9.17 Test Server Swedish Tank Changes

Good day everyone,

A few changes coming to the Swedish line on the 9.17 test server:


-SFA F12 engine power reduced by 28%

-Drum reload increased from 28 to 33 seconds.

-Between shot reload time increased from 2.75 to 3 seconds.

-Changes to hull armor.

Emil II

-AVS-1195 engine power reduced by 28%

-AV-1195 engine power reduced by 35%

-12cm akan L/40 shot reload increased from 3 to 3.51 seconds.

-10.5cm TK 105 shot reload increased from 3. 3.51 seconds.

-Hull armor nerfs.

Emil I

-SFA 8 envine power reduced 18%

-AOS-895 engine power reduced by 21%

-10.5cm TK 105-9 shot reload increased from 3 to 3.51 seconds

-10.5cm lvkan m/42 shot reload increased from 3 to 3.:1 seconds.


-DB 605 engine power reduced by 30%

-Meteor Mark IV Mod 271 engine power reduced by 31%

Strv 74

-2st Scandia-Vabis 607/1 engine power increased by 19%


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9.17 Test Server Swedish Tank Changes

37 thoughts on “9.17 Test Server Swedish Tank Changes

  1. some off-topic question, but what is you guys opinion about STA2 and M4 Rev in 9.17 super test. I dont have chance to get into test server so im really curious about them after buff

    1. Gunner says:

      i have played both and are performing at least with a 20% improvement in game play, my first game in the M4 Rev got me a first class mastery badge

  2. betterdead thanred says:

    if the emil 2 and kranvagn really was impenetrable from the front on turret, dpm and speed nerf is the only way to go to balance these monsters

  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Mobility and hull armor okay, clip reload okay, but in-clip shot delay, why ?
    I mean the two first stats needed a nerf to differenciate the tank from AMX50B and give it a weakness from front to punish overexposure, but this shot delay is ridiculously bad… 2.75 is already shit, 3s is completely terrible, and no autoloader should have over 3s shot delay unless its a high caliber >130mm, otherwise its unplayable.

    Also why did leo need a nerf ?
    Gun is really inaccurate and has long reload for its tier. And bad pen. Why was its mobility a problem ?
    Too bad… This tank looked fun 🙁 Will have to see how it does now. Cant be worse than VK30.02D.

    I hope they’ll stop here tho with listening to players. KRV has been nerfed enough, now its balanced as it is, and players will keep complaining until they can autopen its turret with gold anyway so if they nerf it any further (and next nerf could only really be turret armor) the tank is dead :/

    But at least they noticed it was too good in everything. Now it has downsides at least.

    1. If you use the 75mm on the leo you have slightly less DPM, and way better gun handling/accuracy than the comet. I preferred that gun over the big gun, which is quite derpy and doesn’t have enough pen either.

  4. Keep going WG nerf the Swede Tech tree to death slowly but surely, WG dickheads all of you.

    until there so bland and just same as same Vanilla as all other tanks ‘for balance you understand’
    we don’t

    why unlock a new tech tree if its soon the same as all the others with just different shaped tanks – that are now boring after ‘balancing’

    “for balance you understand, comfort to play”
    what a fucking stupid short sighted and just dumb attitude

    1. betterdead thanred says:

      so we should ALL play OP sweeds then? needs to have strong and weakpoints, sweeds are already king of the gun depression. more than enough strong-point for the sweeds.
      a little concerned that low-midtiers are UP though (1-7)

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        The only bad tanks I can see in the sweedish line is the tier 6 MT, tier 6 TD, tier 5 TD and now maybe tier 7 MT.

        Other than that, all tanks are pretty good. The tier 7 are my personal favorites. And for the tier X… Well cant judge until I see them on live server with real tier X players and real arty players around.
        Because on test server you can rush the ennemy cap without anyone focusing you, see FV183 spamming AP at the KRV turret, and arties aiming at the targets they have the least chances of hitting. But on live server once a sweede is spotted it’ll be focused by everything within render range.

      2. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Guess what happens if you put a weakspot ontop of a hulldown tank?
        – It’s not a hulldown tank anymore, because everyone will just pen your weakspot.
        Personally I’m really glad to see that WG is not nerfing the armor, finally we have a T32 on tier 10.

      3. leggasiini says:


        Strv 74 is actually very nice, -15 depression + very nice gun, even if platform sucks. Leo still has almost 20 hp/ton so there is that.

        If anything the actual bad tank of the line is now Emil I. Slowish and poor gun, and armor that only works when hulldown (and unlike tier 9/10 turret is not impenetrable). But yea tier 5 TD is fucking terrible

    2. whitebaron777 says:

      If the kranvagn went on the live server in it’s current form it would be the single most broken tank in the game. The nerfs are necessary

    1. https://warthunder.com

      Have a nice stay.

      Historical accuracy isnt what we need in WoT if it means tanks are either not balanced either not fun. It’s an arcade game. If WG gave half a shit about historical accuracy we’d know by now, and they clearly don’t. I know it’s frustrating after all the work you’ve done, but on the other hand I don’t even understand how you could have believed that WG would make this line 100% historical.
      The line made it into the game, that’s already a pretty big thing. They could have chosen to keep all of these tanks for either a new wave of premiums to add in other trees or not added them at all because too lazy to find stuff by themselves.

