9.18 test server first ituration

Test server is up and running.

If you already have an old version of the Test client just run and it will update. For a fresh install click this link Public test

Today’s the day many tankers have been waiting for—the revised matchmaker and SPGs are available for everyone to test. On top of that, five Tier X light tanks roll out, bringing changes to the very structure of light tank branches, multiple balance tweaks to mid/lower tier vehicles, and the much more player-friendly ±2 matchmaking spread for them.

We hope these improvements eliminate the barriers between you and fun. The final decision on each of them depends on your feedback. So, hop aboard the Common Test and share your thoughts with us!


We recognize that the matchmaker has been one of the biggest sources of player frustration in the game. Over the years, you reported frequent cases of uneven team makeups, map dupes, and weird tier splits. We heard you loud and clear, and with 9.18 we’re introducing a major overhaul to the system to address your concerns. To enhance matchmaking for a better, fairer experience, we revised its core mechanics and implemented an all-new template-based algorithm.

Deeper under the hood, the improved matchmaker is a set of server-side algorithms that analyze vehicles in the queue and build two teams with several key criteria in mind. These teams should be comparable in their aggregate combat parameters, diverse in vehicle types, versatile enough to provide for an engaging gaming experience and, finally, balanced in a way that makes it almost impossible to predict the battle outcome. Now, let’s delve deeper into the way it’s done.

The new algorithm balances the “perfect” match against the speed of matching. First, it tries to create what it considers a perfect ±2 match using the 3/5/7 template or one of its variations. The variation you get depends directly on the queue composition. Whichever template you end up with, it’ll always have:

  • No more than three tanks at the top of the list
  • No more than five in the middle
  • More vehicles in the middle than at the top
  • More vehicles at the bottom than in the middle

If the search for the “perfect” match will leave you queuing too long (for example, if there are too many vehicles of a certain tier queueing at the moment), the matchmaker loosens the restrictions a bit to make sure you get into a match quicker. In this case, you can get a two-level or a single-level battle. Those are rare instances, though. The vast majority of battles will have the ±2 tier spread.

Templates help form teams with an equal number of vehicles at the top/middle/bottom of the list, which fixes two problems at once. Firstly, the matchmaker creates evenly assembled teams. Plus, it provides an enjoyable gaming experience for all players by eliminating frustrating scenarios where vehicles in the middle and at the bottom of the list are outnumbered by those at the top. Now, regardless of your position on the list and which template you get, there are enough players in the same position on the team as you are to turn the tide of the battle:

  • Tanks at the bottom will always be in majority. They can either fight against same-tier opposition or join forces with higher-tier comrades.
  • Revving their engines in the middle of the list will be solid vehicles that have what it takes to stand strong against “top” enemies.
  • Finally, vehicles at the top can hunt for their counterparts on the other team, set the line of fire, or suppress superior enemy forces.

Evenly assembled teams
Another particularly painful point that you brought up was one-sided, boring games composed of two teams that were vastly different in vehicle composition. Let’s say two tank destroyers in a team against seven in the opposing. You can guess the result from the get-go, which kind of wipes the smile off your face and makes you want to quit (unless you’re on the winning side, of course, but even winning is little fun when it comes easy). This would happen because the old matchmaker used to balance a team by the number of scouts and arty. The other classes would get distributed randomly.

The improved matchmaker adds tank destroyers to the equation. Medium and heavy tanks still get distributed randomly, as the introduction of strict balancing by all vehicle types within the current system would result in significantly longer wait times. Take, for example, the only Tier III heavy, Type 91. It would have to queue until another player on its server chooses this very tank for a battle, because there’s virtually no other vehicle to match against it if the algorithm considers tiers and types. So, to get you into a finely-balanced match and do it quickly, the new system is only strict with the three classes that have very distinct gameplay roles (light tanks, tank destroyers and arty), as their uneven distribution between teams might ruin the balance of power.

We’ll look into the option of balancing by all vehicles types at a later point. As of now, our main priority is fine-tuning the improved matchmaker. It’s a complex task, and we’d rather take it one step at a time: ensure that the new algorithm runs smoothly, and then proceed with refining it further.


Now, the difference in the number of artillery, light tanks and tank destroyers will be just one vehicle at the most, providing evenly assembled team makeups. Platoons are getting distributed similarly. The matchmaker ensures there’s the same number of Platoons on each side, which should bring the possible difference in Platoon players down to three (e. g., three three-man strong Platoons in one team against three Platoons of two each on the other). Just as with the templates, if it takes too long to build a team with an equal number of Platoons, the matchmaker might loosen this restriction to get you into a battle quickly.

