9.19.1 Personal Mission Changes

As stated in the patchnotes, Personal Missions will be altered in the next update to reflect the changes to the matchmaker. Here they are:


MT-7: Destroy one SPG (and survive)  ⟶ Inflict minimum of 1 damage to an enemy SPG (survive and win the battle)

MT-9: Cause 500 damage to enemy heavy tanks of your tier or higher (and survive) ⟶ Inflict 500 damage to enemy heavy tanks and destroy 1 heavy tank (and survive)

HT- 6: Destroy two enemy heavy tanks (and survive) ⟶ Destroy a total of two heavy or medium tanks (and survive)


MT-7: Destroy 2 enemy SPGs (survive and win the battle) ⟶ Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG (Survive and win the battle)

MT-9: Inflict 1000 damage to enemy heavy tanks above your tier (and survive)   ⟶ Inflict 1000 damage to enemy heavy tanks and destroy 1 heavy tank (survive and win the battle)

HT-6: Destroy 3 enemy heavy tanks (win and survive the battle)  ⟶ Destroy a total of 2 heavy or medium tanks your tier or above (win and survive the battle)



MT-7: Destroy 1 SPG with no assistance (win and survive the battle) ⟶  Damage 2 SPGs and destroy at least 1 SPG (win and survive the battle)

MT-9: Destroy 1 heavy tank two tiers higher (win and survive the battle) ⟶ Inflict 1500 damage to enemy heavy tanks, destroy 2 heavy tanks (win and survive the battle)

HT-6: Destroy 2 heavy tanks of a higher tier (inflict at least 2000 damage) ⟶ Destroy a total of 3 heavy or medium tanks (Inflict at least 2000 damage)


Object 260

LT-7: Detect at least 3 SPGs (destroy 1 SPG) ⟶ Detect and damage 3 enemy SPGs (destroy at least 1 SPG)

MT-7: Destroy 3 SPGs (win and survive the battle)  ⟶ Damage 3 enemy SPGs and destroy 1 (win and survive the battle)

MT-8: Destroy 1 medium tank 2 tiers above you (Inflict at least 2000 damage) ⟶ Destroy 3 medium tanks (Inflict at least 2000 damage)

MT-9: Inflict 2000 damage on enemy heavy tanks of higher tiers (win and survive the battle) ⟶ Inflict 2000 damage on heavy tanks and destroy 2 (survive the battle)

HT-6: Destroy 2 heavy tanks 2 tiers above you (inflict 3000 damage) ⟶ Destroy a total of 4 heavy or medium tanks (inflict 3000 damage)

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9.19.1 Personal Mission Changes

32 thoughts on “9.19.1 Personal Mission Changes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wtf… They made LT-7 and MT-7 for the Obj. 260 even harder??
    There are almost never 3 artys in the matches anymore….

    1. Looks like because more people have premium tanks and credits due to the nature of kicking puppies in overpowered tanks, they can afford the right tanks to make completing missions much easier.

      Also, I appreciate how you say there are ‘almost’ never 3 arties in a match anymore.

      My general tips for LT-7 and MT-7 are run a type 64 and cromwell respectively. Since the tanks are way stronger now that competing light tanks have been nerfed into the dirt at tier 6.

  2. SpiceyChicken says:

    Good thing I’m 2 missions away from my Obj 260, otherwise I’d be pissed. With the latest restrictions on arty and new matchmaker, it will be near impossible to get 3 arties in a game.

  3. lex says:

    current lt-7 for 260 is spot and damage 3 spg and destroy 1 spg of a higher tier.
    is the proposed version on the left or right side in your post?

      1. alex says:

        but current mission ALREADY requires you to spot and damage 3 artiesand kill one of a higher tier

      2. Partybooper says:

        I believe there is a typo then. Like alex said, at the moment you already have to do the following:
        – Spot 3 arties
        – Damage or do critical hits on all of them
        – Destroy 1 arty which is 1 tier higher than you

        So I believe they made this mission easier, just having to spot 3 and destroy 1 (still 1 tier higher than your own tank?).
        Hopefully. It’s frustrating enough as it is to get lucky with the MM.

  4. Dominik says:

    Seriously? Isn’t LT-7-3 (Spot AND damage 3 arties) next to impossible with the current patch? Instead of changing it they make LT-7-4 even harder?

    WG, why do you hate me so much? 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seriously? Isn’t LT-7-3 (Spot AND damage 3 arties) next to impossible with the current patch? Instead of changing it they make LT-7-4 even harder?

    WG, why do you hate me so much? 🙂

  6. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    They dont seem to fucking understand that the problem with MT-7 isnt the fact that you have to kill 3 arties. It’s the fact that you need 3 arties in the same battle to begin with.
    Nobody plays arty anymore they became so useless after 9.18 you’d need to be mazochistic to play it : no xp, no credits, no damages, just piss off people with no gain.

