ingame where T57 is the only real option

      2. Each one then would have its traits.

        AMX would be high mobility and high DPM but low armor and health
        T57 would be moderate DPM, moderate armor, moderate mobility, high health
        Krv would be high mobility, high armor, low health, low dpm

        None more over powered then the others, nonw under

      1. have you seen what the KRV currently is? it currently has 3sec between shots… with a clip reload of 33sec… that gives it a piss poor DPM of 2285… worse then what I have suggest… Please know your facts before comment, saves you looking ignorant

      2. to work out the DPM of an auto-loader: (shot delay * (number of shots – 1) + clip reload) / number of shots = X
        then it’s 60/X = RPM * avg dmg = DPM

        in this case (3 * (4-1) + 33) / 4 = 10.5 = 60 / 10.5 = 5.71 * 400 = 2,285
        my suggestion: (2.75 * (4-1) + 28.77) / 4 = 9.25 = 60 / 9.25 = 6.48 * 400 = 2,594

        So me wanting to buff the DPM of the Kranvagn makes me an auto-loader hater? Great logic you have there

  7. Foo says:

    So Kranvagn goes from being a must-have, opaf tank, to being pretty much useless. Sure, it can still sit hull down and laugh at you, but that’s pretty much all it can do anyway.

      1. If they gave it historical armor it wouldnt be OP. The only reason they nerfed the gun and mobility is because they gave it 55mm more armor then it was historically documented. Should only have 170mm of turret armor which is 240mm effective to 290 when using gun depression. Thats far more balanced

  8. betterdead thanred says:

    First off. THX for listening to the majority WG. i am surprised. and glad

    for those that believed that the new sweeds were gonna be OP and great, im sorry, but this is much better balanced than it was before.

    -Kranvagn will still hold its own.
    -103B feels much harder to balance out right, feels much better now, but a dpm increase by a minimum of 10-20% would make it feel right.

    and the fact that these tanks can in favourable circumstances can bounce shitloads of dmg, and shoot back without fear of getting hurt, not many heavies or td’s can do that.

    and to those that thought they could get new OP tanks to cruise around in and crush noobs to feel special, put a sock in it.

    and buffs to lowe, superP. and T34
    Two thumbs up!

  9. WOZ says:

    I like the fact that they are trying to bring new elements into the game and holding their hand up when something isn’t right.
    Good to see the test server doing its job.

  10. Kehldon says:

    After spending 2 hours on test today I can say that the 103B is pretty bad now. It was okish before but now its not wrth it anymore. The Kranvagn is feels pretty ok once you learn how to drive it. The problem with getting a feel of the testserver right now is that everyone is only firing gold…

  11. Gen6B says:

    Sorry without the overmatch changes the Swedish TD’s are one stinking pile of turd. Non turreted low alpha TD’s are hard to play in current meta, but you have to have top DPM to work (E25). Right now the Swede TD’s are lowest DPM, Lowest Alpha, No Turret and absolute sitting ducks for Arty. Any shell >60mm with overmatch the Tier 8 and shell over 120mm will overmatch Tier 9-10. They need to buff the Tier 8 to 42 MM and the Tier 9-10 to 52 MM if they keep overmatch mechanics. Who cares about historical (look at Emil as example)

  12. Nevermind says:

    Good job on the buffs! 🙂 the Swedish line is a disaster, and should be delayed and reworked before putting some half ass stuff into the game. As for the I rematch, so happy they killed that stupid an. The trouble is they are trying to put modern tanks into a historical tank game. The style of tank warfare has changed greatly and to expect this mix to go well is a joke. Don’t cry for the Swedish TDs, truth is their battle life expectancy was measured in seconds.

  13. abusemtex says:

    Tbh. the swedish TD line shouldn’t be part of that game at all.
    WG tried to squeeze in a somewhat special t0nk design but the current meta of the game simply has no room for that.

  14. So…. every gun of caliber 120mm and bigger will now be able to overmatch strv 103 and strv103b’s armor, because the overmatch mechanic chnage is not taking place? well… that takes care of my interest in them, together with other gun nerfs…

    1. betterdead thanred says:

      the only other TD i can think of, that is ”immune” to most calibers/ammo from the front when returning fire, is the T110E3

      103B correctly played and good conditions, from the front, is immune to all heat ammo shot from normal tanks, its also immune to 105mm AP/APCR.
      even on the sides of the gun is 50mm. equals 150mm+ gun needed.

      Still UP u say?
      crawling around 10 km/h with best TD camo tier x, bino’s and camo active.
      it’s still a f****g beast.

      it just dont have the raw dpm power anymore, brain is substituted for raw power.

      +best camo
      +good dpm
      +almost unpennable by medium tanks frontally
      +gun depression

      -armor generally
      -low hp
      -time used for in/out siege mode, very dangerous when spotted, and trying to run away.
      -big map dominator only

      new tank, new tactics

      pls dont call it a shit cuz u dont know how to play it,
      103B for dummies guide will arrive soon enough on you-in-the-tub.

  15. Laviil says:

    M46 Patton KR has no preferential MM, but superP has.
    how come?
    if SuperP has 192 pen, then the preferential MM is not in place.

    1. Expert says:

      SP goes 27 kph on average and its armor is worthless against tier 10 tanks. It gets a penetration buff because it has to fight heavies a lot. The Patton KR on the other hand is a solid and nimble tier 8 medium with no disadvantage compared to regular tier 8 mediums. So there’s no reason to give the Patton KR a special MM.

      Btw. Giving the SP 192 mm of penetration will cause more players to avoid shooting gold all the time, because every SP driver would like to make credits too but is forced to use some premium ammo by those aweful 170 mm of penetration. This will result in fairer fights. It’s a win win situation. 😉

  16. […] Balance changes coming to several Tier 8 premiums: FV 4202, the STA -2, the M 4 A 1Revaloris Us é, the T 26 E 4 the Super the Pershing , the WZ -111, of L ö we , Panther is8.8, the T 34, the M 46 Patton KR  and 112. (Latest public test changes for these can be seen here) […]

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