Only same-tier Platoons in Random Battles 
On the battlefield, coordination and joint actions are what paves your way to victory. And there’s hardly a better means to show well-orchestrated teamwork than Platoons. However, no matter how well you work in two’s and three’s, at the end of the day you are still part of a larger battle unit—a team. If you choose multi-tier vehicles for a Platoon, you put your entire team in harm’s way: they can get matched against tanks that are three or more tiers higher than they are. A same-tier Platoon, on the contrary, ramps up a team’s chances at victory.

To reward your efficient actions and promote teamwork, we implemented a system of XP bonuses for same-tier Platoons back in 9.15. Along with it, we imposed penalties to discourage players from forming multi-tier Platoons, which reduced their number, but didn’t solve the issue 100%.

 tiers of vehicles in a platoon  bonus for a victory / loss (%)
 I—III  0
 IV  1 / 1
 V  2 / 2
 VI  3 / 3
 VII  5 / 4
 VIII  10 / 5
 IX  20 / 10
 X  30 / 15

Now we are back at it with the improved matchmaker. It simply won’t allow multi-tier Platoons into Random Battles to create balanced teams.

No more than 3 SPGs per team
If you joined us in the Sandbox, you already know the limit of no more than 3 arty per side balances combat interplay between SPGs and other vehicles. Both stats and feedback show that it injects combat with extra fun and variety, and decreases camping, encouraging more active gameplay. And with 9.18, we are bringing this restriction to live servers!

Fewer map dupes
The improved matchmaker reduces the number of map dupes with a new logic. It analyzes maps that tankers from the two newly created teams played over the last 10 battles. Then, it places them on a map none of them have seen in the last few sessions.

This new map rotation logic is relevant for maps used in the Standard mode (Random Battles). Assault and Encounter Battles are only played across a limited number of maps. So, if you have them flagged, maps will repeat more often.

Getting ranked in the top/middle/bottom of the list
After you’ve fought at the bottom for a few battles in a row, the matchmaker will try to find a team where you get in the middle/top of the list, regardless of whether you play in the same vehicle or choose a new one during this session. If it sees that this will have you waiting for quite a while, it will match you into a battle with a suitable tier split.

All-Round SPG Revision

Arty gameplay has been the topic of heated discussion for quite a while now. In a nutshell, they are little fun whether you drive them or fight them. The latter camp often suffers from sudden, crippling damage, making you question the point of all the effort you put into playing. It makes the game less fluid as people cling to cover to avoid instant destruction. Instead of countering camping, it often facilitates it. On the other hand, SPGs themselves aren’t a smooth ride either. They miss a lot and take forever to reload.

To help arty claim their rightful place in combat without ruining the fun for others, we introduced a set of changes to their combat parameters and mechanics in the Sandbox. The test showed that the SPG revision facilitates teamwork and makes matches more fluid and fairer.

An increased rate of fire and accuracy, the removal of all AP and HEAT rounds, a stun effect that can be reduced with reusable First Aid Kits and Spall Liners turn SPGs into long-range support fire vehicles. Instead of dealing massive damage, forcing draws and base camping, they now work in close cooperation with the rest of the team, soften targets and help set the attack direction from afar. The penalty for getting hit dropped off a lot and isn’t going to send you back to the Garage. So, heavy tanks are less afraid to push out and lead an assault. They might get hit by an arty shell, but it isn’t devastating.

After a good four rounds of testing and dozens of balance tweaks, revised arty are ready to make their way onto live servers. And we are here to break down the major changes they are getting in 9.18 in extra detail:

  • To reshape arty into efficient team players, we introduced an all-new stun mechanic. Now, tanks in the arty burst radius have their characteristics temporarily weakened. It means that SPGs can help their team turn the tide of the battle by supporting the assault from afar and giving their team a few precious seconds to break the defense lines and catch the enemy by surprise. As for the other camp, arty won’t kick you out from the game in a single shot the way it did. Now it worsens your mobility, accuracy, and reload time for a short period. When the stun duration passes, you can fight on.
  • There are a number of ways in which the stun effect can be reduced. Along with a vehicle’s armor that helps partially absorb it, the negative impact of arty can be minimized further with (newly) multiuse equipment and consumables: Spall Liners (superheavy, heavy, medium, light) cut the stun duration by 10%; Premium First Aid Kits reduce it by 5%. Superheavy Spall Liners prove the most effective against stun as they absorb explosive damage better.
  • To stress arty’s role as long-range support fire, we increased the HE shell burst radius. With a smaller gap between direct hits and a near misses (in terms of damage dealt), shooting at multiple targets is now more efficient than picking just one. This change, together with the introduction of the stun mechanic, should force SPGs to change their play style and aim to hit multiple targets, letting their teammates finish the job.
  • To get rid of frustrating one-shots, we considerably lowered the penetration and damage per shot (DPS) for HE shells, while also removing AP, APCR, and HEAT shells for SPGs. Of course, one-shots are still possible if the shell lands on the target and hits its ammo rack, but the chances of it happening are close to zero now.
  • To compensate for the reduction in DPS and penetration values, we decreased SPG dispersion on the move and their reload time, while also improving aiming time and accuracy. Now they can efficiently redirect fire and quickly come to the rescue of teammates on several flanks.