    MT-7 needs to be changed to maximum 2 SPGs. But any mission that requires a number of SPGs is useless now. I sometimes have entire sessions without seing any of them.

    1. Partybooper says:

      I thought pissing off people was the ONLY reason why people played arty since the beginning…?

      Seriously, there is no fun with this RNG clicking, no tactics, no knowledge about weakspots of tanks needed (you just need to click and pray the shell will hit at all), no skill needed (a 2-digit WN8 ultra tomato can have an amazing round in a clicker while he would get murdered in a regular tank all the goddamn time)… It’s basically “WoT for beginners who don’t want to learn deep game mechanics and have no skill”.

      The only reason to play them is to laugh like a maniac because you are destroying the fun for others OR because you need more female crew members. Sadly, I still need one female crew member from the Obj 260 missions, so I sadly have to play this clicker crap.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why are you complaining about Mission LT-7 for the Object260? Its the same Mission you have on the T-55A. And i sucks already pretty hard.

  8. lukas93h says:

    What about T-55’s MT-15, where you need to destroy two TD’s that are one tier higher… you get hardly ever in such a matchup. This mission depends also on pure luck and the new MM does not turn this one better.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        One of them is easy. 3 of them is already pretty rare. And manage to get a shot at all 3 of them… Near impossible unless last man standing in the correct MM

  9. Anonymous says:

    LT-7 in
    Spot at least 3 enemy SPGs and cause damage or critical hits to them.
    Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG that is 1 tier higher than your vehicle.

    You already had to damage, it’s the second part which is the hardest to also get… YAY I killed 3 arty…. awww, they were all same tier as me… it sucks so hard.

  10. Anonymous says:

    LT-7 needs to be changed. Three arty in the same match is so rare that it encourages you to throw your tank away just to get the mission done. I’ve been struggling to do it for the T-55a since the missions came out.

  11. Da_Zohan says:

    Missions are supposed to be hard for 260.
    Think about the poor sods (like me) that had to do the 1st version of MT12.
    Set 2 tanks 1 tier over on fire or 1 tank 1 tier over twice.
    It took 5-6 months of being Butthead screeching FIRE FIRE and yolo’ing like a fucktard to get on butts of soviet tanks and then HEAT then HE then HEAT, getting 1 fire, and then getting blasted by enemy after setting 1 on fire.

    Now it is easy as hell. Fire and 3k damage, no tier restriction. Tier 10 with 140/t62/430 or Bat Chat or TVP 50/51 (all of which could not be used due to 1 tier over) Play a normal game, and get lucky with a fire. No need to play like a fucktard.

    1. Snuble says:

      Funny thing is, when the fire mission was changed, I did the old reqs first day, then spent weeks getting the new nailed.

      3 arty happens. Pretty regular, and while hard it a no really changed since first days.

      Ht-6 been stuck on that for a long time. Don’t think I had a single matchup that matched while doing the x5 missions for no camo patriot/defender/french/crysler.

      Mt-15 also is very limited. Very few games have 4k of td hitpoints. Don’t think I was close during Leo top of tree. New chance with obj140, but I feel it would make more sense to have something the same as lt-15 and it would be about same difficulty as the it one.

      Arty missions, I hate that it is near impossible to track total stun duration. Just guesswork as to how close we where to mission targets.

      Td-15 and lt-15 and ht-15 is the end missions I feel are “best” even if they are very tank tailored and map depending.

      1. yurisk says:

        I think mt15 for t55a is even harder. I done 4k damage to TDs many time. but during last 1000 games I had only 3 with 2 TDs on higher tier then me

  12. Da_Zohan says:

    HT6 was a mission that was easily “”rigged”” by taking a KV2/OI in fail platoon with IS3. Now not possible. And with 3-5-7 MM, it is right to change this because it is next to impossible to do this mission.

    MT7 will now be possible to complete with a Bat Chat or TVP 50/51. Current version meant ammo rack 1 of the 3 because Bat Chat lacks the clip damage for 3 kills. But damage 2 and kill 1 is possible provided MM gives 3 and team does not get kills 1st.

    LT7 change I think is the removal of the 1 tier over on 1 of the spgs. Making it less retarded. But still hard.

  13. MTKnife says:

    Try LT-7 for the T55A: “Spot at least 6 enemy vehicles before any enemy vehicle spots you.”

    Back when lights could be used for scouting, that wasn’t all that hard; now it’s so difficult I’ve been stuck on it for weeks. I’m so disappointed in the total role change of lights that I’m not even sure I’m having fun anymore.

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