9.18 EU Release Date

Good day everyone,

Super short post, but the launch date for update 9.18 has been released for the EU servers. Things are looking to April 27th.

Brace yourselves lads.

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9.18 EU Release Date

71 thoughts on “9.18 EU Release Date

    1. DickHerMax says:

      I read somewhere (I think it was here, with 9.18 release dates, even before US got it) that Asia will get it in May.

  1. Volt3m says:

    Brace yourselves for crap arty, your 3 marked ELC’s nerfed and horrible tier X light tanks. Have a good one. Best thing about the patch you might ask? The new matchmaker allows you to mark your tanks quicker and complete missions a lot easier. That’s it.

  2. Good luck and god speed.

    We on the Asia server eagerly hope that after another week of testing on live server WG will decide to scrap 9.18 or send it back to sandbox before it gets to go live here.

    Seriously, what a horrible update. So far from being completely balanced you would think it was still in alpha test

      1. Uuuhhh says:

        Yeah this dude’s not that bright. He doesn’t even have the pitch on his server yet he declares it a flop. It’s actually one of the best they’ve done in a long time imo. I’m having a blast with it and the LT’s r awesome. What he and all the other negative Nancy’s complain about relates to the common test and the fact that EVERYONE FIRES GOLD on there as opposed to the real live servers. So this nay-sayer has no weight behind his negative comments. It’s honestly an amazing update to the game and it’s very refreshing. Well done WG

      2. Soifon99 says:

        I was just on the US forums, and there are a lot of mixed posts.. mostly people who are mad about the bad light tanks.. some are happy with it.. but most are not.. so i don’t know what you are referring to?..

      3. @NYA-CHAN: last I checked there seemed to be more complaints about costant stun then previously about getting one-shot

        @UUUHHH: I’ve been testing arty since day one of Sandbox and LT from when they were also on yhe sandbox so i think my words have more weight then some thats only played it on the CT. The simple matter is that to show the full effect of LT changes they need to do a full tank class rework and have it implemented at the same time.

        Or will you legitimately try to claim that HT having better view range then tier 10 scouts is fine?

        @RYUZAKON: Yer look, I’ll have some games in SPG, got the M53/M55 and Obj 261. The chance of being one-shot is nowhere near as high as people make it out to be. Thats not to say nothing should have been done. But its going from something that could hit you 2/5 times to being able to hit 5/5 shots. Not to mention the stun and twice the blast radius.

        It would be less annoying with, on the tier 10: 200 more damage, 1/3 the blast radius, no stun

      4. Nya-chan Production says:

        @DeadArashi: I checked a week ago and it was lots of crying. Checked yesterday / today and most people are calm and playing, some even saying the patch is fine. There’s been a radical shift.

        Most people are sad about arty stun – when it’s nowhere as bad as it was, many people said they preferred this solution and it lets you play longer. Maybe crippled, yeah – but a stupid teammate or unlucky crit will do the same.

        And lights, don’t get me started on those. You can still outspot mediums because of your camo on move (which everybody conveniently ignores). People just want to get extra advantage and be able to stealth snipe, which is only guaranteed to anger people who are shot by invisible lights – look at how WoWs removed camo sniping, it’s the exact same thing.

      5. Thats funny cause I just checked on the NA forums and theres plenty of hate towards all aspects so i really do question what it is you’re reading

      6. Volt3m says:

        I’m not an arty lover or a “clicker” whatever that is. It’s not like we all click to fire. Anyways, I hate the AP and HEAT part of arty. But after looking at the splash that arty can, say 4 tanks get splashed and you do 900 dmg. That’s all good with me. It was the dmg thing. But the lights like ELC and the top speed changes for them is bad.

      1. Nocomment says:

        The rest of the patch I reserve judgement on until I have tried. I.e the new mm and arty.

        Light tanks slightly weaker!
        No! Just no, they are now obsolete apart from hiding (I don’t mean spotting) what can these new light tanks do better or even as well as a same tier MT?

      2. The fact that nothing has had enough time in testing or refinement.

        You’re trading in the anoyance from the lisght chance of being one shot from innacurate arty fire to something that will hit you constantly while stunning you and, with twice the blast radius, doesnt even need to hit in the same post code anymore.