As long-range support vehicles, it’s critical that SPGs coordinate their actions with fellow players to help their team succeed. To facilitate team communication and increase the clarity and readability of the battle, we introduced several new UI elements:

Target area marking for friendly vehicles
Now arty can alert the team to where they will shoot, so their fellow tankers can ready themselves for an attack and get out of the blast radius. To display a special marker showing the area you are targeting, simply press the Requesting fire/Attacking key (“T” by default). Its radius will be the same as the shell blast arc.

Stun indicators
Arty can see the damage their teammates deal to stunned vehicles (also included in their after-battle stats as damage dealt with their assistance), while all players can see the countdown of the remaining stun time right above the vehicle affected by it. If you are stunned, along with the stun time, you get a lowdown on HP lost and how your combat parameters decreased, in the lower left of the HUD (similar to when your vehicle drowns or catches fire).

Alternative Aim
Inspired by the fan-favorite Battle Assistant, it changes the aiming display for SPGs and gives a clear flight path of the projectile, as well as a good overview of the terrain, allowing you to aim better. It works well around large obstacles and is especially handy in urban areas and on uneven terrain. Switching between regular and alternative aim will help you make a well-thought-out shot.

Stretching Light Tank Branches to Tier X

Light tanks first appeared as support fire vehicles to spot enemies and work in tandem with other tanks, rather than an independent unit. As such, light tanks (Tier IV+) presently have special matchmaking and face vehicles that are up to three Tiers higher than they are.

This special matchmaking was initially introduced to let Tier VIII light tanks into Tier X battles. But tanks with powerful cannons and decent view ranges came along, easily destroying light tanks and making scouts almost useless. In today’s game, light tanks barely deal much damage and are quite ineffective against vehicles of a higher tier. This means that they either stay put instead of helping the team, or get destroyed quickly when they scout.

To even the odds and introduce regular ±2 matchmaking, light tank branches now start at Tier V and reach to Tier X. With the matchmaker’s ability to quickly build diverse teams, light tanks no longer have to suffer and can make an impact in battle. While still support units, they now have decent enough firepower and excellent speed to add to the battle. Tier X light tanks are swifter and more maneuverable than their counterparts at lower Tiers. Their gun stabilization, penetration power and hit damage allow them to excel in close- and mid-range combat. These stats encourage light tanks to constantly be on the move and change firing positions. Possessing guns a little less powerful than medium tanks, they still have enough penetration power to pierce the side and rear armor of heavy vehicles. Their speed, camouflage, and firepower make them a formidable unit when utilized effectively.

To ensure that these renewed branches fit into the confines of the ±2 rule, we also rebalanced all light tanks. It should erase abrupt changes in gameplay within one branch. Vehicles that currently reside on Tier VIII moved up a tier, with the only exception being the Chinese Tech Tree. It welcomed two completely new light tanks: the WZ-132-1 at Tier X and the WZ-132A at Tier IX.

What happens to modules, XP, Crew, emblems and camo you have on light tanks?

  • Configuration. If you have vehicles that changed a Tier in 9.18 and they are researched to the top configuration, they retain it upon changing.
  • Crew moves with the tank. Fully-trained Crew is transferred back to the Barracks and re-trained to 100% for a new Tier. If you have Crew trained to 100% on a light tank that moves up a Tier, but don’t have this tank in the Garage at the update’s release, the Crew will be retrained for a higher Tier regardless.
  • Emblems and camo. Emblems and camo bought with Gold and mounted on Tier VIII vehicles that move up to Tier IX will be removed. But fear not; you’ll get the amount of Gold they cost you credited to your account. Temporary emblems and camo you have on vehicles that move up a Tier will be removed as well. In this case, you receive the amount in Credits proportional to their remaining duration. Unique emblems and camo are here to stay: they’ll get de-mounted from Tier VIII vehicles and you can apply them to any other tank.
Finally, changes to the branch structure won’t affect XP you’ve earned on light tanks. They stay at the Tier they were earned on.


