9.18 test

Screenshots of some new vehicles

Grand Finals edition of the Chrysler K heavy tank, Russian Tier VII Light Tank LTG and Sherman, Thunderbolt VII.

Source DoM1N

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9.18 test

20 thoughts on “9.18 test

  1. The Chrysler looks like it would be a nice tank as a wargaming league exclusive, what a titular tank in black.

    The LTGlaaarb mattress is still funny as when I first saw it on the test server. I think we all have an idea of what toilet those blueprints were pulled out from… not a bad or overly good tank from its peers.

    And finally the thunderbolt VII which really should be tier 7 if not because of having more armor, better gun, and same mobility as an E2 at least because of the name.

    Lovely pictures by the way Jerryatrick, I suppose the thunderbolt will be released before the map changes to cliff.

  2. SpottableSky says:

    Kinda pissed they didn’t choose the T92 light as the WGL tank, cuz we totally needed another t8 merican heavy prem when there isn’t a single high tier merican light prem. The LTG looks hilarious, “Stalin’s mattress” as Circon dubbed it is a perfect nickname

    1. I think the reasoning behind not giving a high tier american light is because it would A: decrease sales on the lower tier lights, locust and M2, B: the new patch will rework light tanks so adding more to the mix will make the rebalance more challenging, and C: high tier premiums increase the number of players running around in 5-6 skill T49’s, M41 Bulldogs, T71’s, T37’s and Chaffee’s which are already in high debate because of how exceptionally popular they are for stat padding, wolf packs, and tournaments.

      Chances are they will release the T92 in the next month if they could make up their mind on what the fantasy tank is, it won’t be that long away but since the last WGL tank was a light, it can get a bit mundane.

  3. Here's an idea Wargaming says:

    How about you stop introducing new vehicles to the game, especially premiums, until such time as you fix your bl**dy servers….

  4. Jenn0side says:

    Is it just me or does the flora in these pictures look really nice ( I’m on my phone so that could be it) doesn’t look like regular game also quite excited for the thunderbolt.

  5. Nevermind says:

    Where is the American T92 LT or T71 CMD? The US HT line has more than enough Premiums, and not damn one that is worth a shit for the LT line… WTG WG another fail!

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      They’re probably waiting for the LT rebalance to happen first. Remember that none of the existing premium LTs will be touched when this goes live.

  6. Shishkin says:

    I checked the armor values on Thunderbolt VII at tanks gg site and i noticed an inaccuracy, and i did some research. Thunderbolt VII is a field modified, partially up armored Sherman M4A3 (76) W HVSS also known as M4A3E8. This variant of the Sherman used the “M62 Combination Gun Mount” which had 88.9 mm thick mantlet. However, on tanks gg site Thunderbolt VII has the same mantlet armor value as the stock Jumbo turret mantlet which is 177.8 mm. There are numerous archive photographs and even video footage about the real Thunderbolt VII, and there are no sign of mantlet up armoring. Also, the regular tier 6 M4A3E8 the M4A3E2 Jumbo’s upgraded turret mantlet and “Fury’s” mantlet has the correct 88.9-89 mm mantlet armor value (minor difference) and their mantlet’s visual model is the same as Thunderbolt VII’s. This means that Thunderbolts VII’s 177.8 mm mantlet armor value is incorrect !

    1. Ion7 says:

      What did you expect? If WG mad a premium that didn’t require buffing all other tanks later, then nobody would buy it. Small inaccuracies like this are annoying and should be fixed though.

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