        Being consistantly stunned is far more annoying then the odd chance of being one shot.

        Light tanks werent well thought out. If you adjust one class severely you need to adjust all to make it fit, and they haven’t. LT and SPG changes should have happened with a global class rebalance.

        Remember when they tested rewarked tank rolls to balance them as fire support, breakthrough, scouts and so fourth? LT changes needed to happen then.

        Say whatever you want but the fact is that they havent tested all possibilities or fully refined/fine tuned everything. They failed to utilizes the sandbox server and this is the result.

      3. ELC wrecked, stump feature annoying, increased splash through the wall, T6/7 premium lights should be a template not the best, less viewrange than a heavy, no platoon for arty. Simply not enough testing. I hope they rebalance and fix this.

      4. Huguenot says:

        Arty now 10% more accurate (some more some less)with huge splash. I have seen many more shotgun episodes recently (seriously, don’t try to close distance with most arty). MM is still piling all heavies or tds onto one team and screwing other. Lights in new mm are having a bit of an identity crisis as well. Oh, and for the arty players out there, no platooning limits effectiveness.
        TL;DR: It’s not too awful, considering what they’re trying, but it needs tweaking.

  3. Like yeah im so looking forward to ~
    Even more than before to being ‘Stunned to Death but a bit more slowly’ by the still OP Arty SPG’s

    cant wait to get hit again, again and again by more accurate Arty HE splash that reduces all my crews to 50% for 20 to 30 seconds – while enemy wolf pack me to death before I can escape – bloody marvelous genius that’s is the WG dev’s ‘to get Arty part of the teams teamwork;

    yeah can see it now Arty playing for the team’s fun and happiness

    1. Sounds like you didn’t play on the Sandbox or Testserver, it’s not at all like that. Arty doesn’t focus one single player anymore, they focus a big group of tanks.
      So if you’re getting hit over and over again for 200hp in your tier 10 tank, i suggest to get some distance between you and some allies.

      Besides arty works both ways, enemy arty hits you and allied arty hits the enemy. You will have that one moment where you wish you had arty support.

      1. “Besides arty works both ways, enemy arty hits you and allied arty hits the enemy. ” Grab a light and circle a heavy. One supersmart arty of your team will miss the heavy and kill you. What would you expect from players limited to two words (spot and help)

      2. Huguenot says:

        “Arty doesn’t focus one single player anymore, they focus a big group of tanks.” Live server (tiers 3-8) experience… this is not true. Have seen time and again arty continue to focus tanks to death. Perhaps this is because people are trying to not bunch up, so arty has to adapt. Or maybe arty fires fast enough and accurately enough now so they figure they can get away with focusing a tank or two.

  4. Liam says:

    The MM system is total shit.. no more arty platoon. Might as well sell them all since it’s my main and I can’t party with my buddies anymore..

    1. Yup. Sell them all because they suck now. They’ll suck even more now that you can’t coordinate with your fap buddies.

      I’m so happy I could cry (but I won’t).

  5. Soifon99 says:

    Too bad they are really pushing this light tanks rebalance.. i thought they where using the US servers as a test bed and then tweak it a bit and patch it again for scout with normal view range, and tier X light tanks that have better dpm then a tier 7 premium..

    1. To be honest, i think if they would onyl buff the view range i would be completely fine. Light tanks are supposed to scout anyway. All we need then are bigger maps.

    2. madogthefirst says:

      Did you really think they would tweak anything? They don’t listen to feed back and push things through come hell or high water.

      I finally got around to playing a few lights on NA server and had quite a bit of fun in em. They seem fine so far.

      1. Soifon99 says:

        @ MIZ The scout tank class is dead.. there are 3 scout maps left, and the rest are shit or corridor.. WG should have made the new light tanks just faster mediums with less hitpoints, same VR, but better camo and camo on the move.. now they are toothless gimped tiger.. with shit VR, shit dpm, and terrible gun handeling/pen.. mediums will shit on the current light tanks all day long

        @ MADDOG the low tier light tanks seem to be less shit then the high tier tanks… but what bugs me the most is how shit the tier X light tanks are compared to the tier 9 light tanks and tier 9/10 meds… they are utter trash.. i will play my 907 all day long to own the lame tier X lights..