The work on 9.18 is far from over. It touches upon several key gameplay components that have been a source of controversy, and attempts to get them right through changes driven by the player community at large. Although these changes have passed the Sandbox test, we want all of you to have a chance to really put them through their paces, play a lot of games and share your impressions with us. Join the Common Test and let’s make the game better, together!

Discover how you can join the Common Test:

How it works.

New to testing? Check out our handy guide to public tests.

Eligibility: All players registered prior to March 20 can participate in the test.

Feedback: please post your general feedback about the test version and bug reports in the special thread on our forum.

Test Client.

  • Download the test client installer (4,9 MB).
  • Make sure you pick a save location that is different to your regular World of Tanks game files.
  • Save and run the installer.
  • Run the new copy of the game. The launcher will download all the additional data.
  • Log in and start playing.

Server Restarts.

The test server will be restarted regularly, according to the following schedule:

  • First Periphery: 04:00 UTC every day. Average duration will be around 25 minutes.
  • Second Periphery: 05:00 UTC every day. Average duration will be around 25 minutes.
  • Central Database: 09:00 UTC every day. Average duration will be around 2 minutes.

The test server may be subject to unscheduled restarts and maintenance.


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9.18 test server first ituration

76 thoughts on “9.18 test server first ituration

  1. kunexar says:

    And now, we arty players who wouldn’t keep few tanks that were funny and nice to play, we are being punished. ATM i’m sitting with 5 fem crew at FV304 is being wasted, as from 9.18 i don’t find any enjoyment from it (at least at test). All i can do is to retrain them for gold for another brit vehicle (while i would like to get last few for swe tree:(yes, that ~25mm penetration NERF will matter when you hit solid armor (slightly better dmg) or side of jap HT (side of OI for 100 at test) while it won’t matter at all vs swe td’s and wtf german line) I’m now sad:/

      1. kunexar says:

        I wont deny that arty needed rebalance, yet aat same time i feel cheated. If everything will pass as it is on test i will have 5 crew from PM that wont have any use to me. Would you like to lose 5 crew from PM just like that without any free way to fix it (as if i need 5th crew for UK…)?

    1. You are now going to play a proper support vehicle instead of a slot machine that sometimes becomes an orbital laser strike from the sky killing a full HP medium tank full speed on the move. Now you’ll have to focus on a cluster of heavy tanks, relying on splash damage on an area of effect. Stunning the enemies, reducing their fighting capabilities, instead of outright wrecking them with a single direct hit. Heck, even a splash in the current version does 600+, plus detracking, and killing the driver at the same time.

      1. kunexar says:

        It would be nice to at least be able to damage those HT for more than 100dmg per direct shoot (just tested OI side…. max was 140hp/shoot, ~50hp front, not stun at all). Im all for that rework, yet i ask what to do with my wasted 5 crew from PM?

    2. Artillery Is Still Cancer says:

      Just played the test server. Artillery is still a cancer, just as bad if not worse than it ever was. Wargaming need to grow some balls, admit that the class should never have been introduced in the first place, and remove it entirely from the game…

  2. NH says:

    Crew does not move with the Tank sofar… I have a T49 in my garage on live server, on test server I got the M41 and the T49, the XP has been transferred to the M41 and the crew has been also retrained to that tank… I don’t know if it’s because they still collecting data to the test server account or just they changed their mind in the last min. Btw, this patch looks like a complete mess/chaos to me at the moment. They would implement too many changes at the same time, in my opinion.

  3. NH says:

    Crew does not move with the Tank sofar… I have a T49 in my garage on live server, on test server I got the M41 and the T49, the XP has been transferred to the M41 and the crew has been also retrained to that tank… I don’t know if it’s because they still collecting data to the test server account or just they changed their mind in the last min. Btw, this patch looks like a complete mess/chaos to me at the moment. They would implement too many changes at the same time, in my opinion.

    1. kunexar says:

      Heavy hitters still hit hard, but now you wont deal single target damage but aoe splash (nice at higher tiers, suck at lower)

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    From what I’ve seen :
    -LTs are not good. Tier 9 and 10 are too strong, lower tiers are too weak. They cant make working LTs without nerfing other classes’ view range, especialy MT’s.

