9.19.1 Full Changelog


I’ve gathered the 9.19.1 changelog for you, as usual:


Note: New (Previous)





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9.19.1 Full Changelog

30 thoughts on “9.19.1 Full Changelog

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Tanks.GG does not show it. A website of a Russian colleague has the changelog area broken and 3dModels is simply not loading “new” tanks. Its the same as 113 but probably with a different camo.

      1. Ion7 says:

        Went and looked on Chinese WoT’s servers and didn’t find anything either…
        No mention of it and not in the files, probably going to be like the 59 G and 111 Alpine.

      2. PrincessJadey says:

        It is Chinese server stuff like most other in this changelog. 113 was removed from the Chinese tree on the chinese server and was put in the game as a tier 10 premium named 113 beijing opera.

  1. Maybe I’m just tired or I’m reading this wrong, but some of those tanks are not new, what does that list mean? And it seems they are implementing the Chinese TD’s after all?

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Gold 59 is in the changelog but its not in our servers. Even tho one Chinese TD got spotted in SEA last time I checked the Chinese TDs have no plans of coming to our Western Spy ans Rusky servers, just yet.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      They have been doing this for the past patch or so. I simply copy paste “New” and tanks with actual changes from the changelog for you. Nothing has changed on them honestly.

    2. roadkill21 says:

      Wouldn’t the “new” tanks that already exist in game, such as the M4A3E8, be referencing their update to HAD? New isn’t the best descriptor but it is a new model for that vehicle.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      It always like this. Reason I gather the changelog every patch for you is bc if there are hidden changes they will show there. WG has been always very consistent on “forgetting” things in their patch changes articles.

  2. Never mind says:

    So really nothing here but the Polish Prem MT. For a line that no one knows anything about. does this seems a bit shotty to anyone?

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Patches used to be massive, It would take me a whole if not 2 afternoons to pull the changelog out for you but things have slowed down I’m afraid. This is all there is.

      1. Pedalpowered says:

        They are all working on 9.20, this patch is the small stuff that has waiting in the pipeline and the most recent batch of HD models.

        9.20 is gonna hit like a freight train. Remodeled HD maps and significant changest to a bunch of high tiers.

  3. GamingW/War says:

    Question! Are some of the tanks mentioned super test tanks added to the live server? I know the Chinese server TD but what about the Russian tanks?

  4. 깄 벥에 says:

    “•German light tank 43 M. Toldi III”

    Toldi III not changed. 🙁
    Same terrible stat, as previous version.

  5. Considering that it seems that 9.19.1 is hosed for Mac users and falls between the cracks of Wargaming and Codeweavers, does anyone have any useful or helpful information on a resolution to its’ inability to login?

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