  6. Gunner says:

    not looking forward to the arty changes, i think it will be a step too far. Also are the personal missions going to be adjusted to accommodate the huge changes to the game?

  7. Shrike58 says:

    Apart from arty not being able to platoon at all striking me as being unfair I really don’t have a lot of issues with the changes made; the game really did need to be shaken up.

  8. Noidea says:

    just like WG to fuck up a patch and make SEA wait for it. its not like they are going to all at once un-Nerf the LTs, (so that was a waist of time and testing) really all that shit on SB then to get the tanks on CT and let the knobs cry them to death. Ill just keep with the MTs. As for artty.. well see, but I was not soo impressed and still hope they just sack the lot of them… or even better roll them back to 8.6 with no tier 9, and 10s. MM looks positive.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The pluton stuff for arty is not very Good I think and for the People thats crying abit arty actually hitting you now. You so realize that was Kinda the point right?

  10. Ulric says:

    The new MM is complete trash. I hope you guys are ready to be bottom tier 90% the time now. Also, the are still plenty of games, probably more now, where one team will get one or two heavies, and the other will get six to eight. Or when your top tier tanks are two light tanks and an arty vs a platoon of heavies. Much balance, very vodka.

  11. Lasix says:

    The impact of 9.18 depends on the tank tiers you play. In short, low tiers are ok or better after 9.18. The high tiers are worse after 9.18: MM, LT and arty are worse on high tiers.

  12. I play the NA servers and just to keep it short and sweet. The 9.18 patch is utter horse manure. As far as I can tell wargaming should spend more time and effort fixing the (still) utter garbage match making. Out of ten consecutive matches in a tier eight tank I was nine times bottom tier. So I wonder where the MM fix went…most likely down the toilet. Just a hint for all the small minded and slow learning employees at the wargaming development department…FIX THE DAM GAME and STOP dressing up a TURD!!!

  13. Wahnfried III says:

    I think that the light tank chances are not well thought out. Maybe Tier X Light Tanks where to good before… idk… but it is in violation of the primary class balancing that a light is a worse scout than a medium.

    Those are huge chances…. and the meta will significantly be affected. It will take some month to see the full result of this. A lot of arties who are good now will be bad. A lot of arty who are bad now could become good.

    This is probably the biggest chance in WOT for a long time if not for ever. The entire game will chance.

  14. WangOnTheLoose says:

    Not sure where people are getting the idea that this is a patch that has been well received on the NA server. By far most of the posts and threads about this patch are negative for one reason or another.

    1. Light Tank nerfs to all tiers, lots of complaints about the ELC, T37, and the Chaffee. Not just about the Tier 10s. Haven’t played any of them myself since the patch so I really can’t comment but lots of people upset about it.

    2. New MM is irking a lot of people too. This I get, while you may have more to do while bottom tier you are pretty much never top tier anymore in tier 5 and 8 so that is really causing some angst. This could be heavily influenced by the small population on the NA server so might not be as bad on the other servers.

    3. Arty…… you thought arty hate was bad before, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. Half the arty players feel their SPGs are worse and a lot of normal players feel that arty is more powerful. Played a couple games in arty since the patch and I feel it is significantly more powerful. If you are on an open map with 2-3 arty anything that is slow and heavy is absolutely doomed to having an extremely long and tedious game.

  15. Wiesel says:

    damn, i really start to get pissed by all these (unicum) whiners… a test server has (for me) no representative value, for obvious reasons.
    Just wait the frickin patchday and play on the live servers, bet its gonna be 100% different then it is on the CT.
    The most complaints come from damn pinkies anyway *mimimi* we cant sealclub in Tier X lights, mimimi -> go to hell with that bullcrap.
    i personally find the changes to the meta very appealing. period

    1. Moo says:

      If you actually bothered to read the posts a significant portion of these opinions are from NA live server.