    -Arty is basicaly dead. I would rather grind a stock ARLv39 only in tier 8 games and without gold than play arty at that point. It will never make it to live server this way. After CT either it goes back to sandbox for further testing or it gets removed, I don’t see any other option. They cannot keep in the game a class that is so disgustingly bad and underpowered, they might as well remove it completely. They nerfed the alpha so hard now a tier X arty wont even do 500 dmg on a direct hit ; and to compensate they barely changed accuracy, and reload was only buffed by 1s or 2s depending on tanks. The stun is useless, it is just here to annoy people, but it does nothing else. It does not affect gameplay at all, it just makes it look like arty is still here. And because they kept the same shell prices, and 500hp repairs cost as much as 3200hp at this tier, you simply cannot make money. And you barely make any xp as well. This is not a rebalance ; this is a nerf, and all it did was destroying the class. It’s still as frustrating as ever except now it cant even affect the game anymore.
    Just spam WG with negative feedback so the class is removed already. I want my xp back and I want WG to start working on improving the game again, I can’t believe how much time and effort they wasted in a “global rebalance” to just end up with a big nerf destroying a class. That is effortless ; and even their new arty view is shit, it is not playable, way too much sensivity and the view angle is cancer ; battle assistant is simply better and the guy who made it does not work for a multibillionaire company…

    1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

      I agree with you that the stun doesn’t do much, but despite the damage reduction, the total amount of damage an SPG does in a game has increased greatly. The damage per shot has reduced greatly, but you are much more likely to deal damage with every shot AND deal damage to multiple enemies with one shot. this is a great improvement over arty as it is now where you miss many shots or have ones that deal no damage. I don’t know too much about the credit profits per shell, nor can I confirm if the situation with reduced alpha is working well at low tiers. I don’t think its safe to say if this was a direct nerf yet. In any case, the point is that you hit more shots and deal more damage, certainly more than the old arty.

  5. The arty and mm changes are simply to make WG more money. Faster aimtime and accuracy and relaod by arty with bigger splash radius on stun just makes players buy spall liners and prem reusable consumables to stay competitive… thus spending more credits which means having to play more to earn more of use real money. Same goes for MM which will keep you bottom tier most of the time.

    But as usual they say they’re doing it out of the kindness of their hearts..

      1. Renarde_Martel says:

        Technically, it is. Improving the game should increase the amount of people playing and how much money gets spent 😛

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah it’s a money grab but not in the way you think. It’s to appease the majority of the player base from one of the most frustrating aspects of the game which will increase player retention. Player retention = more money spent on premium time, gold, etc.

  6. Sazu says:

    Prepare for new problem of being hit with every single artillery shot and stunned constantly and have your tank 30% worse, ENJOY

  7. CbrosTheDude says:

    There’s this weird feel that arty gameplay is being changed, giving it a more tactical role yet less satisfying for its players, yet do not fool yourself in thinking it will be less painful or less whine will be received from non-arty players.

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        Imagine you’d get laid every time, but only ever with low tier partners.
        It’s not worth the trip to the bar anymore

      1. Bricktop says:

        Honestly I couldn’t care less about historical accuracy in a game where you can destroy a tank shooting it’s cupola 11 times.

    1. Heinz says:

      i am triggered because all nations got 2 new light tanks. one tier 10 and one tier 7/8/9 except for the only nation I play: USA. They didnt get a new tier 7 tank and the tier 10 is not really new either

  8. Charcharo says:

    For LTs to finally be good, WG must make the maximum spotting range higher. Instead of 445 meters radius, why not 480 or something? Sure it will be a bit harder on servers but not too much more.

    As for Arty… no idea how it can be fixed.

  9. "Light" tank-player says:

    lol at these people complaing arty has been killed.

    “oh noes, my arty only does as much damage as same tier medium tanks now! And I can’t get shot back by other tanks! Woe is me!”

  10. Bricktop says:

    While I’m a person who strongly believes Russia bias is bullshit and conspiracy theory on live server, t100 lt seems really broken. Effect may be caused by terrible test server performance tho.

    1. Charcharo says:

      Every single sane person knows RU Bias is BS and simply excuses/lack of game design understanding.

      But yeah… the T100 seems, well not good for frontal slug fests but otherwise too strong.

  11. Rick says:

    Iteration – Wikipedia
    Iteration is the act of repeating a process, either to generate an unbounded sequence of outcomes, or with the aim of approaching a desired goal, target or result. Each repetition of the process is also called an “iteration”, and the results of one iteration are used as the starting point for the next iteration.

  12. SpottableSky says:

    Just logged in the ST server, I still have the little amount of gold and free xp i have in the live server. I though we were supposed to get 20k gold and 10 mil free xp, even though i did get the 100 mil credits, but how can i test any thing w/o the free xp and gold they have in the test server?