      1. sp15 says:

        Do you honestly belive i support 100% historical accuracy?
        If they were accurate the heavies should all have 15cm smoothbores, not 12cm guns. I do not expect nor want complete accuracy, what i want is a accurate armor model and accurate stats.

        My problem is that they decided that instead of balancing the tanks with soft stats they started messing with stuff like armor and destroyed the vehicles as a result. A tiger with a 250mm hull front would have pleased players but it would have been as representative to the real thing as the swedish heavies are to their real counterparts and the tiger would have been a less interesting and vehicle as a result.

  5. So basically WG buffed the armor of the Swedish heavies to unhistorical values and are now compensating by nerfing historical engine power values, which they already did with the tier 8, while also making shot delays painfully long? Seems legit. Ofcourse they must keep those OP fake armor values to balance the tanks around.

    Also, why make changes to engine power to balance mobility? Isn’t the whole point of terrain resistance and traverse speed stats to balance mobility? They did it with the RevalorisĂ© as well, except as a buff. I remember the Panthers, Tigers, VK and E-series tanks losing their top engines because they were “unhistorical”.

  6. VidrigeVidar says:

    So basically WG buffed the armor of the Swedish heavies to unhistorical values and are now compensating by nerfing historical engine power values, which has been done with the tier 8 already, while also making shot delays painfully long? Seems legit. Ofcourse they MUST keep those OP fake armor values to balance the tanks around.

    Also, why make changes to engine power to balance mobility? Isn’t the whole point of terrain resistance and traverse speed stats to balance mobility? They did it with the RevalorisĂ© as well, except as a buff. I remember when the Panthers, Tigers, VK and E-series tanks lost their top engines because they were “unhistorical”.

  7. Rombat says:

    I wonder how hard it is to go around the kranvagn and shoot his sides?…pretty hard i guess if they decide to nerf the firepower, mobility and armor. Still the same qustion to the emil line…
    I guess after this nerfs around half of players woun.t grind sweeds anymoore. gg wg

  8. betterdead thanred says:

    make the cranewagon as slow as a maus. with shitty turnspeed for tracks and turret. then it would be fine. and would still be somewhat OP

  9. betterdead thanred says:

    hope WG finds a way to make it interesting to play, and balanced at the same time, scared of superturret and godlike gun-depression.
    but if stuff is gonna be interesting, it’s gotta be new and better than contemporary tier X heavies, if its gonna be balanced, its gonna become a AMX 50B clone.
    WG really is in a pickle here…..
    -evolve WOT into something more new and radical, maybe losing older playerbase like me, and attract new playerbase. who doesnt care to much about the starting idea of WW2 tanks/historical accuracy etc.
    -or keep the ”balance” of the game, and stagnate, with lots of more clones & copy/paste stats onto a different model.
    what can be done here?

  10. Shot delay should be max 3 seconds. The remaining nerfs compensate well enough. More than 3 seconds is stupid.
    Nerf hull armour to historic values.

    Leo does NOT need a nerf. That’s a joke lol. The gun handling, dpm, armour etc are all bad. Nerfing the mobility makes this tank very shit.

    Overall a good set of nerfs to clear power creeped heavy tanks. Pointless nerf to the tier 7 med which didn’t need it at all.

    Side note:
    Buff Spic to 2.5 sec reload in clip and give historical weight of 6 tons so it’s power to weight is actually worth something. At least then it’s not the worst of all tier 7 scouts in every possible way.

    1. Oh and I forgot to mention. Instead of nerfing historical engine power. Why not nerf the terrain resistance stats since they are just made up numbers by WG anyway….

      Also to nerf Russian tanks that lose turret roof weakspots in the next patch wit the retarded ‘improved overmatch’ mechanic….
      IS3 lower plate thinner by 20mm. Remove tracks from frontal hull. Reduce both track and turret traverse by 3 degrees each. Nerf engine power / terrain resistances to bring mobility in line with 110 and other similar tier 8 heavies.
      Increase accuracy to 0.44 and increase dispersion on turret traverse to 0.16 instead of being the same and better than most tier 10 mediums.
      And that’s only if WG want to keep the retarded spaced black holes which of course they will.

      1. wer says:

        great idea, lets make a heavy tank with 5 degrees depression with paper hull armor. And lets keep it blind as a bat.

      2. 5 degrees of gun depression is enough for nearly every situation. Only if you are in a very soft tank or in a tank with less than 5 degrees of gun depression does it actually limit performance.
        More than 5 degrees is just making life easier.

        If you can’t work the terrain with 5 degrees of gun depression then it’s not the tank. It’s you.

        Also the IS-3 is completely OP and will be even more so after the overmatch changes. The nerfs I’m suggesting will be as close to balance as it gets without removing the magical black hole spaced sides.

