9.19.1 Patchnotes

Training Ground

Added a new training mode for beginners and players who want to improve their skills. “Training Grounds” will replace the current Combat Training. The briefing will explain the basic nuances of the game, how to manage the technology, who to fight, how to find areas your tank can penetrate, visibility systems, crew and module management etc. For new players the mode will be available when you first log into the game.

Personal Missions

In this version we have refined some combat missions that had been complicated after the matchmaking changes. Thank you for the feedback, with which we were able to make the necessary changes.

Improvements to Strongholds 1.6

Now in Strongholds the Commanding Officer will be able to indicate the direction of movement of forces on the mini-map before the battle begins using the mouse. These notifications will be visible to all players in the room.

Improving Matchmaking

  • Balance within the same tier. There will now be a reduced chance of imbalance between teams in same tier light tanks, TDs, SPGS, and platoons. For example, a team with a light tank at the top of their team list will be likely to have a light tanks at the top of the opposing team list.
  • You can now invite Artillery to platoons (but only one).
  • New tank class sorting.
  • Improved the artillery aiming system. Previously there was a bug when artillery aimed at the top of ridges or bridges.
  • Damage caused by allies when an enemy is stunned with artillery will now count to Marks of Excellence calculation.
  • New setting to individually customize feedback on ribbons and logging damage to stunned targets.
  • Changed settings with the alternate camera modes. Reduced camera sensitivity.

HD Models

  1. SU-8
  2. SU-26
  3. M3 Light
  4. Sherman M4A3E8
  5. M36 Jackson
  6. AMX 13 AM F3
  7. AMX 105 AM mle. 47
  8. AMX 105 AM mle. 50
  9. Lorraine 39L AM
  10. Pz. Kpfw. IV Hydrostat.
  11. D1
  12. Universal Carrier 2-pdr.
  13. Churchill Gun Carrier

Refinement of Female Crew Voice Acting

  • Chinese female voice has been completely rerecorded re-recorded. New voice and dialect required.
  • Russian female voice renewed. Overwritten some phrases.
  • By popular request the radio effect for the female voice has been redesigned. Now they will sound cleaner and more accentuated.

Tank Changes


  • Tiger 217 added to client. (Otto Carius’ Tiger)


  • Added tank for testing, AMX Canon d’assaut 105


  • Added a medium tank “Pudel” (stats posted later).

*Poland will be added to the nation filter, the game will have a Polish voice actor, camouflage, inscriptions/emblems and national consumable, though the nation will not be added to the research tree as of yet.


  • 121- Depression on gun 122mm 60-122TG increased from -3.5 to 5 degrees.
  • 113- Depression of gun 122mm 60-122TG increased from -5 to -7 degrees (when aiming along the sides).


Other changes will be announced later.

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9.19.1 Patchnotes

33 thoughts on “9.19.1 Patchnotes

  1. dimo says:

    Tiger 217 is another totally pointless clone! If wg are so historically minded why dont they add the IRL crew this tank had, with BiA and 4 skills/perks, then perhaps some more players would buy it

    1. KamonegiX says:

      Because adding a 4 skill crew with BiA and all that would be pay-to-win? Think about it. Giving them historical names and icons and maybe BiA on it’s own would be good enough.

      1. Never mind says:

        and somehow its not Pay to win already? give me a brake. It should come at least with BIA crew.

    1. I know right ! Had that tank pre-buff, pre-everything… It’s always the last to get the love it seems. It’s a quite fun tank too.

      Oh and STB-1. That one needs HD bad.

    1. Seth says:

      I have enjoyed mine pre buff, just had to figure out how to compensate for the lack of depression. Now if they would buff the 121s hp/ton ratio a little to allow it to accelerate a little faster.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The more theses armored low profile tanks the better gun depression the more I’m worried about tanks like the leopard and amx 30b falling behide.

  3. Charcharo says:

    121- Depression on gun 122mm 60-122TG increased from -3.5 to 5 degrees.
    113- Depression of gun 122mm 60-122TG increased from -5 to -7 degrees (when aiming along the sides).

    Ok whilst these changes will make both tanks better, I feel like this is harming their game design uniqueness.

    The quirks of the Chinese Mediums made them hard to master and fun to play with. That is the reason why I went with them – to challenge myself as i love gun depression and to get a unique tank experience (even if their looks arent unique).

    Instead of buffing the 121 depression to -5 degrees, why not :
    -Increase engine power. The WZ-120 tier 9 has a better engine. A 600/650 HP engine on the 121 will make it much less sluggish and make it nimbler and more fun to play WHILST helping it not look bad compared to the 113
    -A stronger HE round. Maybe even a HESH round with 122 Pen. It wont mess with the Centurion as it is a too different vehicle and therefor both tanks are still unique with this HESH.
    – Small sideskirts like the WZ-132-1 Tier 10 LT. A small increase.
    – If it still needs a buff – give it -4 depression. Not more.

    As for the 113, a side depression buff is fine but I honestly think its fine already. A small gun buff or small thin sideskirts is all it needs IMHO.

  4. Dornf says:

    uhhhh, didn’t they say that there would be buffs to some russian premiums???

  5. StevoMS says:

    Also thats it for China buffs? What about the t-34-2 needs a pen and or dpm buff (along with t44) now, i dont want to have to PAY to pen the lower plate of most heavies. I thought that WG could possible add the 105 mm gun (the same as on the 110) which would support the gimmick of china meds having heavy tank guns while also providing better gun stats. And for all those history buffs who would say nay, its not like WG are above giving unhistorical guns/ stats. Besides, if they arnt going to change the pen on the current gun they atleast need to give it better handling. TLDR: t34-2 needs buff – maybe 110’s gun?

  6. Rani says:

    Never heard of these tanks going into HD.. hehehe kidding.
    Best thing about the patch is the 113 buff and better female crews

  7. wolvenworks says:

    wait there was an issue with Chinese female VOs? what kind of sick fuck outside China does load female crews on chinese tanks?

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