9.18 Arty splash damage bug ?

One of our Commenters madogthefirst posted a YouTube video in comments. I’ve taken a close look at it and it looks legit. At about 1:45 in he shoots through an open gate, fair enough then at about 2:07 in the arty shell looks to cause some splash damage through the stone wall. The explosion should have been far enough from the break in the wall to shield the tank from the blast. If not that’s some poor blast modeling or a bug.

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9.18 Arty splash damage bug ?

23 thoughts on “9.18 Arty splash damage bug ?

  1. Homer_J says:

    Could also be a map bug, it only needs a 1 pixel wide gap between the wall and the ground.

    More research needed.

    1. Agreed, this was also my thinking.

      On many occasions he shoots a solid object in front of an enemy to only cause stun with no damage. That leads me to believe that in that area there’s a terrain issue, maybe something similar to floating trees/rocks

      Another possibility is that there’s a hole in the model for the wall but not the texture so while it looks complete it actually isnt thus allowing damage through.

      All in all just assuming its an arty glitch right away is wrong

  2. Dracon says:

    You think thats bad? Ive had SEVERAL instances of the bug of a HE derp gun on a non arty tank, like the Japanese heavys, hitting me and incuring the stunned effect.

  3. says:

    There’s no blast modelling in the game. As I remember some dev said that a few years ago, in a Q&A. So if you’re in the cirlcle of splash damage, no metter what’s between you and the center of the explosion, you’ll be damaged.

  4. AFAIK it is a feature, which was ther from the beginning, just got more frequent after splash improvement. Splash do not collide with other objects, only distance from the splash center to vehicle is counted.

  5. morendill says:

    I can remember 3-4 years old russian server arty guides describing this as a regular mechinics. So definitely not a bug (not realistic and obvious thought).

  6. PzBuch says:

    You can clearly draw a straight line between the impact point and the fore left corner of the tank; it’s sufficient to consider that the “modelled” tank is subject to stun effect. Furthermore – and from a physical point of view – the “shock” wave will actually be reflected by the right (upper) innerside of the gate, towards the flank of the tank. Thus not modelling nor bug issue to me (I play arties from 2011 on) …

    1. Are we talking about the same time point ? I see a bug at 2mins and 7 seconds into the video. Where there is only solid stone wall between the exploding shell and tank. The break in the wall is several meters to the left of the impact point.

      1. PzBuch says:

        You’re right, sorry; I was looking at the blast at 1:56… This stun effect through such a medieval wall is definitely an issue.

  7. There’s another bug with the stun mechanic, if a vehicle is killed either by arty, or while stunned, the symbol for it being stunned will remain on allies’ HUD until it wears off.

  8. madogthefirst says:

    The response to the ticket I made yesterday:
    Hi madogthefirst,

    Thanks for writing in. Allow me to help you with this.

    Upon checking the replay that you’ve provided, I can see here that you hit the rock in front of the enemy tank which damaged the enemy behind the rock with the explosion.

    On the latest update, the He Shell explosion/burst radius was increased to compensate for the damage decrease on the SPG. This means that you can hit more enemies on one location and apply a stun effect on them.

    I hope this clears things up! If you have any other inquiries, please feel free to check out our Support page by clicking this link.

    See you on the battlefield!

  9. Kulingile says:

    Yes, splash damage goes through solid objects. I was in a T110E5 in the abbey (on Abbey of course) during a clan wars battle and got killed by being splashed through the wall by a Conqueror GC. He knocked a few hundred hit points off my tank.

    It’s total BS that an arty can hit the other side of a meter-thick indestructible wall and do splash damage. Not really arty cover, is it?

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