        It is completely invincible when hulldown even more so than the American specialist hulldown tanks since you can pen their cupolas from a good angle and definitely with gold ammo.
        The mobility is easily the best of the tier 8 heavies that have armour. In fact it actually accelerates faster off the spot than an AMX 50 100.
        The armour is the best of all the tier 8 heavies. Currently the frontal armour has no weakspots at all for lower tier tanks. Even with gold most of them will struggle. The lower plate being 20mm thinner will fix this issue. To a good IS-3 driver this makes almost no difference because you can cover the lower plate. The track links on the upper plate is also a joke making it’s frontal hull extremely troll for even higher tiers.
        If it does get rebalanced then the view range could go up to 360m. It’s camo is still the best of the tier 8 heavies by quite a margin. When going through bushes, trees and similar terrain the IS-3 spots other tier 8 heavies first anyway before they can spot it.

        You can’t have everything on the IS-3. If they want to keep the troll armour and the ridiculous black holes and frontal track links they need to nerf the mobility in line to the 110 and nerf the gun massively.
        If you want the good gun then the spaced sides and frontal track links have gotta go and the mobility needs nerfing to 110 levels too.
        If you want to keep the mobility then the troll spaced armour and front track links have gotta go and a nerf to the gun.

  11. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    I was able to test the tanks, they went from broken-good to broken-terrible.

    Now all they have is turret armor.
    Guns are terrible, too long clip reload and too long shot reload. When driving the tier 9 I feel like I’m driving a Foch155 except instead of doing 750dmg I’m doing bounces and misses.
    Mobility has been heavily nerfed. Tier 9 is okay but tier X is terrible, I hardly reach 50km/h on flat ground, and sometimes dont even reach 60 in slight slopes.
    Hull armor is as it should be, aka weaker so your armor is only on your turret. But the hull angle means most shots will still bounce it, but now arty can pen it. Every time an arty hits one of these tanks it pens unless they hit the gun shield. Every battle I played I saw a KRV get oneshot by arty. FV183 splash for 800 dmg. And as soon as you’re not facing your ennemy straight you’ll get penned.

    Mobility and hull nerf are okay, that’s enough to balance the tank. Clip reload for the tier X, why not, but 33s statts to be too much at this tier. 30s like 50B would be enough now that they dont have the same mobility anymore.

    But the shot delay nerf was too much. 3s at tier 10 is ridiculous. And 3.5s for a 120mm that isnt even that accurate is just not playable. At tier 9 you’ll spend 38s reloading and 3.5s between each shot all of that sometimes for nothing, it’s as frustrating as playing arty.
    And the armor only works when hulldown, but as soon as it’s on flat level it’s useless, no armor and with the terrible autoloader it’s basicaly dead. Thank map designers for adding more ridges than bushes on city maps because otherwise these tanks would be the worst tier Xs.

    They were broken, now they are near underpowered if it wasnt for the turret that can bounce gold. If gold could pen it the tank would be the worst tier X heavy.
    That’ll be the best choice for HT-15 and I can see some uses in CW. The tier X is playable, but the tier IX is at least as bad as AMX50 120.

  12. Ka15eR says:

    Lastly, they made up their mind by beginning the breakdown of the Swedish Tech Tree.
    I was wholeheartedly hyped for the Swedish, they could have lightly been the best thede in the game, yet, the Pseudo-Communists at Wargaming will not let the Swedes fare well.
    The best answer to this irksome fraign is to stick to historical values and make the tanks as true to life as possible and not buff them in terms of armor and nerf them in terms of speed, handling, asf.
    Screw Wargaming’s balance department, the equivalent of political correctness in World of Tanks, favorising the Russians above everybody else. This filth is already brimful with make-believe tanks that were barely doodled on used handkerchiefs…
    No matter how broken the Swedes will be, I will still strive to deaden all foes that go against Swedish Stridewagons.
    Also, gold is the crutch of the crippled, the useless, the filth of the game who know nothing about weakspots and lack any finesse whatsoever. If you can get through a tank with standard ammunition, do it, don’t buy gold to broaden the berth and overstack the pockets of already rotten-rich corrupt publishers. Arty needs immediate removal, as indirect fire is equal to cheating.
    Matchmaking needs to be revamped as it follows:
    – tier I-IV (same tier matchmaking);
    – tier V-VII (+/-1 matchmaking);
    – tier VIII-X (standard: +/-2 matchmaking).
    I hope that an European or U.S. game would really teach these developers a lesson or two.
    I am already sick and tired of this broken stewardship.

  13. IndygoEEI says:

    So it looks like WG has decided to enact their policies from Sandbox on Test Server. Well that sounds great. We all know what that looked like and pissed off a lot of players to the point that some left immediately after playing in Sandbox. Look there may be a method to the madness, but nerfing heavies into the ground on iteration 2 without telling us you’re planning to compensate on iteration 3 (It’s going to happen) isn’t the thing to do.

    Also why nerf Leo? Yes a lot of players were playing it, but I didn’t see anything alarming about it when I played it.

  14. While the armor nerf is a much more easier option, I guess they don’t want to make an amx 50 B clone with armor that doesn’t matter that much.

    So yeah, I don’t mind the nerfs. It was utterly broken anyway. 3 sec works if you have the armor and gundep to allow you to wait.

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