9.17 Test Date

Small update,

The test date for update 9.17 will be November 17th. There will be at least two iterations. Full release is looking to be sometime in December.

Full update notes can be read here.

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9.17 Test Date

8 thoughts on “9.17 Test Date

    1. leggasiini says:

      Sadly, nothing has been mentioned about those happening in 9.17. Im expecting those to happen in 9.18 along with Maus, FailLöwe and E-100 buffs, aswell as Protomauses. Would make sense.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Probably. They may also wait to see how the Overmatch changes affect them (correct me if I am wrong, but the Type 4 and 5 have pretty weak side armor inside the armored skirt)

      2. leggasiini says:

        It is quite weak, but definely not overmatchable. You are mixing Types with O-I and O-Ni, which does have overmatchable sides inside armor skirt. On Types 105mm thick (and after buff its probably even more), thus new mechanics shouldnt do many changes for Type 4/5.

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