    1. Uuuhhh says:

      Same problem. It eventually loaded them (10min later) but for some reason (420) I logged out. When I logged back in it was gone again ;_;

  13. Anonymous says:

    I know they wanna push there 9-10 lights, but some of the trees are dumb now. I was really hoping they were gunna flush the trees out a little bit. Get lights from 1 -10. I mean the changed the M7 to light, so they don’t care about real tanks.

  14. madogthefirst says:

    My favorite part of the test server is seeing not all arty has stun. Basically any arty with a gun smaller than 150mm don’t get stun nor have been changed in any way. Took me like 5 games to finally find out the tier 5 axm arty did in fact not have stun and was not a mistake.

  15. Pangzhu says:

    Just aweful…
    Mm changes look great, but SPGs?
    I knew WG would forcefeed us this SPG-shit.

    The effective damage of SPGs will be much higher, because of accuracy increases, aim and reload times buffs.
    If anything SPGs will be even more dangerous and annoying than ever, because you will get smacked from the sky relentlessly.

    I hope the majority of players will hate the changes as much a I do, so WG finally can get rid of skyshit.

    Maybe make SPGs direct fire glass canons without birds eye view.

    Indirect fire, no matter if inaccurate but devastating or accurate with higher frequency, is always the death of any dynamic tank on tank maneuvers and will encourage camping behind obstacles.

    1. Nocomment says:

      Really.. what should arty do?
      When you say smacked relentlessly you missout the bit where most arty involved is firing every 30-100 secnds and you have a re-usable instant fix against stun and will be losing a small amount of damage…boo hoo.

      Sounds like you just want it removed because …reasons… The dynamic gameplay argument is rubbish the games especially on open maps get far more campy without artillery. With all the HT’s and meds camping their bush waiting for the other team to move so they can pew pew at 400m. Since the great arty nerf in patch 7 or 8.xx arty has been broken being far too random. this at least trys to fix that and balance out the damage.

      1. tango_35 says:

        Patch 8,6 was the great arty nerf. Of course, there was a lot of sobbing and screaming when patch 8.7 delivered Bert in his original configuration. *ROFL*

      2. Pangzhu says:

        watch the official clip for common test server and how the RU-251 gets smacked for 745 HP while driving 67 kph and tell me again how SPG after the change does small amount of damage.

        I made myself pretty clear about why i would want SPGs removed or changed into something that does not involve indirect fire…
        It definitely is over simplified to say “because… reasons”.
        If you don’t get why it is bad that players can shoot you in virtually every location on the map as long as there is no mountain or hill right in front of you, with almost no risk to themselves, then i cannot help you.

        I have played this game for almost 14 k battles and watched a lot of twitch streams, where in my own experience and in the mentioned streams almost any game without SPGs is much more fluid and dynamic. Not at all like you claim more campy… Light or medium tanks can o scout in aggressive locations, where they can fall back behind a small ridge, if they get spotted themselves – If SPGs are in battle they however cannot affod to get spotted and get locked down in a tight area, because SPGs can and will hit them.
        Actually a lot of maneuvers and smart plays are possible when you do not have to worry about a piano falling on your head. I never said that camping only happens with SPGs in battle – Camping is not entirely avoidable, but opposite to your claim camping is much more frequent because of the constant fear of unavoidable damage – not only oneshots.

        But i do sympathize with you on one thing: SPGs as they are now are like playing lottery and many hits are up to luck – that is no fun for the SPG-player. You just cannot make it fun for SPG players and not make it incredibly annoying for the victims of SPGs (every single one of the other classes). Making it easier for SPGs to hit and to hit more often is not the answer. They tried that in Armored Warfare and that sucked even more to be on the receiving side of SPG fire.

      3. Nocomment says:

        The Ru 251 has around 40mm of armour at its thickest point (the mantlet), not a great example, If we are going for extremes, like to quote the damage to a Maus from similar artillery? Next, that shot before the change would have probably vapourised the thing.

        As for light tanks:
        If arty is firing at LT’s then most of the time, good! He is screwing up his team and wasting ammo. Instead of concentrating on his real targets.
        Lt’s are perfectly capable of avoiding arty fire and are the counter to enemy arty. (that you claim does not exist) Ps. I have half your total games in one Lt and what you’re saying is just incorrect.

