9.19 Supertest

Good day all,

While you all are finally getting your hands on update 9.18, WG has announced plans to begin supertesting features for 9.19. Here’s a quick recap of what will be tested:

Ranked Battles

A new mode exclusively for Tier X tanks. The game modes are essentially the same as Standard Battles, though individual effort will be better rewarded.


Teams will be pulled together from players of similar rank (+1/-1), though the matchmaker will get more lenient if it begins to take too long to get into a battle. Both teams will always have the same number of players of the same rank.


To rank up, you will need to be in the Top 12 by XP earned on the winning team, or the Top 3 on the losing team. As you progress, you’ll earn chevrons, with a larger amount of chevrons needed as the ranks go up. After 1st and 5th ranks your progress will be saved, preventing you from falling back too far if you have a bad streak of games.

(Note: The test version of Ranked Battles will have a shortened chevron requirement for ranks)



Ranked battles will be divided into sessions. First session will be 7 days long and progress will be reset at the beginning of each session. Progress from the previous session will go to a leader board. Rewards will be based on total progress at the end of 28 days.


A new currency will be available in Ranked Battles, Bonds. Bonds can not be purchased with Gold or Credits, but are earned at the end of a season. This new currency can be used to buy personal reserves to boost crew skills or equipment to boost vehicle parameters.

So far Ranked Battles will be the only way to earn Bonds, though WG is looking other ways to earn them after 9.19.


Interface Changes

Some new UI changes will also be coming.:

  • A “Strategic Operations” tab that lists all available missions available for the vehicles in your garage.
  • A “Tactical Operations” tab listing specials, events, and missions (with chained missions being brought together for easier navigation).
  • A third tab will be available for full info on marathons, events, etc.
  • As well as a new specials tab in the in-game store.



Test timeline is as follows:

General Test- May 4th

Common Test- May 11th

RU Release- Sometime at the end of May


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