9.18: Common Test Third Iteration

Test server is back online. If you have “9.18_test2” just run it and it will update. If you need to install click this link. Download the test client installer (4,9 MB). (EDIT. Russian Tech Tree Captures added from DoM1N)

List of changes in the third general test 9.18

– The problem with the hovering of the sight when switching between the “trajectory view” and the “overhead view” of the camera of the sight of the automatic control system is solved.
– Resolved a problem with “departures” when switching to full screen mode on a monitor with a resolution of 4K.
– Fixed displaying a mini-map in the sight “trajectory view”.
– Fixed the position of guns for the tank Pz.Kpfw.I
– Resolved the problem with the camera hanging in the center of the map when switching to the enemy machine in observer mode.

Changes have been made to some of the branches of the Tech Tree.


– Added transition from M41 Bulldog to T54E1.
The M41 Bulldog had been left with a 76 mm cannon with a magazine loading system, capable of causing significant damage with a single reload: in connection with the transition to the standard match maker, the number of shells in the drum was reduced to 6.


– Added a transition from HWK 12 to Leopard PT A.


– The structure of development branches to T62A and “Object 430” has been changed.(Added screen shots of old and new Tech Trees)

* Technical Changes.

– Gun ammunition 105 mm L7A3C increased from 32 to 36 shots.

T-100 LT:
– The 100 mm T-100 gun ammo is increased from 33 to 38 shots.

M551 Sheridan:
– 105 mm light weight gun gun ammunition increased from 32 to 37 shots.
– Gun ammunition 152 mm Gun-Launcher XM81 (conventional) increased from 25 to 28 shots.

AMX 13 90:
– Gun ammunition 90 mm F3M is increased from 36 to 40 shots.

AMX 13 105:
– Gun ammunition 105 mm D. 1504 is increased from 24 to 30 shots.

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