        No need to sympathise I am not an arty player (well about 5% of my games are in arty)

  16. Dontspill McGinnis says:

    Well, i think the changes are positive. I’m not exclusively an Arty player, but i do play them from time to time to get a better idea of where on a map is relatively arty safe. I had a brief run last night on CT in both Arty and other machines and think all the poison on here is completely unfounded.
    Trying to completely rid the game of a particular class, just because you cant learn to play against it is kinda pathetic in my view.
    Jus’ sayin’……

    1. Pangzhu says:

      You are entitled to any view you wish to hold, but it doesn’t matter witch other class you are playing – there is simply nothing you can so to avoid artillery fire, except for not being spotted or being behind tall cover.

      You cannot use terrain features and slopes to go hulldown or ridgeline peek in your mediums without getting slammed by artillery. You cannot active scouting in lights without getting splashed and tracked.

      You cannot angle your armor or hulldown in your heavy tanks, because if there is no tall obstacle near you, you will get smacked or splashed until you are dead.
      You can’t even reliably use boulders and cliffs to protect yourself from indirect fire, because on most maps SPGs can always find an angle on you and there is no way to know where indirect fire will come from until it is to late.

      You cannot camp bush with TDs, because when you get spotted you cannot dodge the incoming SPG fire, even if you pull back behind a slope or short cover.

      This will only become worse with the changes.

      Sure arty might have less alpha and HE pen, but they will be able to hit more reliable and often -> that together with increased splash radius will be hell for every lightly armored vehicle.

      You can never have a dynamic combat against 1-3 tanks, because while you have enough to concentrate on, a big stinking pile of skyshit will be on it’s way, while remaining completely save from retaliation – the opposite of Tds which will need a direct line of fire and might get spotted while sniping and you can cover yourself and retaliate against them.

      And don’t even start with the Stun BS…

      1. Pangzhu says:

        And don’t give me “git gud”… Even among the best players, most are vocal about how poisonous SPGs are for the game.

      2. kunexar says:

        Have you EVER tried to hit a tank on a negative (for arty) slope? I have, and i can say that your reasoning is bullshit. Same with MT hiding in terrain. It is possible thanks to how broken arty aim is. Yes, there happen shoots that will hit you even while using those “advantages”, but it is MINIORITY, while arty players just avoid shooting at those targets if they can….

      3. Dontspill McGinnis says:

        Not at all like real tank combat then.. Have you even tried the Common Test? I ask because it sure doesn’t sound like it. A lot of people have put a lot of effort in to testing this thing in the sandbox, at least try it out before crying into your beer.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wulf here, can’t log in while at work…

    The BEST players get on with the game and win. The wannabe best players push their luck too far, overreach their capabilities, and get slapped down – then claim they’re being picked on because they’re so great.

  18. Anonymous says:

    there is something that bothers me a lot, it seems that owners of the wz-132 shall not get the T9 for free, this is so unfair considering all other brnaches will get the T9, i was really sad to see this honnestly…

  19. aminek says:

    it seems players that owns the WZ-132 shall not get the new tier 9 considering all the other branches are getting the T9 for free, i feel this is so unfair… am i the only one?

  20. Anonymous says:

    There is not a single change listed in this update that i don’t agree with. All of these changes seemed obvious for years. Well, better late than never

  21. These changes are enough to make me come back to WoT. They all seemed obvious to me and every change makes me incredibly happy. Time to give WoT another chance it seems 😀

  22. So they think that the new MM will make the game better and more balanced/competitive? Because having more top tier or even same number top tier as other tiers creates lopsided battles? LOL. It won’t change a thing, expect more lopsided matches. You won’t have balanced/competitive matches until player tiering based on personal rating (or some other stats) is added to MM.

    1. Q says:

      It should be slightly better in the matter of not having something like 10x Tier 10 tank, 4x Tier 9 and one Tier 8.

      I am all for skill based MM so I can play against players of my (low) skill but thats just a pipe dream.

  23. Q says:

    And it still does not really explain what will happen to our currently owned tanks…
    If I have LTTB and 13 90 now, what will I have in my garage after the patch?
    a) LTG with current LTTB xp and; BC 12 t with current 13 90 xp [= just changing the vehicles on the tier]
    b) LTG with current LTTB xp and the new (T8) LTTB with 0 xp; BC 12 t with current 13 90 xp and the new T9 13 90 with 0 xp [=getting T8 and T9 tank + possibly garage slots for free]
    c) new T8 LTTB with 0 xp and old LTTB xp on LTG (while not owning the tank); new T9 13 90 with 0 xp and old 13 90 xp on BC 12 t (again without the tank) [=getting T8 and T9 light tanks for free only]

  24. Pangzhu says:

    Arty not targeting or missing medium tanks because of negative slopes happens much less than you are making it out to be. These shots happen all the time and there is enough maps with a very limited of positions where it won’t happen. The wast majority of combat situations happen in terrain where artillery can and will hit you another only halfway safe option is to camp behind the highest mountain you can find.

