9.17’s WZ-111 Armor Changes


these are the armor changes you can expect on the WZ-111 Premium Tank:

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. 🙂

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9.17’s WZ-111 Armor Changes

15 thoughts on “9.17’s WZ-111 Armor Changes

    1. HkS150 says:

      that’s all what i asked for a little buff to the lower plate now it’s a great tank to me knowing tier 6s can’t pen me in the lowerplate every time with ap 🙂

    1. not really, the IS-6 is still impenetrable from the front by most tier 6 and 7 tanks (unless you’re un angled so you can’t make use of the 220 mm effective lower plate and 200mm effective upper while with a 120mm lower plate on the WZ-111 will be lucky to get 175mm effective) and it’s incredibly troll side armor has nothing to compare to the side of any chinese heavy. Turret also has smaller capola’s. The IS-6 is just an absurdly well armored tank but now the WZ-111 is competitive with it because they can both reliably not get penned from the front from tier 6 tanks.

      1. wer says:

        Still 112 is better armored than IS-6 while also faster(stronger, front, sides and turret). The only edge the IS-6 is ~10% DPM advantage. And with most premiums getting buffs IMHO soon the IS-6 will be too much behind everyone else(too slow to flank other heavies, while the number of virtually impenetrable from the front for 175 pen gun is getting bigger. FML welcome the Lowe to the club). In the same time thanks to its soon to be former glory it will not be buffed until 2020. And when it gets buffs most tier6 and tier7 tanks will get very upset :D.

  1. IS-6 still have a much better armor. WZ-111 LFP buff will make tier 6 medium stop penetrating it with normal ammo and damage its ammo rack (and probably they now need to flank like what it suppposed to do?), but against most other same tier/above tier tanks its whole hull is still a butter.

    What is actually better for me is mobility/gun handling buff. Now I can play it like a pseudo medium even better since I don’t like to shoot gold, I’d rather crush other mediums and flank.

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