9.19.1 Training ground Screenshots.

Updated interface with Polish flag and screenshots from the Training Tutorial. These are available only in Russian atm but will be updated asap.

The Training Ground

source WoT Express

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9.19.1 Training ground Screenshots.

9 thoughts on “9.19.1 Training ground Screenshots.

    1. Dracon says:

      Wounder if it explains crew skills and modules that increase view range, thus allowing you to negate more of a enemys camo factor than if you were just stock.

    2. Human Flesh says:

      It looks like it. Newbies will now get +2 to skill and -1 to every aspect of everything they are hated for… maybe… kinda… Now let’s talk this over a nice big bowl of strawberry ice cream…

  1. DickHerMax says:

    Wow, perhaps now new players will be aware that there is a lot of things working behind what we can see and what (until recently) the game was revealing from withing the client.

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