    1. Thing, it is a game that should be more fun than realistic and 2. Thing, what are you talking about “like in real tank combat”? Sure happened all the time in WWII and cold war, that an SPG (only 500-600 meters away) targets you with it’s satellite or even to new reworked drone camera to “accurately” hit a tank. Because that is what SPGs were mainly used for and good at, right?
    It makes no sense for realism and for the points previously made it makes no sense for balance and dynamic of the game.

    And about the sandbox… I don’t need to try it myself – I have seen enough footage off all the SPG changes through the course of sandbox iterations, to understand what they want to do with it and to see that they still failed -> because an indirect fire class is @ KUNEXAR
    Arty not targeting or missing medium tanks because of negative slopes happens much less than you are making it out to be. These shots happen all the time and there is enough maps with a very limited of positions where it won’t happen. The wast majority of combat situations happen in terrain where artillery can and will hit you another only halfway safe option is to camp behind the highest mountain you can find.

    1. Thing, it is a game that should be more fun than realistic and 2. Thing, what are you talking about “like in real tank combat”? Sure happened all the time in WWII and cold war, that an SPG (only 500-600 meters away) targets you with it’s satellite or even to new reworked drone camera to “accurately” hit a tank. Because that is what SPGs were mainly used for and good at, right?
    It makes no sense for realism and for the points previously made it makes no sense for balance and dynamic of the game.

    And about the sandbox… I don’t need to try it myself – I have seen enough footage off all the SPG changes through the course of sandbox iterations, to understand what they want to do with it and to see that they still failed -> because an indirect fire class in a tank combat game is inherently flawed.
    Every sandbox iteration, the SPG changes got softened and it still was crap and now they finally are tired of trying to make the community get behind their idea, so now they just showe it down everyones throat.

    Might just aswell have dive bombers anti tank mines and battleship barrages in the game.

    “Try it before you cry in your beer ”
    Just by watching the official common test server you can see all the worries I stated above fulfilled. Arty slams the light tank, driving at full speed for 80 % of its HP even though it is speeding around the slopes… Uh but it can use a media to negate the Stun… F This noise man 😉

    1. Dontspill McGinnis says:


      So much whine… I’m a beer man myself.

      Really, just stfu.
      You are openly admitting to not having played either the sandbox OR the CT and still you throw your toys out of the pram..
      Your rants have no meaning if you refuse to even try the test.
      You are forever irrelevant.

  25. Wahnfried III says:

    I am not sure if the new arty class is going to be enjoyable to play. While arty whiners may rejoice at the thought of less SPGs, WG is not going to like making 20 % of the game content unpopular. For the same reason I still doubt that they will remove the class ever. The whine that would occour and the compensation payments they would have to make are staggering.

    1. Pangzhu says:

      Arty might be 20% of the content if you look at classes, but it is being played far less than 20 % by battles. LTs have the same problem for now, because they have a high skill ceiling, high risk high reward gameplay.
      When they they introduced the personal mission, that is when SPGs grew a bit player wise. But it I’d still only around 7% of the battles total from tier 1 to tier 10. Why should 7 % of the players ruin the game for the majority of players.

      I actually don’t want to take your torture devices away from you, but they could have testet on sandbox common test or even live server how popular a random battle mode without SPGs would be – or they could just make a very well advertised survey on the issue and I think you know that would not be good for SPG players.

  26. Bill grey says:

    Wg not making skill based mm?

    They have used skill based mm since 8.6!

    To create losses +wins, for “player balance”

  27. stormcrow99 says:

    All this screeching. Is it truly impossible to not hate on probably the most important update since the physics? That someone out there has a brain and reads even a fraction of the complaints?
    REEEEEEEEEEEEE, Don’t nerf my arty!
    REEEEEEEEEEEEE, Remove indirect fire altogether!
    REEEEEEEEEEEEE, The MM is gonna get a fckton better but I’m complaining anyway! Ree!
    REEEEEEEEEEEEE, The LT’s are still not scout! <- This I agree with but play the meta and ignore the scout concept, you perform surgical strikes and harassment, spotting is a side business.
    And then we have the morons beyone the very concept of communicating through language, people who are just present to witness all of the arty players moaning.

    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, My feelings are hurt because people on the internet! Ree!

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