      Also: found the yellow guys! 😀

    2. NDGR says:

      2000 recent here, I personally have to disagree. But not because I played the test server and failed at penning everything frontally, tbh I didn’t play on the CT at all. I was on the sb on the other hand. It’s a way more controllable environment than the CT, pretty live server like. Those lights were balanced to fit into this environment and it worked out nicely. But as soon as it hit CT they nerfed the living crap out of them. Come on people, anything can and will be op on the test server.

      And the last thing, you might not like it too much…
      Wot should Not be balanced around the average player too much. If you do, Maus happens. A tank the average player performs above average in, is also open for unicums. And they can and will do substantially better. They can and shit all over you left right and center. Always keep that in mind.

      1. betterdead thanred says:

        wot should not be balanced around the average player? average winrate is 48% isnt it?
        good players are the minority, unicums even more so…..

        time will show if lights now are truly UP, but i get the feeling like wiesel says that those that complain, are those that are too used to sit and snipe with their lights, mostly unicums play that cowardly and farm dmg from distance if possible.

      2. Wiesel says:

        @ NDGR thanks for that reply. thats exactly what i am thinking too, i’m a nearly 1800WN8 player myself. The lights on the sandbox were really nice to play, but for my feelings they were dealing a little bit too much of damage -> therefore the alpha nerf was somewhat reasonable. the other nerfs though -> complete bullshit and not necessary.

        As you already stated the tanks that everyone can perform in — i saw that with the Maus myself. ofc its weak AF on the CT because every shit fires 340+mm pen rounds. nothing can withstand that. But on the live server, Maus and especially the Type5 are a darn pain in the ass to kill with everything Tier9 and lower…
        for my part i think the new lights are really good tanks if played by capable players. not in the damage aspect maybe but in the overall versatility/speed.
        its the kind of meta that is not built for the “plebs” so to call them

  16. Apart from being an obvious bait and overused random whine….
    I have actually gone to AW. The latest patch there is really epic.
    And having looked at the light tanks I’m going to not bother. As well as the always present rng and other imbalanced bullshit that plagues wot.
    To be fair I do like the new mm and arty. I always get arty focussed and am mostly bottom tier anyway. So this helps me tbh.

    1. Akina90 says:

      Em….really? AW 0.19 is kind of lame….gameplay wise is nothing changed, people won’t play PvP, and PvE is full of ATGM spam so I can’t play aggressive with vehicles that has no armour…

      And more minor stuffs are inaccurate models….(es, I’m looking at Type 62. How lazy do my.com have to be to put a Type 59 model and just rename+change the stats

      1. Gameplay wise nothing is changed….?
        Sure the mechanics for the most part are the same but every single tank without exception has been rebalanced. The game is fast paced and confortable. It rewards skill and aggressive pkay. WoT rewards camping and farming while your team dies.
        The camo and view range system is not able to be abused by double bush etc.
        Love is relaxing and fun. Queue times in PvP have gone down after the patch. Sure it can still be up to 3 minutes during quieter hours but I have no problem with that. I’m not impatient and I much prefer waiting 3 mins for a game I will enjoy rather than 5 seconds of waiting in WoT for a game utterly filled with pay to win tanks, rng, arty and completely disastrous game balance.

      2. Akina90 says:

        There’s no double bush magic but spotting system is buggy as hell…..playing PvE with my Ariete looking a Stingray 2 within 100m and it disappears…..with a knock down tree in between…..

        PvP force you to use stronker vehicles…which is no different to WoT.

        P2W tanks is objective, I’ve seen too many retards fuck up with their 252Us. RNG is a pain but it does create some lol moments. Arty has been improve(not perfect), whereas AW get rid off it in PvP GOps seems to work becoz barely anyone plays them.

        AW’s game balance is not perfect, and WoT’s balancing is not disastrous. Both games punish bad players really hard, but just becoz AW seems to have a shorter grind before t9 doesn’t make it that superior to WoT IMO.

  17. Saša says:

    2800 battles trying to finish impossible SPG-10 for Obj 260 … might become doable with changed missions in 9.18…

  18. Wiesel says:

    UPDATE: just saw the article on WG EU concerning the release of 9.18 tomorrow, April 27th!
    That means its going live lads and lasses

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